Do Britney and Andre Break Up? Did Ashani Roberts Leave P-Valley?

In Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Andre Watkins and Hailey AKA Autumn Night nurture an endearing companionship that gets challenged by Andre’s married life with Britney Watkins. Since he cannot leave Britney, the duo decides to part ways. Andre eventually starts to think about building a bright future by running for Chucalissa’s mayor. He believes that Britney will stand beside him as he attempts to beat all the odds to win the election. However, in the fourth episode of the second season, he finds out a secret concerning his wife that threatens their togetherness. So, do Andre and Britney separate? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Britney and Andre Break Up?

After deciding to run for Chucalissa’s mayor, Andre visits Britney in Atlanta, only to see her cheating on him with her colleague. Britney tells him that he was never there for her as he always stayed at Chucalissa. Andre’s absence leads Britney to share intimacy with her colleague, who has been present for her when her husband fails to share his time with her. Britney also expresses her disappointment in knowing Andre’s wish to run for the mayor, which will keep him in the city more than ever and be the last nail in the coffin of their married life.

As Andre storms off from his and Britney’s house to return to Chucalissa, it is evident that their relationship is broken beyond repair. Even though the legal procedures of their possible divorce are pending, Andre doesn’t have any reason to return to Britney. The doctor, on the other hand, may decide against amending their relationship since Andre wants to establish himself in Chucalissa by being the mayor, further away from her. She may find it pointless to wait for Andre to change when he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to sacrifice anything for her.

In addition, Andre rekindles his feelings for Hailey after finding out about Britney’s extra-marital affair. Considering that Andre’s married life with Britney is the only reason behind the former and Hailey’s separation, Andre may try his best to regain the latter since he doesn’t have to worry about his wife anymore. Thus, in the upcoming episodes, we may see him building a new life with Hailey as the duo tries to fulfill their ambitions while living at Chucalissa. If that’s the case, have we seen the last of Ashani Roberts as Britney in the show? Let’s share what we know.

Did Ashani Roberts Leave P-Valley?

As of yet, neither Starz nor Ashani Roberts has announced the actress’ supposed departure from ‘P-Valley.’ Even though Andre makes it clear that he doesn’t want a life with Britney anymore, the character may still have a major part in the narrative, especially since the couple’s potential divorce procedures are pending. Furthermore, according to IMDb, Roberts is part of the cast of the second season’s ninth and tenth episodes, which indicates that we haven’t seen the last of the actress in the show.

We can expect Britney to create more tensions between Andre and Hailey as the two of them revive their feelings for each other. Andre may get conflicted about his decision to part ways with Britney, which may affect Hailey’s feelings for him. If Andre proves his worth by winning the mayor election, we may even see Britney relocating to Chucalissa to try to get back with him.

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