Do Lan and Nynaeve Get Together in The Wheel of Time?

‘The Wheel of Time’ follows Moiraine and her Warder, Lan, as they embark on an epic journey with five youths — Rand, Mat, Egwene, Perrin, and Nynaeve. Since the start, Lan has been intrigued by Nynaeve’s exceptional skills, and the latter has also begun to heed the words of the Warder. However, Lan is also bonded to Moiraine, which could complicate his involvement with another person. So do he and Nynaeve get together? Let’s take a look at what we know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Lan and Nynaeve Get Together?

Once they arrive at the town near the Eye of the World, Lan heads off to meet some of his old acquaintances. Nynaeve follows him and finds out about the Warder’s tragic past and how he lost his kingdom. She is discovered while spying on him, and Lan gracefully invites her in for dinner and introduces Nynaeve to his hosts. Getting to know his past and talking to him at length seems to break a barrier between them, and Nynaeve finally plucks up the courage to go to Lan’s room that night.

Thus the two do get together, and though it might seem like an unlikely coupling, the signs have been present. Ever since she joined Moiraine’s camp, Nynaeve has remained mainly with the Warders and by Lan’s side. Though this is partly because of the young girl’s distrust of the Aes Sedai, in hindsight, it is also clear that she likes Lan’s company. The Warder also confirms that his bond with Moiraine still allows him to be with another woman, confirming that he and Nynaeve get together.

Lan and Nynaeve come from distinct but equally mysterious backgrounds, and both characters hint strongly of untapped potential. The fact that Nynaeve is the first one out of the youths to begin channeling her considerable powers means she has fought alongside Lan and even saved his life. In turn, she finds Lan’s straightforward words a refreshing change from the convoluted politics of the Aes Sedai, making Nynaeve draw even closer to the Warder.

It might not be evident on the show, but in the book series by Robert Jordan on which it is based, Lan and Nynaeve have a long and adventurous story together. The former actually becomes the latter’s Warder after she becomes a full-fledged magician. In fact, Lan and Nynaeve actually end up getting married in the books, but that happens far down the line in the winding saga of ‘The Wheel of Time.’

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