Do Nate and Maddy Get Back Together in Euphoria?

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Euphoria‘ season 2 continues to speed ahead with its third episode that brings unexpected turns and twists in the lives of Rue and her friends. In the episode, Maddy begins to contemplate the possibility of getting back together with Nate. However, despite their past on-again/off-again relationship, the high schoolers have ended in a complicated situation. With Nate keeping a secret from Maddy, the potential reunion between the two is bound to have disastrous consequences. If you need a refresher about the couple’s past while you navigate their latest patch-up, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Nate and Maddy?

Nate Jacobs and Maddy Perez are the most popular students at East Highland High School. Therefore, it is only natural that the two end up dating each other. While their relationship began as a likable teenage romance, the duo soon began to have conflicts. In time, Nate and Maddy became habitual to breaking up with each other and later patching up. In the season 1 finale, Nate and Maddy finally confront the negative effect they have on each other. They admit that they are toxic to each other and decide to break up for good at the winter formal.

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When the second season picks up, Nate and Maddy have been separated for some time. Nate hooks up with Maddy’s best friend, Cassie, who falls in love with Nate. Although Nate fantasizes about spending his life with Cassie, his actions hint that he does not wish to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Nate and Cassie keep their hookups a secret as they are afraid of Maddy’s reaction. Nonetheless, it seems like Nate and Cassie’s secret affair will continue until the third episode hints otherwise. In the episode’s final moments, Nate blows off Cassie and meets Maddy.

Do Nate and Maddy Get Back Together?

The first episode of ‘Euphoria’ season 2 makes it clear that Nate and Maddy are done with each other. However, Maddy expresses the desire to get back together with Nate in the following episode. She is entirely unaware that Nate is hooking up with Cassie. On the other hand, Nate seems to worry about what Maddy thinks of him and still has some feelings for her. Hence, he decides to keep his relationship with Cassie a secret. In a surprising turn of events, the third episode sees Nate arriving at Maddy’s doorsteps with flowers. Viewers will quickly recollect that in the initial stages of their relationship, Nate charmed Maddy by bringing her flowers often. Therefore, it is evident that Nate wants to get back together with Maddy.

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Given that both Maddy and Nate have hinted at a desire to patch things up, they are almost certainly a couple again. However, it will not be easy sailing for the duo, as they are vulnerable to falling into their previous toxic pattern. Moreover, Nate’s affair with Cassie and Maddy possessing Cal’s sex tape could both prove to be devastating for Nate and Maddy’s relationship. For now, it is safe to say that Nate and Maddy’s actions will only add more drama to the second season.

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