Does Amelia Shepherd Die in Grey’s Anatomy? Theories

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Death is an integral part of Amelia Shepherd’s life in ABC’s medical showsGrey’s Anatomy’ and its spin-off ‘Private Practice.’ Even before she could start a family, she loses her partner Ryan Kerrigan and later their child Christopher Shepherd. The death of her beloved brother Derek Shepherd also shatters her. Witnessing the deaths of her loved ones must have prepared her for confronting life-threatening situations. Amelia witnesses death at a short distance in the medical drama, making the viewers concerned about her life. Since she is one of the two remaining Shepherds in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, admirers of the show may want to know whether one should continue to worry about her fate. Well, here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Amelia Survives Teenage Drug Overdose

Amelia’s life started to get threatened even before she became a doctor. Once in her teenage years, she had a drug overdose that nearly killed her. Her brother Derek Shepherd eventually saved her. After losing several loved ones one after the other, Amelia confronts death at a short distance in the fourteenth season of the show. She discovers a 10-centimeter tumor in her frontal lobe. Since the neurosurgeon doesn’t like to bother her loved ones with her concerns, she keeps the news concerning her tumor a secret from everyone, except for Andrew DeLuca. She then reaches out to her mentor Dr. Tom Koracick to operate on her.

Amelia eventually tells her loved ones about the tumor and how much she loves them. She then undergoes surgery by Tom, who removes the benign grade I meningioma from her brain. Although the presence of the tumor initially scares her severely, Amelia eventually recovers from the same after the surgery. She not only recovers well but also resumes her practice as a neurosurgeon. Amelia, with the help of Koracick, doesn’t join a group of her loved ones who died prematurely. Although her tumor changes her behavior severely, she regains herself after the surgery.

Since the tumor threatens Amelia’s life, the ardent admirers of the character have been worrying about her fate for a while. Considering that the neurosurgeon has made a complete recovery from the same, one must not need to worry about the former’s life. Even though there is a possibility of her tumor returning to threaten her life again, there isn’t any indication of it happening, which means that Amelia is well health-wise for now. Since her life with the tumor is already explored in the fourteenth season, the writers of the medical drama may not see much scope in killing the character off.

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Considering the numerous character deaths that happen in ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ it is safe to say that they are often conceived to pave the way for the exits of cast members. Since Caterina Scorsone hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the medical drama, we can be hopeful that Amelia will remain an integral part of the show’s storyline. If that’s the case, Amelia most likely will not die anytime soon. In the upcoming episodes of the series, we can expect her to deal with the separation from her partner Kai Bartley.

The nineteenth season of the series sees the departure of Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey and Kelly McCreary’s Maggie Pierce from the medical drama. Losing another main cast member is expected to highly affect the series’ narrative, which makes it clear that Amelia’s arc most likely will not get concluded with her death.  Since it is more or less impossible to think of Grey Sloan without a Shepherd working at the place, Amelia may remain in the hospital to honor her loved ones’ memories.

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