Does Caroline Fire Beth? Will Beth Dutton Go to Jail in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 brings new challenges and new foes for the Dutton family to face. As the family tries to protect their ancestral ranch from outside threats, one of their key enemies, Market Equities, comes under new leadership. Caroline Warner takes charge as the company’s CEO and oversees the various activities in the region.

One of her boldest moves is to appoint Beth as the Head of Operations of her company. As expected, the decision has dire repercussions but not for Caroline. By the season’s end, Beth finds herself in some hot waters, and the situation could also lead her to some legal issues. Here’s everything you need to know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Does Caroline Fire Beth in Yellowstone?

In the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone,’ Beth is fired from her job at Schwartz & Meyer after indulging in unethical corporate behavior. In a surprise turn of events, Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner offers Beth a job at the shady company. Beth agrees on the condition that she get a controlling stake in Schwartz & Meyer. Caroline complies, and Beth takes the job at Market Equities as she intends to destroy the company from within. However, she must do so quietly without getting her own hands dirty.

To do so, Beth enlists the help of activist Summer Higgins and directs her attention to the Market Equities’ airport construction. Beth uses the negative media attention generated by the protest led by Summer to tarnish Market Equities’ image. She contacts national-level news publishers to cover the incident. However, Caroline gets wind of Beth’s actions as Market Equities owns one of the news agencies Beth contacted. Consequently, Caroline fires Beth for corporate malpractices.

Will Beth Go to Jail in Yellowstone?

After Caroline fires Beth, she threatens her former employee with legal action. At this point, Beth is already prepared to go to jail as she is planning the murder of Riggins, the man who helped execute the hit on the Duttons. Beth prepares to kill Jamie after finding out about his connection to Riggins. Ultimately, she spares Jamie as the real culprit is his biological father, Garrett Randall. While Beth avoids going to prison for murder, she could very well see jail time for her corporate malpractices. Caroline will certainly not spare Beth and try to assert her dominance by sending a member of the Dutton family to jail.

However, it is unlikely that Beth will be spending her days in prison. Firstly, Beth is too smart to let anyone build a legal case against her. Moreover, she has Jamie, the State’s Attorney General, in her pocket. Therefore, it isn’t hard to imagine Beth will outmaneuver Caroline and find a way out of her legal troubles. Beth will likely use her connections to dig up dirt on Market Equities and Caroline. She will then use the information to manipulate Caroline into letting her off the hook. Ultimately, even if Beth does go to jail, we believe she has ample resources to get herself out of the situation.

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