Does Lilly Get Deleted in Delete? Is She Dead or Alive? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s ‘Delete,’ a drama show directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom, revolves around Lilly and Aim’s affair and the complications that a dangerous device’s addition to their lives brings. After Lilly comes across a strange phone and realizes it can “delete” people from existence, she contemplates erasing her husband, Too, from the picture to ensure a promising future for her and Aim, her secret boyfriend. However, things take an unforeseen turn when Lilly goes missing the same night she intends to delete Too. As Aim desperately searches for Lilly, a series of dark plots uncover.

Lilly’s disappearance drastically changes the show’s narrative and injects a heavy dose of mystery into the plotline. Since her absence plays a crucial part in the plot progression as several characters spend episodes searching for her, viewers must be curious to know what exactly happened to her. Did Too delete her? Was someone else involved in her disappearance? Let’s find out!

Does Lilly Get Deleted?

Shortly after Lilly’s disappearance, Aim confronts Too about her, assuming he must have something to do with it. However, Too is under the same impression. On the night of her disappearance, Too reveals to Lilly that he’s aware of her affair with Aim. In turn, Lilly discloses that she’s pregnant with Aim’s child. Although Lilly is bound to be weary of Too’s reaction, fearing it to turn violent, Too makes a surprising decision. He asks Lilly to leave Aim and shares his desire to raise Lilly’s kid as his own.

Therefore, Too suspects Aim’s involvement when Lilly goes missing the next morning. Eventually, they both realize the other isn’t to blame and embark on their own investigations to search for Lilly. As Aim continues looking into Too’s family, he finds a connection between Lilly and Too’s teenage stepsister, June.

Since June is only Too’s stepsister and their father’s stepdaughter, she feels isolated by her family, who forcibly send her to a boarding school in Bangkok. As a result, whenever she returns home, she spends time with Lilly and becomes close to her. Although Lilly only looks at her as a sister, June develops feelings for Lilly. As such, when June realizes her feelings are unrequited, she starts detesting Lilly for breaking her heart.

Being a kleptomaniac, June steals Lilly’s phone from her purse the night Lilly disappears. Although Aim is unaware of the specifics of their fallout, he discovers that June leaked their affair online to stir talk about Lilly while Police Captain Yuttachai investigates her missing person case. Moreover, June’s classmate, Ploysai, goes missing shortly after Lilly’s disappearance. Due to the same, Aim suspects June of having the motive and the means to kill Lilly and confronts her about the phone.

However, through June’s close friend, Tong, Aim learns that June never deleted anyone with the phone other than Ploysai. Since June stole the phone directly from Lilly, the chances of someone else deleting Lilly are slim to none. However, as this thread gives out, Too, unaware of the phone, looks into Lilly’s case from another angle and realizes Yuttachai has a connection to his wife. Soon, Too gets a distress call from Lilly and discovers that Yuttachai kidnapped her. Although the narrative points in that direction, Lilly was never actually deleted by anyone. Instead, Yuttachai kidnaps her to bring his daughter Claire back

Is Lilly Dead Or Alive?

At the very beginning of the show, a young girl hands Lilly a phone and asks her to take a picture. This incident sets the story’s plot in motion since the girl, Claire’s phone, is the strange central device that can delete people. Since Lilly deleted Claire, her father, Yuttachai, kidnaps her and tries to track down Claire’s phone.

Although the phone erases people without a trace, it can also bring back the deleted if someone takes a photograph of whoever deleted them in the first place. Ergo, since Lilly deleted Clare, Yuttachai can get Claire back by deleting Lilly. Due to the same, he kidnaps Lilly and holds her hostage in his house while he searches for the phone.

Eventually, Lilly escapes from Yuttachai and his wife’s imprisonment and seeks out help from Too. Nevertheless, Too doesn’t arrive at the scene on time, and Yuttachai succeeds in deleting Lilly and bringing back his daughter. After a grueling chase and bloody fistfights, Too realizes he can get Lilly back and deletes Yuttachai.

Although Lilly makes it out of her predicament alive, something much sinister awaits her back at home. In the end, Lilly decides to give her marriage with Too another chance and ends things with Aim. Soon, however, she stumbles across a dark family secret Too has been hiding in a covert basement.

Too’s father keeps a room full of chests with corpses of young girls rotting inside. After Lilly discovers the same, she hides and witnesses Too deleting the dead bodies to eliminate the damning evidence against his father. Nevertheless, Too catches her in the act. Although the show ends without a clear answer about Lilly’s fate, no flashlight follows after Too finds Lilly hiding in the basement. Therefore, it’s safe to assume Too doesn’t delete Lilly and that she’s alive. Still, Lilly’s got a tough road ahead of her in a potential second season.

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