Echo 3 Episode 8 Recap: Family Matters

The action-packed thriller series on AppleTV+ ‘Echo 3’ outlines Prince and Bambi’s efforts to rescue Amber Chesborough. Being a research scientist, Amber goes on an expedition to Colombia where rebel forces kidnap her believing that she is a CIA agent. In episode 8 of the series titled ‘Family Matters,’ the story furthers as Prince and Bambi get one step closer to getting their precious loved one out. The show is created by Mark Boal

The episode also features some of the characters we saw earlier in the series. With aspects of familial bonds, political havoc in Venezuela, and the military men’s all-out efforts to get Amber out, the episode brings back some excitement in the series. Moreover, this episode is the beginning of Part Four of the show. If you have any questions regarding the ending of ‘Echo 3’ episode 8, then you’re in luck, because we have the answers. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 8 Recap

In this episode, we see a glimpse of every central character of the show. It starts with Amber’s harrowing state in the prison facility. She is hallucinating and daydreaming due to heavy drugs administered by Tomas and his men. Amber’s mental state is also declining gradually as she keeps seeing Bambi coming to rescue her. More often than not, she gets lost in the memories of her childhood and keeps blurring the lines between reality and her hazy daydreams. We also get to see Amber and Prince’s meet-cute at a party and their subsequent meeting with Bambi.

On the other hand, Prince and Bambi get ready for their last resort attack on the facility. After letting Momo go, they set up a space with Mitch to gather weapons and men. Javi, the fisherman, joins their plan as the inside man to keep an eye on the facility’s operations. Javi informs Prince and Bambi that Tomas plans to execute Amber soon. This hastens their plans, and Prince and Bambi prepare for the most crucial fight of their lives.

Furthermore, we see Maggie, Amber and Bambi’s mom, make her way to New Mexico. She goes to meet Eric Hass II (Prince’s father) at his head office. After the employees deny her entry, Reese comes to her rescue. She requests her to wait and connects her with Haas over a video call. Ultimately, Maggie informs Haas of Roy’s death and the fact that their kids are on a warpath. She expresses her fear that Prince and Bambi are in danger and will stop at nothing to get Amber out.

Consequently, Haas sends reinforcements for his son and Bambi to Venezuela. He sends bags full of military-grade weapons along with experienced hit men for the attack. Mitch urged them to wear Colombian flags on their uniforms so that it’s easier to get them out. Following a succinct introduction, Prince and Bambi get down to business as they brief the team on the mission. The team of experienced men has only 48 minutes to get Amber out. They make a rousing speech to ignite a fire in the soldiers. The eventual repercussions of their plan and action form the climax of the exciting episode.

Echo 3 Episode 8 Ending: Who Kills Tariq?

Tariq seems to be at the center of the whole conspiracy to keep Amber hostage at the facility. As Momo and Javi also acknowledge, he is the true boss of the whole operation and has the power to do whatever he wants. After Momo comes back to him safely, Tariq feels that he has the gringos in his pocket, and he is free to do as he pleases.

Tariq, Momo, Tomas, and the President meet for drinks in the evening. They talk about the impending revolution and the turn of power in the country. As Tariq suggests that he is a non-violent man, Tomas instigates him and shows his true face to everyone. Tariq attacks Tomas and becomes violent in the blink of an eye. As things settle down, Tariq goes outside with Momo and Tomas. Without any delay, two men on a bicycle come by and shoot Tariq to death.

It is later revealed that Prince and Mitch ordered their men to take Tariq off the board. Thus, they clear their path for the attack as communication channels will be blocked as well. This sequence of events shows how a man’s life can end in an instant. No matter how powerful or intimidating one is, death can take them away at any time. Tariq’s power or influence couldn’t save him and neither could his security team. On the contrary, this also seems to be Prince’s way of avenging his wife’s kidnapping and the subsequent torture she faces.

What Happened To Drifter?

Toward the end of the episode, Prince and Bambi have a heartfelt conversation about their thoughts. Bambi asks Prince the reason why he joined the military forces. Prince is rich and affluent as one hopes to be, and Bambi wonders why he gave that away to be a part of the army. Prince reveals he did so because of Bambi as the latter inspired him to make something of his life.

Moved by the confession, Bambi reveals the truth behind their first expedition after Prince’s wedding. When they went against the Taliban and rescued hostages from the snow-clad mountains, Bambi saved Prince and let Drifter (their friend and leader) die. Bambi confesses that he did not have enough time to save both Prince and Drifter, so he chose to save Prince instead. Subsequently, Prince is touched but he further says that Bambi should have saved Drifter instead.

What Bambi doesn’t tell Prince is the reason he chose to save Prince. He looks back at his sister’s wedding. Amber only asked one thing from Bambi. She asked her brother for a promise that Bambi would do anything to keep Prince safe and bring him back home. By saving Prince and not Drifter, Bambi was fulfilling the promise a brother made to his sister. His military training would have told him to save his leader and a more experienced soldier. However, Bambi’s love for Amber exceeds his loyalty to the military. Hence, he chose to honor her wishes and save Prince.

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