Eva Desjardins: Surviving Paradise Contestant is Now A Photographer

Featured in Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise,’ Evangeline “Eva” Desjardins may have entered the show mid-season, but that did not stop her from making some highly smart choices, which ultimately allowed her to earn several fans. After all, her ability to read people and guess their motives helped her secure a strong position, while her selfless nature also allowed her to win hearts. Now that the first installment of the survival series is over, people are quite curious about what Eva is up to these days, and we are here to explore the same.

Eva Desjardins’ Surviving Paradise Joruney

Entering the first season of the Netflix show in the fourth episode, Eva Desjardins had only two hours to talk to those who had already carved a place for themselves in the villa before joining the other camp residents as outsiders. Her entrance did set some teeth on the edge, with Taylor Olympios especially being adamant that she did not want Shea Foster‘s attention to be turned somewhere else. This was something Eva was undoubtedly able to notice but did not appreciate.

Not long after Eva entered the competition, all the Insiders were given a crate, and it was up to them to convince an Outsider to either accept or reject the carte depending upon the outcome. Lellies Santiago chose Eva as her partner for the task and tried to convince her that accepting the crate would mean that the new entry that accepting the crate between them would allow her to go to the villa. However, Eva did not trust what Lellies had said and rejected the crate, which allowed her to finally become an Insider.

However, Eva’s stay in the Violla was short-lived as the Insiders were asked to choose one amongst them to go to camp. Eva volunteered to do so as she expressed how she felt that everyone else had spent plenty of time in the camp, and she was willing to do her time as well. This allowed her to earn the respect of many of the cast members. Unfortunately, Eva never got a chance to be an Insider again. She stayed in the camp until the final round of eliminations, where she was chosen by the newly evicted Copan Combs to be the next person out of the competition.

Where is Eva Desjardins Now?

As of writing, Eva Desjardins seems to be doing quite well in life. A former Peace Corps member, she now lives in Tampa, Florida, and has decided to delve into the world of photography. Under the brand name LilMissEvaTookThese, she offers her clients a variety of photography services. These include portraits, lifestyle pictures, brand work, and series photographs. She also has a dedicated Instagram page for the same, where she often shares some breathtakingly beautiful clicked pictures.

When not working hard, Eva enjoys spending time outdoors. Her other interests include book reading and cycling. However, it is truly the company of her friends and family that she takes joy in the most. In January 2023, Eva shared the news that her father had undergone a double lung transplant, and she started a GoFundMe so as to gain financial aid that would help in her father’s recovery journey.

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