Five Star Chef Season 1: Where Are The Contestants Now?

With Michel Roux Jr. leading the search to find the next leading name in the culinary industry, Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef‘ has quickly claimed a place in the heart of viewers across the world. The British cooking series also features Mike Reid and Ravneet Gill, who join Roux in season 1 to find the next head chef of Palm Court restaurant at the Langham Hotel in London, England. The seven hopefuls who competed against each other for this coveted position have also earned much fame, and if you are curious about the current whereabouts of your favorites, worry not because we have your back!

Dominic “Dom” Taylor is a Private Chef Now

We are, of course, starting off with the season 1 winner Dominic “Dom” Taylor, whose Carribean food concept not only won over the judges but also helped him bag a position at Palm Court. Presently serving as an Ambassador for Be Inclusive Hospitality, the private chef has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity that the show provided him with. When not creating mouthwatering dishes in the kitchen, Dom likes to spend time with his loved ones. He is especially close to his mother, who we also saw in the finale of the first installment of the cooking show.

Adria Wu is Leading Maple & Co and Nurturing a Family

Up next, we have finalist Adria Wu, whose championing of vegetables in her dishes certainly helped her stand out from the others. Presently, she is serving as the Founder of Maple & Co, a company established in 2015 that strives to bring healthy and delicious to people. The former student of Le Cordon Bleu and the College of Naturopathic Medicine is happily married to Hussein Sunderji. Together, the couple are proud parents of Isla and Kai Sunderji.

Jordan Brady is Excelling as Chef at JB Kitchen Today

Let’s now talk about Jordan Brady, who was also in the finals of ‘Five Star Chef’ season 1 and has garnered many fans through his cooking skills. As of writing, Jordan is working as a Chef for JB Kitchen, a company that was established in 2020 and has since won several awards. The eatery is located at 1 Lambourne Road, Birstall, Leicestershire, England., and Jordan is quite proud of all that he offers at the restaurant.

Igor Sapega is Directing Designed Knives by Sapega

Igor Sapega was perhaps one of the most inspiring chefs to step into the competition. The story of his hearing loss and how he did not stop anything from running after his dreams certainly warmed many hearts. He is now the proud Director and Founder of Designed Knives by Sapega, a company based in London whose classy knives are used by several reputed chefs. Igor is quite happily married to Laura Sapega, who hails from Ukraine and is a proud member of the deaf community. Together, they are proud parents of Lev, who was born on October 26, 2021. The lovely couple also got the opportunity to attend the 2023 Royal Ascot race while being seated in the royal enclosure.

Lara Norman is Thriving as a Private Chef

With her undoubtedly entertaining theatrics, Lara Norman’s performance in the British series was certainly impressive. She works as a Private Chef under the banner of Euphoria, which offers catering services of likes you may have never seen before. Additionally, she is an ambassador for The Burnt Chef Project, which is dedicated to fighting against mental health stigma within the culinary industry. It seems like Lara splits her time between London and Ibiza (in Spain).

Raquel Fleetwood is Running Catered By Raquel

If you are curious about what Raquel Fleetwood is doing, look no further. The culinary expert’s love for Puerto Rican cuisine allowed her to create quite an impression, and she has certainly continued to champion the food style. Those interested can taste her cooking via her company, Catered By Raquel, which offers catering services for a variety of events and is based in Long Beach, California. The television star also likes to post videos and photos of her cooking on Instagram, which has helped her earn over 25K followers on the social media platform. As for her personal life, Raquel is happily married and is a proud mother of three.

Anne Banfield is Enjoying Family Life

Even though Anne Banfield’s run in ‘Five Star Chef’ was s short one, she did not fail to impress her with her creativity and skills. Presently, she is still active in the culinary industry and often shares the food she has prepared on Instagram. More than anything, she seems to enjoy the company of her loved ones and often attends various events with her friends. Along with her husband and two children, she attended the Royal Ascot race that was held in June 2023. Prior to that, she seems to have had an amazing time in Spain.

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