Furies Ending, Explained: Does Jacqueline Kill Hai? Do Bi and Thanh Survive?

Netflix’s ‘Furies’ (alternatively titled ‘Thansoi’) is a Vietnamese action movie directed by and starring Veronica Ngo. The film is set in the 1990s and acts as a loose prequel to the 2019 smash-hit action flick ‘Furie.’ It follows Bi, a young orphan girl who is trained to become a highly skilled assassin by the enigmatic Jacqueline, aka Aunt Lin (Ngo). As Bi assimilates into her new surroundings and bonds with two other girls coming from similar backgrounds, Bi is thrust into the neon-clad city’s criminal underworld. Bi and her fellow assassins fight to take down a powerful mob boss while uncovering secrets about Jacqueline’s past. If you are wondering how Jacqueline and Bi’s bloody, gruesome, and violent crusade ends, here is everything you need to know about the climax of ‘Furies.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Furies Ploy Synopsis

‘Furies’ takes place in the 90s and opens with a look at the life of Bi, a young girl who is brought up in a turbulent atmosphere in a small Vietnamese village. After a man sexually assaults Bi and her mother dies trying to protect her, Bi runs away from the village. She arrives in Saigon (presently Ho Chi Minh City) and lives on the streets. Bi pickpockets and does odd jobs to feed herself. However, she is constantly tormented by men trying to exploit her. Troubled by her traumatic experiences and poor living conditions, Bi has a chance encounter with Jacqueline, a powerful woman who saves her from some goons.

Jacqueline, also known as Aunt Lin, feeds Bi and takes her to a shelter home. At the house, Jacqueline houses other orphaned girls, Hong and Thanh. Hong is bubbly and likes going girly things, while Thanh is anti-social and rude. Thanh does not believe Bi can survive with them, while Hong excitedly welcomes Bi to her new home. Jacqueline trains the girls in martial arts and encourages them to fight for justice. After some time, Bi forms a sisterly bond with Hong and Thanh, as all three girls have been exploited and forced into prostitution until Jacqueline saves them.

As Bi trains in martial arts and gets stronger, Jacqueline gives the female assassin trio a mission. Her target is “Mad Dog” Hai, a local criminal kingpin who runs several illegal businesses. Hai’s gang includes Long, the one in charge of the drug business, Leo, Hai’s personal bodyguard, and Teo, the one in charge of sex trafficking. Jacqueline instructs the girls to invade one of Hai’s facilities and save young girls like themselves from Teo. Bi, Hong, and Thanh successfully complete the mission, strengthening their bond. Meanwhile, Jacqueline has her own secret agenda behind targeting Hai. During Hong’s birthday party, it is revealed that Long is an inside man working with Jacqueline to take down Hai’s empire.

Jacqueline sends the girls on a mission to kill Hai and retrieve an important briefcase. However, Hong is killed during the mission, and Hai learns that Jacqueline is alive, hinting at a history between them. Following the mission’s failure, Bi realizes that Jacqueline merely wants revenge on Hai and does not care about justice. Moreover, Bi doubts if Jacqueline cares about the girls at all. Nonetheless, Bi decides to remain with Thanh as the girls promised Hong they would stick together. On the other hand, Hai sends his men to destroy Jacqueline and her female assassins, leading to a final showdown between Jacqueline and Hai.

Furies Ending: Does Jacqueline Kill Hai? Why Did She Kill Long?

In the movie, we learn about Jacqueline’s past with Hai after Hong’s death. Jacqueline’s husband, Hoang, ruled the territory that is now Hai’s stronghold. The duo was partners until Hai killed Hoang and took his territory. In the process, Jacqueline’s infant son is also killed. Thus, Jacqueline seeks revenge against Hai and has been working with Hai’s rivals and Long to avenge her husband and son’s death. During the climax, Thanh and Bi fight through a horde of Hai’s bodyguards, killing Leo. Eventually, the fight culminates in Hai’s cabin, where Jacqueline confronts Hai.

Jacqueline holds Hai at gunpoint and threatens to kill him. However, Hai tries to convince Long to rejoin forces with him. Jacqueline shoots Long in front of Hai. She blames Long for not stopping Hai from killing her husband. By killing Long, Jacqueline shows Hai that he is powerless before her. Hai begs Jacqueline to forgive him and spare his life. In exchange, he promises to return Hoang’s territory to Jacqueline. However, Jacqueline wants revenge for her innocent son’s death. Thus, she shoots Hai and avenges her son. However, Jacqueline does not stop at shedding the blood of her enemies and continues her crusade. She decides to regain control of her husband’s territory, confirming Bi’s suspicion that Jacqueline never cared about justice or the girls.

Do Bi and Thanh Survive? Who Is Thanh Sói?

After helping Jacqueline complete her twisted quest for revenge, Bi decides to leave and takes an injured Thanh along with her. However, Jacqueline does not want to let go of her trusted and highly-trained assassin – Thanh. Therefore, Thanh tugs the last emotional strings Thanh has attached to her and forces her to kill Bi. However, the bond between Thanh and Bi has grown exponentially since Hong’s death. Thanh goes into prostitution to pay for her younger sister’s medical treatment. However, she found herself deep in the sex trade and could not save her sister. Life gives Thanh a second chance at a happy family with Hong and Bi, as the three girls become sisters. Therefore, Thanh goes against Jacqueline’s wishes.

In the fight’s aftermath, Thanh refuses to kill Bi and pulls the trigger on Jacqueline instead. However, Jacqueline is prepared for Thanh’s betrayal and shoots her dead. An enraged Bi fights Jacqueline and tries to avenge her fallen comrades. However, Jacqueline proves too powerful for Bi to take down alone. Nonetheless, Bi uses Jacqueline’s advice against her mentor and exploits Jacqueline’s rib injury. Eventually, Bi overpowers Jacqueline and kills her before falling unconscious.

Ultimately, Bi is the only survivor of the bloody fight and is saved by the incoming police officers. However, she is imprisoned for fifteen years. After Bi is released from prison, Bi adopts the name “Thanh Sói” in honor of her sister, Thanh. Thus, Bi proves that the sisterly bond she formed with Hong and Thanh is real and the closest thing the girl had to a family. In their quest to survive in a man’s world where men constantly exploit them, the girls fall prey to the machinations of a woman, giving their journey an ironic ending. Nonetheless, these experiences shape Bi into the revered and ruthless child trafficker we see in 2019’s ‘Furie.’ Thus, the final moments pull the rug from under the viewers by essentially making the movie an original story of the aforementioned film’s villain.

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