8 Games You Must Play if You Love Adventure Capitalist

Idle clickers are fast becoming extremely popular among the masses mostly due to our hectic daily schedule that limits our gaming experiences. We hardly have time for games like ‘Zelda’ nowadays, and idle clickers perfectly bridge the gap between gaming and corporate work. ‘Adventure Capitalist’ is one of the better known adventure type idle clickers out there and it played a crucial role in popularizing the genre. If you have played idle clickers before, then we are sure you have played ‘Adventure Capitalist’ at least once. However, if you haven’t because you don’t find it interesting but want to try idle clickers in general, then you can’t go wrong with any of the games mentioned below. Here is the list of video games similar to Adventure Capitalist that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Adventure Capitalist on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

8. Sword King

‘Sword King’ is an extremely addictive idle clicker that’s presently available for android and iOS devices. It can somewhat be called a cross between idle clickers like ‘Adventure Capitalist’ and action role playing games like ‘Dungeon Hunter’. Developed and published by Lifebelt Games, it is considered to be one of the better idle clickers out there due to its innovative gameplay design and polished mechanics. It is actually quite polished and contains a lot more elements than you might think at first.

You control a basic character that you are able to upgrade throughout the course of the game. There is only a small sword available to you but as soon as you gather some money, you are able to buy more appropriate equipment for your character. And similar to ‘Adventure Capitalist’, you just tap to gather money. There are a number of weapons to sell at the store, so get your butter fingers ready for some action. The faster you tap, the faster you gather money. However, this is not all. There are various monsters that you need to take down, each having their own characteristics and weaknesses. Here you are required to choose the correct weapon before the combat begins and you are good to go! This is a game you definitely must check out if you like playing stuff like ‘Adventure Capitalist’.

7. RPG Clicker

‘RPG Clicker’ is another epic idle clicker that plays very similar to ‘Adventure Capitalist’. Developed and published by Epic Pixel for android and iOS devices, the game is set in a fantasy universe. As the title suggests, it has all the features of an RPG bundled together with an idle clicker. You take control of a powerful character that can perform a variety of spells and attacks and go on an elaborate adventure. There are various quests and challenges similar to an RPG, the completion of which provides you with experience points.

The main aim of the game is to travel through the world, complete quests and level up your character. You can tap to progress similar to ‘Adventure Capitalist’ but the clicker mechanics are much more diminished. Therefore, there is a much more focus on the actual gameplay. During the course of the campaign, you are also able to upgrade your weapon of choice, which you use to battle with monsters. This is one game you should definitely try out if you like playing stuff like ‘Adventure Capitalist’ due to its in-depth gameplay mechanics.

6. Cookie Collector 2

‘Cookie Collector 2’ is an extremely polished idle clicker that is a bit of everything, really — it has elements of action, adventure and role playing elements, in addition to idle clicker elements, making it an extremely in-depth experience for its players. It revolves around the concept of cookie monsters, as is evident from the title and we definitely love what the developers have done with this one. It is a game that really gets your appetites high and will definitely make you go for your stored munchies.

The premise of the game is that the cookie empire has settled on Earth, and they need your help to assert dominance. And when the cookie lords ask something of us, we oblige without question! The gameplay is perfect for one hand control, making it extremely easy for you to play it while preoccupied. Whenever I take the subway and find it crowded, I know what I am playing! The tap experience is also quite satisfying, as it rewards you heavily for your efforts. The main aim is to collect a bunch of cookies and subsequently ensure the dominance of the cookie empire. This is one game you could definitely try out if you are looking for something similar to ‘Adventure Capitalist’.

5. Tap Titans 2

‘Tap Titans 2’ is the second instalment to the massively popular idle clicker, ‘Tap Titans’ and actually manages to improve the gameplay of the original title. The original game was known for its addictive gameplay format that managed to keep players engaged for hours on end. This is a game I frequented to during my college days, simply because it was extremely easy to play under the tables. This speaks volumes of how addictive a game can be. If you have played the original game, then you will definitely find yourself at home with this one. It introduces 120 new Titans for you to fight and conquer, so you better get busy quickly.

The gameplay is not exactly similar to that of ‘Adventure Capitalist’ but we are sure you will be able to connect with it since it uses the same tap based mechanics. One unique thing about this game is that it provides you with different pets that you can train and will eventually help you in combat. As you progress and earn experience, you unlock certain weapons that are extremely powerful and can take down foes with a few taps. ‘Tap Titans 2’ is one game you should definitely check out if you have played ‘Adventure Capitalist’.

4. Dungeon Inc

‘Dungeon Inc’ is a massively popular idle clicker that allows you to build your own dungeon according to your desire. We can already see the old school fans drooling all over their keyboards right now! Old school video game fans are attracted to dungeons like baby to a candy, myself included. Hence, I find myself guilty of spending a bit too much time on this game than a normal sane person would, but I urge you people to try this out once before judging me. It can get extremely addictive right from the get-go, and this fact is apparent from their tutorial sequence alone.

However, once you get the basic idea, it becomes even harder to put the game down, so delve into it at your own risk. The main aim is to build the deepest and the most secure dungeon possible. And by any means possible! Diving into the nefarious activities is not only a choice but a necessity in this one. Since there is a multiplayer aspect attached with it, the end becomes more important than the means. Therefore, get tapping quickly and focus on your defenses. It is possible for a player online to attack your dungeon, at which point major defenses are required. Therefore, we highly urge the players to set up their defenses ahead of time. In addition, there are weekly events that actually reward the players handsomely, so make sure you take part in those if you plan on playing it for a long time. This is one game that you simply must try out if you like playing stuff like ‘Adventure Capitalist’.

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3. Realm Grinder

‘Realm Grinder’ is one of the best idle RPGs ever created and if you have not tried this one out yet, then we highly recommend that you put it on download and then continue with the article. The game allows you to build your own empire right from scratch. As you can already tell, there are base building and resource management elements to this one, and to be honest, they are quite in-depth. We were actually blown away by the amount of customization options present for an idle clicker. For starters, you are able to choose between five different factions, each having their own identity and perks. They each specialize in a certain type of architecture, adding to the immersion of the whole experience.

Secondly, the game has tons of upgrades for the structures within your settlement, meaning that you will never run out of stuff to do. And if you somehow manage to build the best settlement out there, you can always start over with a different race and play through the campaign once again. It doesn’t take much effort being an idle clicker. You just need to log in once in a while, upgrade your structures, put in some new ones and repeat the cycle all over a few hours later. The structures will keep reaping their benefits even when you log out, making it extremely accessible to players with a tight schedule.

There are two sides to align with — the elves and the demons. The elves allow their players to tap continuously to collect treasure which they can use to build new structures. The demons, on the other hand, provide massive bonuses to your structures, making them more formidable than your opponents. If you like playing games like ‘Adventure Capitalist’ and started the download as we suggested, then you should definitely try it out once you are done with this list!

2. Soda Dungeon

This game has not one, but two things that gamers die for! Sodas and dungeons! I mean, when you spend hours traversing through a dungeon, exploring its secrets and fighting demons, you do tend to get thirsty! And what do you find handy on your table that is both refreshing and hydrating? Sodas! The developers must have really put a lot of thought into this one, otherwise the chances of them naming their game behind two of the most important things in a gamer’s life are beyond astronomical.

Anyway, ‘Soda Dungeon’ is a brilliant casual RPG developed by Poxpower and published by Armor Game Studios in the year 2017 for android, iOS and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game is regarded as one of the best in the genre, due its in-depth RPG elements yet forgiving gameplay. There are no sudden deaths in this one, no loss of lives, only extensive dungeon crawling and soda poppin. If you are tired of hardcore RPGs where the very demons resemble the demons in your real life, we highly suggest you give this one a go. It has all the elements that make the RPG genre so popular, yet keeps the gameplay light, fun and intuitive. The main aim of the game is to collect different heroes, each having special abilities and then customizing their skills in order to take down hordes of enemies. If you do like casual experiences like ‘Adventure Capitalist’, then you should definitely give this one a go.

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1. Clicker Heroes

‘Clicker Heroes’ is a massively popular idle clicker developed by Playsaurus initially for browsers, but then ported the game to other consoles due to global demand. Due to this, ‘Clicker Heroes’ is now presently available on Microsoft Windows PC, OS X, android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course, all browsers worldwide. The main aim is to kill various monsters that drop a variety of loot. These monsters are present on the right side of your screen and you need to kill them by tapping on them. Each tap deals a certain amount of damage; so the faster you tap, the faster you will kill them. Usually they drop gold which can be used for a variety of actions, but what you should be looking out for are ‘souls’. These souls represent your real score in the game and can only be accessed after you ascend to the higher plane. You will understand what we are talking about once you get to that point but for now concentrate on leveling up and collecting heroes. We are sure you will definitely like this one if you liked playing through ‘Adventure Capitalist’, so head over to the playstore and download it completely for free on your preferred console.

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