16 Games You Must Play if You Love Agar.IO

Agar.IO is one of the best casual games out there as it offers smooth gameplay combined with great music that helps you relax. The title has managed to impress a large number of gamers with its impressive visuals and mechanics. The best part is you can play with your friends for hours on end, and you will still not get bored of it ever. It can get really intense from time to time as you try to maneuver yourself past all of the bigger cells that are coming to eat you up as you try to grow bigger by consuming anything that is smaller than you and dare cross your path. The game does not go overboard with visuals or adding complicated mechanics; it keeps things simple and still manages to be fascinating enough.

If you have already tried Agar.IO and want to try something similar with some unique twists, then you have come to the right place. Here is the list of video games similar to Agar.IO that are our recommendations. You can play these open world games like Agar.IO on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPhone or even online.

16. Supersnake.IO

Supersnake is an action-charged version of the original Snake that a large number of us had played on our phones in an era when smartphones did not exist. The game offers multiplayer gameplay, and it is available for Android, iOS also as an in-browser title. You start off as a tiny snake, and it is your tole to consume as many smaller snakes as possible while staying away from the bigger snakes who want to eat you. The maps can get really hectic to play on especially when you are with your friends, and there have been too many incidents of matches ending in nail biters. If you are looking for something that’s engaging that you can play on your phone Supersnake is definitely a game you want to check out.

15. Ant Evolution

Ant Evolution mixes a number of different genres including strategy, puzzle, action, strategy and more. Developed by Chario Games, a studio known for its experience with indie games you will find a number of interesting mechanics that make the game fun. You get to play the role of an ant, and it’s your job to go around the map and find smaller insects that you can consume. Once you consume enough insects and grow, you will be able to eat bigger insects, and the cycle keeps on repeating until you are the most dangerous looking ant we have ever seen. The gameplay also has a lot of variety, and you don’t have to grind yourself out doing the same thing for hours and hours. There are missions and quests that you can pursue to unlock achievements and have a much more memorable experience.

14. Limax.io

Limax is an MMO set in an open world from Laba Mauve Studios. If you like games like Agar.IO, then you already know how important it is to have full control over your gameplay. Limax is highly addictive with more complicated mechanics compared to other titles on the list. You do not just ramp yourself into a smaller opponent and eat them up. There is a much more methodical approach involved, and it is up to you to use abilities and make the right moves to ensure you are always outsmarting your opponent and have the upper hand in battle. It brings together a number of classic elements while also innovating the genre and offering something brand new.

13. Curve Fever

Curve Fever might look like a simple game with dots and lines; the game can get really intense. Unlike other similar games that allow you to move as freely as possible, your movement is restricted, and dots on screen get to move at a constant speed. In this game’s case, the other dots are actual players who are competing against you. You have to outsmart your opponents to victory if you want to nab the top spot and the permanent lines left behind enemies are a constant threat to you as you try to be the last man standing in this simple but highly competitive game.

12. Nebulous

Nebulous is an Agar.IO clone, but that does not mean that both games are completely identical. Developed and published by Simplical Software LLC, Nebulous offers a truly fun-filled experience for players looking for a multiplayer game with lots of action. Even though you don’t get to play with high-tech guns or large swords, Nebulous manages to be just as intense as any other competitive multiplayer game out there. You start off as a small blob, and it is up to you to ensure that your progress towards growth isn’t hindered by other players who are also after the number one spot every game. As you keep consuming more enemies the stronger you get, and some matches can last a very long time, and one wrong move in such situations can cost you the game.

11. Agarp.CO

Agarp.CO is yet another Agar.IO clone that offers very similar mechanic. It is a mix of puzzle and online multiplayer gameplay where you get to compete against other players. You start off as a tiny cell, a premise that will instantly remind you of Agar.IO. The goal of the player is to constantly grow bigger until you can consume anything you see on the map. It is an endless game so things will get tougher the more you progress and even bigger enemies will keep spawning. If you are able to keep your wits and maneuver yourself past all the danger, you will rake up an unbeatable high score that players all around the world will struggle beating.

10. Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies has a lot in common with games like Agar.IO while also retaining its own identity. Developed for the Nintendo Switch, Star Allies is a stunning game as you would expect from the latest-gen handheld device. Kirby RPGs have always offered similar mechanics to what Agar.IO offers, you have to consume other enemies, and it will add to your total strength. However, there is a lot more going on in Star Allies. You have a party of unique characters that affect your gameplay, and you want to have a balanced roster of heroes that are capable of fighting with you and clearing out entire maps without any issues. While there are more titles from the Kirby franchise that you should try out, we stuck with the most recent and more accessible title as the other games are for older generation hardware except the 3DS games which are still worth getting into.

9. Outburst

Outburst is a free-to-play MMO developed by Have a Byte. The game allows you to team up with friends or even strangers in a bid to fight through hordes of enemies. Outburst has a number of cool characters to choose from including a necromancer, a zombie, an assassin and other fun-filled characters. The players need to eliminate the enemies before the situation goes out of hand and you have to do your best to ensure you always maintain a favorable lead over your opponents and do not get caught in their line of sight too easily. The game has a cult following, and thousands of players play it every single day so you should definitely check this one out.

8. Slither.IO

Available for Android and iPhones, Slither.IO is a slick game that focuses on puzzle solving skills and strategy. Lowtech games did an amazing job with the title as it allows users to play with players from any compatible platform. If your friend owns an iPhone and you play the game on PC on your browser, you will be able to play against each other without any trouble. The game is one of the most popular ones of its kind with millions of registered users who have tried out the game. Slither is all about collecting the shiny dots and exploring the world.

7. Mitos.is

Mitos.is is an excellent free-to-play game that offers hours of entertainment to anyone looking for a fun and casual MMO. Unlike many of the other games on the that offer a very closed environment with limited movement available to you, Mitos.is does not shy away from offering large open-world areas for you to explore and fight against other players. There is no timer on the game, and the match ends only when the last player with the most points is left alive. The game spices things up with a power-up system that makes things a whole lot more fun than the usual mechanics you find in these kinds of games.

6. Cosmic Crush

Created by Buddy Delaune, Cosmic Crush gained notoriety in the gaming world at launch. The game lets you play as a small planet, and it is your job to take over other small planets to make yourself stronger. Once you gain enough power, you will be able to consume anything that dares cross your path. The game has a survival mode that you can try out and its goal is to survive as long as possible instead of simply competing using scores. While there is merit to be smaller as it lets you be more conspicuous, getting as much power as possible can also be very beneficial as it helps you dominate other players.

5. Tasty Planet

Tasty Planet is very similar to Cosmic Crush, a game where you get to consume other planets in a bid to become the world’s longest surviving planet or simply put; it earns you bragging rights against your friends. The game puts you in the shoes of protagonist Grey Goo. The goal of the game is to solve as many possible as possible while you also have to piece together clues on what is going on which will enable security organizations to gain a lot better coverage and connectivity. There are a large number of puzzles and each time you beat one you get to try out even harder puzzles. The developers have supported the games for years, and new content keeps coming out to keep players engrossed in the title.

4. Diep.IO

Diep.IO is one of the oldest games of this genre. Having launched in Miniclip and offering hundreds of hours to fans who love online games, Diep has been one of the best games to try out if you are looking for a game like Agar.IO. You get to play as a block, and your goal is to survive as long as possible. The game is slightly more forgiving than other titles as you do not get one shot by enemies giving you some leeway.

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3. Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online is a mix of an MMO and a puzzle game with its beautiful design. Despite it being such a simple game, the developers put in a lot of effort to ensure the game looks stunning and the sound design is memorable as well. You get to take on the role of a bacteria and it is your goal to get bigger and bigger while killing other microorganisms.

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2. Dogar

Dogar and Agar.IO share a lot of in common from the setting to the game world design, but Dogar manages to look slightly unique as you play as a blob who takes on another similar organism. There are no restrictions when it comes to movement, and you can move around however you please while taking out other organisms along the way and fighting your way through to the top.

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1. Worm.is

Worm.is is a mix of strategy and action. Freakinware did an excellent job at recreating the tense atmosphere of these mini MMO games that offer countless hours of won. You get to play as a worm whose job is to explore the game and look for food. In the case of this game, food means anything that is smaller than you. If you bump into anything that’s larger than your character it means that it is a predator and you need to run until you are bigger and can take it. With the title being so popular you will always find players online who will compete against you in matches to get the top score.

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