12 Games You Must Play if You Love Avakin Life

Virtual spaces are on the rise due to advancements in technology and accessibility which enable people to constantly access these services without having to think about how much speed their internet connection can handle. Nowadays if you have a net connection, then you are pretty much set to play and explore any of the titles on the list but this wasn’t the case all along. If real life is not exactly how you wanted it to be, there are various online virtual worlds that allow you to take a second shot at life. Games like ‘Avakin Life’ allow you to achieve exactly this and hence we are looking at a few more experiences that are similar but also add a unique flavor into the mix. So, here is the list of video games similar to Avakin Life that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Avakin Life on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

12. SocioTown (2010)

‘SocioTown’ is a browser based light sim role playing game that plays very similar to ‘Avakin Life’ but is targeted towards teenagers. The game lets you create your own avatar and then customize the various aspects of his or her life. It is possible for you to purchase items in game through the stores that will help your character progress significantly. The focus of the game is on co-op activities such as fishing and bug catching, so it’s better if you have a friend alongside who is helping out.

The main aim of the game is to strike up friendships and then maintain them by performing activities together. Also, since the game is browser based, you do not need to download and save any files locally. It is possible for you to log in to the servers from any remote location and continue your simulation and role playing activities. This has made the game extremely popular among fans of the genre and if you liked ‘Avakin Life’, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

11. GoJiyo (2010)

‘GoJiyo’ is an online virtual world developed by the Indian company Godrej, which is a Multinational Corporation dealing with electronic appliances and everyday products. However, as far as we know, the company does not have much experience producing and developing such games and so we are quite impressed with the results. The art choice and world design is what caught our eye, along with brilliant fantasy oriented settings that allow you to explore the world on end without the hassle of too many tough fights or opponents.

The game also allows players to create their own avatar and customize its looks and appearances similar to ‘Avakin Life’. You need to complete quests and collect various items along the way in order to progress through the game and meet other characters online. The community aspect of the game is also important as there are certain quests that require cooperation between two players or more. It is a shame that the world is sparsely populated now but the servers are still alive and if you can live through the lag, then this is one world you should definitely explore during your free time.

10. Onverse (2009)

‘Onverse’ as the name suggests is an online virtual universe where you are free to roam around a big city and carry out various activities. The gameplay is quite similar to that of ‘Avakin Life’ and fans of ‘Avakin Life’ will definitely find themselves at home in this one. It starts out with you creating your own avatar and choosing basic outfits and appearances for the same after which you are dropped into the game world. Here you are free to explore according to our will and take part in various activities such as shopping, clubbing, playing games and racing. This is actually one of the few games out there that provides you with a free car which you can use to participate in races and earn cash. You can then use the cash to upgrade your car and take part in tougher races. The community aspects of the game are also on point but just like other light sims, the game suffers from a low player base at present. However, it is still playable and you can download it from any of the mirror links available on google.

9. Club Cooee (2009)

Partying is what ‘Club Cooee’ is all about! The game contains every type of parties that you can think of, both indoor and outdoor. This is the game you want to put on after a long day at work and just relax. It starts out very similar to that of ‘Avakin Life’ but quickly becomes this second life party simulator where you will find yourself constantly at the mercy of a group of hipsters all dancing away their life. There are other gameplay mechanics involved as well but every time I play the game, all I can think about is hitting the beach and joining a party. The community aspects for the game are also pretty developed, so if you have some friends who are willing to join a simple party simulator, this just might be the one.

8. Twinity (2008)

‘Twinity’ is another virtual life simulator that plays very similar to ‘Avakin Life’. So you wouldn’t be surprised with the mechanics of this one. The game allows you to create your own little avatar called a Twinizen and then dress that character up with the latest outfits in the game. Appearance of the characters is not that important to the overall gameplay in this particular title but it definitely helps. The game is modeled around real life locations around the world, so it is a good idea to dress up in your best outfits when you go visiting these locations. Some of the most famous and popular European cities were present in the game but the developers have shifted focus from real life settings to fantasy settings. However, we still would recommend the game to the older viewer group as they would definitely be able to connect with it. It has always been completely free to play, so if you are looking for a budget title similar to ‘Avakin Life’, give ‘Twinity’ a go.

7. Smeet (2010)

‘Smeet’ is an online virtual social media experience that first found its popularity in Germany. The developers of the game are dedicated at providing the best online social gaming experience and have been constantly providing updates to their system so that the experience is up to the mark. It is completely browser based, so you don’t need to go around downloading files to your computer and then accessing them from a remote location. You can just log in to their website from any machine and still access your character without the hassle of downloading files.

The community plays a huge role in the overall success of the game and hence we suggest that you read some of the blogs online and get to know some players personally in order to experience the game to its full potential. There are a bunch of activities that you can take part in and each of these provides you with in game currency. This currency is used for trading items all over the game. There are constant events that are going on in the game and this rewards the long term player with various bonuses. The playerbase and community are also very dedicated, so if you are looking for an experience similar to ‘Avakin Life’ but with a more bustling community, this is the one for you.

6. Oz World (2005)

‘Oz World’ is a more laid back experience but very similar to that of ‘Avakin World’. Though the gameplay does not contain much depth; the relaxing activities in game ensure that you lose yourself for hours on end without even a thought about real life. Now if that’s not what you play virtual games for, then I don’t know what else qualifies. There are no combat mechanics in the game either, so if any form of bloodshed turns you off, put on ‘Oz World’ and feel the nature. Go fishing with your friends and use the in game chat options to find more people who enjoy your activities and perhaps you might find a few new friends as well. The game itself is not really hard to play but does require a lot of time investments into your character. Do not go into this game expecting a lively atmosphere buzzing with activity, because that’s not what this game is. If you like taking a step back and relaxing your muscles for a while you’re busy with mundane tasks, then, my friend, you have found your game of choice.

5. Active Worlds (1995)

‘Active Worlds’ is one of the earliest online virtual experiences that allowed its players to create a virtual character and explore online virtual spaces. It is often credited as the first experience that influenced all the other virtual worlds and hence holds quite a reputable position in the industry. It was released way back in the year 1995 and was developed and published by the company Active World Inc. The site allowed users to create their own basic virtual worlds and then share it with other players in the community. These people could then use their character and visit the world that was created and explore it. This aspect of the game made it extremely popular and it was not uncommon for people to share links of their creations online for you to visit.

4. IMVU (2004)

‘IMVU’ is more of an online social media experience than a game. The site allows you to create your own avatar and use it to communicate with other players online but this is where the similarity stops with games like ‘Avakin Life’. It is an experience that we highly recommend to people who love playing old school games. It is not entirely possible to translate the experience on paper, so why don’t you check out the game for your own self? We feel you will definitely like it if you liked the community aspect of games such as ‘Avakin Life’ and hence you should check it out at least once.

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3. The Sims 4: Get Famous (2018)

Well, most of you might argue that ‘The Sims’ is not a game that plays similar to the ‘Avakin Life’ series and you would be right for the most part. That being said, we can’t help notice a striking similarity between the two games, though one of them is strictly single player and the other is heavily focused by online community based experiences. ‘The Sims’ allows its players to create a virtual character and then take control of his or her life, choosing professions and upgrading their apartments. Now, all of these are recurring gameplay mechanics from the ‘Avakin Life’ game but in a single player setting. So if you are looking for a single player experience similar to ‘Avakin Life’, then ‘The Sims’ is the game series for you.

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2. Habbo (2000)

Habbo’ is an online virtual social media service developed by the Finnish company Sulake Corporation. The service was started in the year 2000 and has now expanded to over 150 countries worldwide. It is an online space where you can create your own character and then design a hotel room according to your wishes. The gameplay is very similar to that of ‘Avakin Life’ and requires you to build hotels instead of creating the world around the character. You are also able to visit the rooms created by your friends and then take part in various activities together, such as playing with pets and various games and completing quests.

1. Second Life (2003)

Second Life’ is exactly what the name says it is. It is a second life for you where you are able to lead a virtual life in addition to your real one. If you ever feel that real life is getting too boring for your liking or your are not able to partake in activities that you want to, there is always a ‘Second Life’ for you. Missed the party last weekend due to exams? No worries, as there’s always a party brewing at ‘Second Life’. If you enjoy games similar to ‘Avakin Life’, then we are sure that you will enjoy this title as well.

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