10 Games You Must Play if You Love Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is one of the most addictive indie games of all time because of its fun mechanics that make players keep coming back for more. Clicker games often involve simply clicking on items and objects on screen to initiate actions on your behalf. Such games became extremely popular as it allows gamers to play with one hand and they do not require too much focus. Developers all over the world are trying to cash in on the clicker genre by offering extremely simple but addictive games to players. With that said, here is the list of video games similar to Cookie Clicker that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Cookie Clicker on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

10. Clicker Heroes (2014)

Clicker Heroes is undoubtedly one of the most popular titles on this list. It was originally launched as a browser-based title before making it into mobile app stores. The game starts off quite simple, and you need to click on enemies to slay them. Every time you get a kill, you earn some gold and you realize that there is much more to the game than simply tapping your screen every few seconds. As you keep earning more in-game currency, you will be able to buy upgrades and increase your overall DPS. There are tons of bosses, and if you are a Dark Souls fan but happen to be looking for something more casual, then Clicker Heroes is definitely worth a try. Some of the bosses are timed, and you will need to kill them before the timer runs out if you want to win. Such levels serve as skill checks to ensure you have the right gear if you want to progress.

There is no story or anything of the sort that will draw your attention in the game; it is simply a title that keeps your fingers busy when you are commuting or just need to spend some time clicking things to take your mind off work. It is one of the most entertaining mobile indie titles out there, and you should definitely check it out.

9. Nonstop Knight (2016)

Nonstop Knight is an endless RPG that lets you play as a knight in shining armor who is out on his own adventure. The combat is quite refreshing to see because of its wacky animations and the game as a whole look quite brilliant. One can’t deny the visual brilliance of modern-day mobile games, and they definitely go head to head with console and PC indie titles these days. All you need to do is tap your fingers on screen to use various skills and take out enemies.

The skills system is quite innovative, and there are special moves that let you poison your own attacks or summon a clone to fight by your side. These special skills are quite different from traditional clicker-RPG titles that usually have fancy elemental attacks and not much else to offer. Each floor has a boss that you need to fight and requires a specific combination of buttons to beat them which makes things quite challenging despite being a simple clicker title. You also get access to a fully fleshed out gear system that includes attack and defense items which bolster not only your DPS but also your survivability.

8. Vainglory (2014)

Vainglory is an anomaly in the world of MOBAs. League of Legends and DOTA 2 have been dominating the MOBA world for years, and every other game from the genre is just miles behind. However, Vainglory tapped into a niche that no one expected by becoming the number one MOBA for mobile devices. Its popularity on iOS and Android is unmatched, and the gameplay is absolutely fantastic.

Unlike standard MOBAs where you need to be careful about every single action — and there are a ridiculous number of items that you need to manage — Vainglory is much more simplistic with its approach keeping the limitation of mobile users in mind. All of the controls are touch-based and simply tapping the screen initiates your skills or other actions. The experience is even better on tablets as you get access to more real estate but playing on a phone is quite comfortable as well. The only big issue with the title is the lack of in-game chat that would definitely help gamers who login to play competitively. Despite its minor flaws, Vainglory is definitely one of the top games any MOBA fan should try out.

7. Idle Heroes (2016)

Idle Heroes is an intense game that has all the right ingredients that go into making a great clicker RPG. If you tried out Cookie Clicker and happen to be looking for something more complex, Idle Heroes is definitely a great choice. There are constant updates to the title with limited-time content that helps retain members of the community. Unlike other clicker games, there is a lot of depth to the mechanics including hero selection, team composition, and ability usage. You need to understand which heroes work best against each other and it takes weeks to master the gameplay fully.

When it comes to monetization, the developers did not go overboard with microtransactions, and you do not have to worry about the in-game currency. The developers have been quite generous to F2P players, and you will be able to earn a ton of special currency if you keep playing. One thing you do need to keep in mind is that the game is quite bandwidth heavy, so you might want to avoid playing it on a cellular connection and stick to Wi-Fi instead. Overall, Idle Heroes is a fantastic clicker RPG that caters to casuals and RPG veterans alike.

6. Ro: Idle Poring (2018)

One of the biggest drawbacks of idle clickers is that they often bank on the addictive nature of the gameplay instead of focusing on things like story, world-building, and meaningful mechanics. However, Ro: Idle Poring is one of the exceptions which makes it stand out from the infestation of sub-par clicker games out there. Ro is based on the original Ragnarok game, and the creators of Ragnarok have granted official status to this clicker RPG because of how good it is. You can pick one of three starting classes including an archer, mage, and warrior with the option to upgrade the classes once you get to a certain point in terms of progression.

There is a proper gear system in place similar to Borderlands that you can take advantage of as you collect loot and manage your inventory. A Warcraft-esque guild system is also present in case you want to team up with others and work towards guild-specific goals. A lot of the equipment can be earned by simply idling the game, so you do not have to constantly be on the grind to get the best gear out there. Ro definitely lives up to the original Ragnarok’s spiritual successor and it’s a must try for Cookie Clicker fans as well.

5. Tap Titans 2 (2016)

Tap Titans 2 is a clicker RPG that throws you right into the action with absolutely no tutorial or explanation of what’s going on. Just like Cookie Clicker, everything is done by tapping your screen. You simply need to keep tapping to dispatch your enemies and get new ones to spawn. There is quite a lot of variety when it comes to the monsters that you need to face. As you keep progressing through the story, the location of the combat keeps changing and things keep getting more challenging. You keep collecting coins from fallen enemies which can be used to level up your character and make him stronger.

There is no story or hidden lore to be found as Tap Titans 2 is just a means of relaxing. There is a lot of loot to be earned, and you can even have your own pet to go into battle with you. Even when you are not playing, the game keeps on progressing but stops at the boss fights, so you don’t get rewarded for not playing the game. You can also team up with other players who will make things more challenging as there is a noticeable difficulty spike when playing with others but the game also becomes far more rewarding. While in concept Tap Titans 2 does not do anything particularly innovative, it is definitely a title no one should miss out on.

4. Adventure Capitalist (2014)

Adventure Capitalist is a game that showcases how bad addiction to money can be. You start off as a small businessman and as your wealth grows so does the cost of everything around you. Something as simple as a lemonade stand can cost over $500 billion, which is quite ridiculous. The game does have some bottlenecks that prevent you from progressing too fast, but it does not take away from the gameplay experience too much. When it comes to microtransactions, there are quite a few that allow you to get boosters to ramp up your earnings. Even though the game tries to prove how the addiction to money can drive people mad, the little clicker game is an addictive title itself. You can spend hours on the game and not be bored with it, but like other clicker games, it does get repetitive if you start overindulging in it.

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3. Idle Tower Defense (2017)

While ardent gamers might scoff at the idea of casual clicker games, one can’t deny that they are great for spending time when you don’t want to be bothered playing something far more complex. Idle Tower Defense is a solid free-to-play title that brings back everything we love about tower defense games while breaking down all of the mechanics to their simplest form. All you need to do is drag your finger to an enemy, and your towers will start attacking the target. Unlike games like Cookie Clicker where you have to repeatedly click to get anything done, Idle Tower Defense is far less stressful. All you need to do is setup your defense strategically, and you are good to go. Simply hang back and let the waves of enemies pass by. As you keep collecting in-game currency for upgrades, you will be able to upgrade your towers and add new weaponry. If you fail to stop the enemies from breaching your gates, you will simply need to replay the level from the start.

2. Bitcoin Billionaire (2014)

Bitcoin Billionaire is not a title that released during the Bitcoin craze in 2017. In fact, the addictive clicker game has been for 5 years now with constant updates to keep players engaged. You get to play as a Bitcoin miner who mines fake bitcoins, and the faster you tap your screen, the more bitcoins you will be able to generate. Even though the game does sound a bit mindless, there is quite a bit of humor to keep things interesting. It is unabashedly a true clicker game, and while other titles try to set themselves apart from the crowd with unique mechanics, Bitcoin Billionaire does none of that and is direct with its approach. The game is supported by ads and microtransactions, but you can get by without spending any money quite easily. Even all of the ads can be skipped by paying a small number of hyperbits.

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1. Soda Dungeon (2015)

Armor Games has been around in the gaming industry since 2005, and they are known for their highly addictive games that appeal to players of all ages and Soda Dungeon is no different. The clicker RPG is one of the best games with its in-depth upgrade systems and combat. You get to play as an adventurer who lacks the right skills to take on bad guys, but a local tavern has exactly what you need to survive — soda! Yes, you read that right. The currency in Soda Dungeon is actually fizzy beverages, and you can use it to hire new party members, get new equipment and more. Even though the game has its fair share of microtransactions, the developers have been quite generous with in-game currency, and you will have plenty of chances to make virtual currency to pay for all of the premium items and other stuff that the game has to offer.

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