Gold Brick Ending, Explained: Does Daniel Beat Breuil & Sons?

Jérémie Rozan’s ‘Gold Brick’ is a French Netflix comedydrama film revolving around an individual’s pursuit of stealing millions from the wealthiest business family in his uninspiring city, Charters. Daniel Sauveur, hellbent on never working for The Breuils, ends up having to take a job as a warehouse worker in their company due to a lack of other options. However, when he and Scania realize they can get rich by selling Breuils & Sons’ luxury products on the black market, what starts as a horrible situation becomes a lucrative opportunity.

Daniel grows his illegal business by the day with the help of his team of fraudsters until the company heir, Patrick Breuil, discovers he’s getting robbed. Unwilling to lose out to The Breuils again, Daniel tries to find a way to stay in the game. If you’re curious to see where Daniel’s ambitions lead him and what happens to Breuils & Sons, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Gold Brick.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gold Brick Ploy Synopsis

In the city of Chartres, France, The Breuils, with a business in global Parisian luxury products distribution, remain at the top of the social ladder. On the other hand, Daniel Sauveur, whose father just managed to secure a modest home for his family before passing away, doesn’t have much in terms of capital and detests the Breuils for their easy generational wealth. As a result, he refuses to work for Breuil & Sons like most people in the town do and tries to strike out on his own with his childhood best friend, Scania. Nevertheless, their start-up fails due to an ironic economic dependency on Breuil & Sons, leaving both to work for the company.

Shortly after Daniel starts working, the company head dies, promoting his son, Patrick as the new boss. During his first day on the job, the latter’s wife, Béatrice, hands bottles of luxury fragrances to their employees as a gift. Since Daniel has no use for the same, he puts his up for sale online and finds a highly profitable market for it. Afterward, he starts sneaking a few bottles from the warehouse regularly with Scania’s help, and in six months, the two start making 100k each through their scam.

Nevertheless, Daniel’s “business” threatens to crumble after someone reports his account, bringing police to his house. Although he manages to dodge that bullet, he and Scania realize they must find a new way to move products. As such, Titou and Raoul, black market dealers, enter the scene allowing the duo to see increased profits. However, after a while, the warehouse promotes Daniel to a supervisory role, mechanizing his previous job. Consequently, his scam stops until he collaborates with Virginie van Stratten, a transfer higher-up from Paris.

Virginie helps Daniel assemble a team that seamlessly works together and sneaks out a pallet full of products without anyone’s knowledge. From forklift drivers to union reps, he has a trusty team that sends his trade to newer heights. With a warehouse of their own for storage and a second house to indulge in their respective vices, Daniel’s team goes from rags to riches overnight. Meanwhile, Béatrice convinces Patrick to sell Breuil & Sons to his rival, Brice Nougarolis. Soon after he signs an agreement with the latter, he discovers numerous warehouse boxes with the missing product. With an inventory audit from Nougarolis steadily heading his way, Patrick realizes he must find the stolen goods or risk selling his company for half the price.

Gold Brick Ending: Does Breuil Sell His Company to Nougarolis?

Breuil & Sons has been among the most profitable global luxury brand distributors for generations. Therefore when Béatrice urges Patrick to sell the business, he’s skeptical of it at first. However, she turns out to be having an affair with Nougarolis and intentionally manipulates Patrick into selling the company. Likewise, after he tells her about the stolen products, she shares that information with Nougarolis as well. Since Patrick has millions of products missing from his inventory, the latter will only have to pay half the price for his company.

To ensure the same, Nougarolis hires a Private Investigator, Ange, to infiltrate Breuil & Sons’ warehouse to track the stolen goods. Ange successfully replaces one of Daniel’s group members and discovers the details behind his operations. Still, only he and Scania know about the storage’s location, so Ange holds off on completing his report for Nougarolis. As such, Nougarolis gets impatient and fires him. In turn, Ange contacts Patrick informing him about his wife’s affair, and proposes to find the stolen inventory for a price.

Nevertheless, Patrick has a better plan- he secretly teams up with Daniel. He buys proof of the latter’s involvement in the theft and can report him and his team to the police if Breuil & Sons, audit comes out faulty. Since neither party wants that to happen, Daniel stages a heist and steals two truckloads of products. The amount stolen in the theft adds up to the amount he and his team have sneaked out over the months. Since insurance will cover the theft, Patrick sells his company to Nougarolis like he wanted without deducting the pay. The latter’s plan fails, and he merges his company with Breuil & Sons, paying Patrick the original price.

Does Daniel Beat Breuil & Sons?

From the beginning, Daniel makes his detestation for Breuil & Sons known, refusing to associate himself with the company. Even after his business goes under, he holds off for a few months before applying to be a warehouse worker at Scania’s encouragement. Hence, Daniel has no problem stealing from the company and is gleeful when Virginie’s involvement helps him steal millions. Therefore, when she tells him Patrick knows about the missing product and decides she doesn’t wish to continue the fraud anymore, he puts his relationship with her on the line and continues without her.

Moreover, Daniel went to the same elementary school as Patrick and now hates him for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Due to the same, when the former gets caught by him and has to do his bidding for him without any profit for himself, he can’t accept that. Daniel is used to living in a world where The Breuils always win, but this once, he wants to win with them. As such, he suggests amending Patrick’s plan a smidge. Instead of returning the products that Daniel’s team steals from the trucks in the “heist” to get insurance money, Daniel proposes they replace the stolen goods with counterfeit products.

By doing so, Daniel and his team get to keep the 80k unit from the heist, and Patrick can pass the company off to Nougarolis with extra damage as revenge for sleeping with his wife. Ultimately, Daniel and Patrick formulate a perfume made only of water, and his team does production and packaging overnight. Therefore, they get insurance, and when the auditors arrive, they find everything up-to-date with the company. Eventually, customers realize the products are counterfeit, which ruins Breuil & Sons’ reputation. After the company’s downfall due to the scandal, Daniel overtakes as an up-and-coming name in the cosmetic valley.

Since Daniel knows about Nougarolis’s predicament before he himself does, he smoothly prepares to take over the monopoly on the fragrance business in Chartres. He also learns that Patrick’s grand plan has been Virginie’s brainchild, who came up with it after her fallout with Daniel. Afterward, he patches things up with her, fixing his private and professional life. With spoils from his scam and a headstart in the industry, Daniel buys out Nougarolis and Breuil & Sons, beating The Breuils’ legacy with the help of a Breuil.

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