Grantchester Season 10 Starts Filming in London in July

The tenth season of ITV/PBS’ long-running British detective drama series ‘Grantchester’ will start filming in London, England, in July. Daisy Coulam, who developed the series based on James Runcie’s book series ‘The Grantchester Mysteries,’ continues to lead the writers’ room. She is joined by Richard Cookson, Helen Black, Anita Vettesse, and Karla Williams. Rob Evans and Katherine Churcher are on board as the directors.

The shooting of the tenth season will follow the premiere of the ninth installment on June 16. Set in 1961, the upcoming season will begin with a look at Reverend William “Will” Davenport and DI Geordie Keating’s lives. Despite the harmony between them and their families, a life-changing offer will take Will away from Geordie and Grantchester, especially while the latter and his wife Cathy attempt to accept their daughter Esme’s newfound independence in an unsafe world.

As per the official synopsis of the ninth installment, Geordie will realize that “his days of working with a vicar are not over” when he arrests an intruder breaking into the vicarage. Will’s presence in the region will be replaced by Alphy Kotteram. “Reverend Alphy Kotteram has an instinctive distrust for authority and absolutely no desire to get involved in murder investigations. But Alphy and Geordie will discover they have a lot more in common than they first think, and Alphy will find that in Grantchester, murder is never far away,” reads the logline.

The cases that will feature in the ninth season include deadly circuses, abandoned babies, hostile historians, vanishing valets, and murderous satirists. “Together, Geordie and Alphy witness first-hand how religion can be corrupted, but also how faith, love, and friendship can offer hope – and renewal,” adds the logline. The narrative of the tenth installment will depend on the developments that unfold in the lives of Alphy and Geordie, along with the other residents of Grantchester.

The ninth installment will include the last episodes of Tom Brittney’s performance as Reverend William “Will” Davenport. He is passing the baton to Rishi Nair, one of the highly anticipated new additions to the cast, who plays Reverend Alphy Kotteram. As with any new character, it remains to be seen how enthusiastically fans will welcome Nair into ‘Grantchester.’ He will star alongside Robson Greene as Geordie Keating.

The rest of the ninth-season cast may include Charlotte Ritchie as Bonnie, Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs C, Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating, Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe, Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman, and Skye Lucia Degruttola as Esme Keating. Even though it is too early to predict who will feature in the tenth season, we can expect to see a majority of the main cast members in the same.

Like the previous installments, London will serve as the primary filming location of the tenth season, with several other regions in England likely being used for additional shoots. The summer schedule coincides with the shooting of Gareth Edwards’ highly anticipated new ‘Jurassic Park‘ movie starring Scarlett Johansson, Netflix’s ‘My Oxford Year,’ as well as the latest seasons of ‘The Night Manager,‘ ‘Bridgerton,’ and ‘Maxton Hall in the English capital.

‘Grantchester’ is also known for its punctual production, which always sticks to a fairly predictable filming and release pattern, with most previous seasons beginning production in the summer months, often around July, to take advantage of favorable weather conditions for shooting in various locations across London and Cambridgeshire. Following the ninth season’s June premiere, if the production schedules of the past are upheld, fans can anticipate season ten to premiere sometime in mid-to-late 2025 or early 2026.

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