The Night Manager Season 2 Starts Filming in London and South America in June

The filming of the second season of Prime Video’s spy thriller series ‘The Night Manager’ will start in London and South America in June. David Farr, who created the series based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name and wrote the first installment, also penned the sophomore season. Georgi Banks-Davies (‘I Hate Suzie’) is on board as the director.

In the first season finale, the Ministry in London disbands the IEA office while in Egypt, the Tradepass team meets Hamid, whom Pine denies knowing, and strikes a deal for the weapons shipment. Burr arrives in Cairo after receiving Pine’s tip. Jed manages to get the code to Roper’s safe for Pine, who then gives it to Burr. She steals an envelope containing an owner registration certificate for Tradepass Holdings. At a casino, Pine spikes Hamid’s drinks and questions him about Sophie’s death. Learning that Roper had her killed, Pine strangles Hamid to death and dumps him in the pool.

As the episode progresses, Pine smuggles in a team to investigate the weapons cargo and rigs them with explosives before returning the envelope to Jed. Roper catches Jed, tortures her for information, and concludes that Pine is the mole. Meanwhile, Pine transfers $300 million out of the Tradepass account. Burr saves Jed from Roper’s bodyguard. At the warehouse, Roper confronts Pine, threatening Jed’s life. Pine triggers explosives on trucks, disrupting the deal. Roper’s buyers drive off with him and his bodyguards. Burr’s team blackmails Roper into staying silent. Roper and his men are arrested, but the buyers take them away. Jed returns to America, and Pine promises to visit her as he takes on the role of the new night manager.

The second season will begin eight years after the events in the first installment finale. The undisclosed plot will follow Pine beyond Le Carré’s source material. After learning about Roper’s supposed demise, unconfirmed speculations suggest that Pine will face a new, even deadlier challenge. Since South America is a filming location, the series promises to offer scenes with exotic locales as backdrops, much like the first installment set in Egypt and the Mediterranean.

Tom Hiddleston confirmed his return to the second season, expressing his excitement about returning to the character of Jonathan Pine. Reflecting on the first installment, he described it as one of his most creatively fulfilling projects, highlighting the depth and complexity of his character as a thrilling prospect. While Hiddleston’s return has been announced, it remains uncertain whether other key cast members will join him or if new faces will be introduced in the upcoming season. Even though Hugh Laurie may not return as Richard Roper, we can expect Olivia Colman as Pine’s boss Angela Burr.

BBC and Prime Video greenlit the show’s second and third seasons eight years after the spy thriller’s premiere in 2016. “We took the time to try and get the story right. Principally, [author] John le Carré seemed so happy with our adaptation the first time and that was such a relief. So if we were to go again we needed to find the right story,” Hiddleston told Deadline about the long wait. “I just think it will be so fascinating to see where he [Pine] is, what he’s doing, how he’s operating, what he’s thinking, what’s changed and what hasn’t changed, and hopefully we can create the same sort of chemistry we made on the first one,” the actor added about his character.

London, which has recently provided the backdrop for ‘The Regime‘ and ‘Scoop,’ also hosted the shooting of the show’s first season. South America is replacing first installment locations such as Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Switzerland, and Turkey. Recent productions shot in South America include ‘The Long Game’ and ‘The Hijacking of Flight 601.’

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