Emma Roberts’ Hot Mess Scheduled to Start Shooting in Los Angeles Next Year

The production of Emma Roberts-starrer ‘Hot Mess’ is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles, California, in January 2024. The comedy film revolves around Laurel Mack, a woman who experienced a very public dating show disaster. Returning to her hometown, she’s faced with the challenges of living in her parents’ basement, having no friends, and enduring frequent encounters with her beloved ex, who has the town’s admiration. Laurel becomes the subject of mockery due to her humiliating appearance on the show, a situation that adds to her struggles. However, as she strives to rebuild her life, she embarks on a journey to find self-love and establish genuine connections.

Directed by Katie Locke O’Brien, the movie is poised to explore themes of personal growth, redemption, and the pursuit of authentic relationships in the face of adversity. This project marks the feature directorial debut of O’Brien, who is primarily recognized for her work in television shows such as ‘Ghosts‘ and ‘A.P. Bio.’ Adding to the talent behind the scenes, Gabrielle D’Amico serves as the writer of the film.

Emma Roberts has been revealed as the lead performer in this comedy, taking on the role of Laurel Mack. The actress plays Anna Victoria Alcott in the twelfth season of ‘American Horror Story.’ She is also a part of the cast of films such as ‘Maybe I Do,’ ‘About Fate,’ ‘Abandoned,’ ‘Holidate,’ and ‘The Hunt.’ While the film is still in its pre-production phase, the complete cast list remains undisclosed.

The movie is in capable hands with producers Debbie Liebling, Maggie Malina, and Laura Lewis. Liebling is recognized for her role as the producer of ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,’ which was released in 1999. Malina has a production credit for ‘Dead Man on Campus.’ Lewis is an established figure in the industry, known for her work in films like ‘An Acceptable Loss’ and ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List.’

Although the shooting is scheduled for January 2024, this timing is subject to change due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Therefore, we can expect the filming to start as soon as the actors’ strike concludes. Regarded as the entertainment hub of the country, Los Angeles offers accessibility and convenience for the film crew, making it a logical choice. In recent times, the city has hosted two major productions, ‘Barbie‘ and ‘Oppenheimer,’ underscoring its significant role in the world of cinema.

With ‘Hot Mess’ gearing up for production, the film holds the promise of delivering an engaging and relatable comedy. In a statement, O’Brien said, “‘Hot Mess’ is a sharp, witty script that stood out to me as a fresh story of a woman finding her place in a world ruled by social media and outsized expectations. I am so eager to bring this to life with Emma as the perfect Laurel. She brings the fun of the messy side, and all the heart with it.” As the film journey unfolds, enthusiasts can hardly wait to be entertained and inspired by this promising cinematic endeavor.

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