If You Were the Last Ending, Explained: Do Jane and Adam End Up Together?

Directed by Kristian Mercado from a screenplay by Angela Bourassa, Peacock’s ‘If You Were the Last’ is a romantic comedy movie set in outer space. In the film, two astronauts stranded in space on their broken-down space shuttle ponder taking their friendship to the next level. However, when Adam and Jane find themselves attracted to each other and their hopes of being rescued are renewed, things take a complicated turn. As a result, viewers must be curious to learn whether Adam and Jane end up together. If you are looking for answers about the fate of Adam and Jane’s romance, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘If You Were the Last,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

If You Were the Last Plot Synopsis

‘If You Were the Last’ opens with Adam Gherrity (Anthony Mackie of ‘Twisted Metal‘) and Jane Kuang (Zoe Chao of ‘The Afterparty‘), two NASA astronauts stranded in space as they play chess and listen to music. While drifting through space in their spaceship, Jane and Adam argue about the movie ‘The Martian,’ and discuss whether spending millions of dollars to save one man stuck in space is worth it when the same money could be used to feed and help other people on the planet. Their game ends when Adam checkmates Jane, but their argument ends with the conclusion that they are stuck in space, and no one is coming to save them. Later, Jane and Adam go through their everyday routine on the ship, accompanied by a goat, Gertie, and a group of hens dubbed the “girls.”

Jane and Adam’s spaceship is on a mission to circumnavigate Jupiter. However, after they crossed Saturn, their ship lost navigation and communications access, stranding Jane and Adam in space for nearly three years. One of their colleagues, Benson, went crazy from the stress of being stranded in space and passed away. However, Jane and Adam refuse to use Benson’s corpse for resources and retreat it like a crew member. Adam’s daily routine includes looking after the ship’s self-sustaining ecosystem, and he works on creating a blueberry-marijuana hybrid plant in his free time. Jane looks after the ship’s systems and desperately tries to fix the comms and navigation system, but to no avail.

Jane and Adam start their ways by working out together and enjoy dancing to music. They watch old movies in the evenings and have spirited debates over movies and music, given their considerably different tastes. One day, Adam suggests he and Jane have sex to relieve stress. While Jane dismisses the idea, she debates Adam over the pros and cons of hooking up. Despite agreeing with the benefits of having sex, Jane reminds Adam that they are both married, and it would be unethical to cheat on their spouses. Moreover, Jane is not attracted to Adam but fears sleeping with him might change that.

In the meantime, Gertie dies, and Jane has a nervous breakdown after her music files are corrupted. However, Adam sings for Jane and clams her down. After Adam runs out of Pop-Tarts, Jane cooks for him, bringing his spirits up. Soon, Jane becomes attracted to Adam, and they consider hooking up. While trying to repair the ship’s systems, Jane successfully gets the navigation controls back online. As a result, Jane can guide the ship back to Earth. Adam and Jane realize they won’t die in space and hook up while celebrating. Over the next few weeks, Jane and Adam have passionate sex, but Jane insists their relationship lacks any emotional connection.

Eventually, Adam and Jane return to earth after three years and reunite with their spouses. Jane and Adam undergo a series of medical tests and are interrogated about their experiences in space. They also report on Benson’s fate, who is revealed to have attacked Adam with a gun, forcing Jane to attack her with an axe, resulting in Ben’s death. Jane refuses to contact Adam after returning home, fearing it would complicate things with her husband, Tom. Jane reconnects with Tom while Adam learns his wife, Savannah, has become the Governor. Jane and Adam return to their everyday lives but yearn for each other’s company.

If You Were the Last Ending: Do Jane and Adam End Up Together?

In the film’s final act, Jane and Adam try assimilating to life back on earth. However, given their time in space, it proves difficult, especially when reconnecting with their spouses. Jane learns her husband Tom had tried dating other women in her absence but could not move on from her. As a result, she is encouraged to resume their marriage from where they left off. On the other hand, Adam tries to support Savannah’s political career. Nonetheless, Adam and Jane soon feel out of sync with their spouses. During the final moments, Jane and Adam attend a dinner hosted by the President of the USA, where they are asked to dance together. The tender and emotional moment sparks Jane and Adam’s feelings for each other, confirming that they are romantically inclined to each other.

Moreover, Jane reveals she is getting a divorce, and Savannah realizes Adam has feelings for Jane. Ultimately, Jane and Adam recognize that the emotional connection they formed while in space cannot be replicated with their spouses and is special. Thus, they decide to get together and start a romantic relationship. The film ends with Jane and Adam going on a trip together to Iceland, where they play chess and discuss movies under the northern lights, confirming a happily ever after for the couple. The ending reinforces the idea that special connections can be forged in unconventional circumstances. While Jane and Adam dismiss their attraction and affection for each other as a byproduct of being stuck in space together, they each realize what they have is special. They eventually recognize their time in space together was fulfilling in multiple ways, prompting Jane and Adam to get together.

Why Did Tom Leave Jane? What Happened Between Adam and Savannah?

One of the major obstacles in the union between Jane and Adam is their existing relationship. Despite being away from their spouses for nearly three years, Adam and Jane are still committed to Savannah and Tom, respectively. However, the astronauts soon see the cracks in their marriages. The same is evident when Jane asks Tom to take a dancing class with her, which he refuses. Jane also listens to the song Adam sang for her, bringing her down to tears. Later, she tells Tom about her sexual relationship with Adam during their time in space.

Later, Jane reveals she is splitting from Tom and cites their different personalities as the primary reasons. Jane and Tom are fundamentally different people as they enjoy different activities and have opposing comfort zones. As a result, Jane and Tom’s relationship was bound to break down eventually. However, Jane telling Tom she cheated on him catalyzes them parting ways. The faltering of Jane and Tom’s relationship also highlights Jane’s fear of emotional complications arising from sleeping with Adam earlier in the movie.

Meanwhile, Adam feels neglected by Savannah’s focus on her career. Adam and Savannah decide not to speak about Adam’s relationship with Jane despite Savannah hinting she is aware something happened between them while they were stranded in space. The lack of communication is already a sign of an unhealthy relationship, which aggregates when Savannah sees Jane and Adam dance together. No longer willing to stand in the way of Adam’s happiness, Savannah decides to step away, paving the way for Adam and Jane to end up together.

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