Invasion Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained: How Does Mitsuki Control the Portal?

The second season finale of Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ is a bittersweet occasion for reunions as the threat of the alien invasion still looms large. In the tenth episode, World Defence Coalition’s President Benya Mabote summons Mitsuki Yamato and Caspar Morrow for a daring mission to end humanity’s war with the aliens. Meanwhile, Trevante finds himself on the sidelines, and Luke unleashes his true potential. Luke reunites with Aneesha and Sarah, while Caspar and Trevante also come face-to-face after a long time.

Caspar, Luke, Trevante, Mitsuki, and the other major players work together to create an opening for humanity to strike, leaving Mitsuki the most damaged out of the lot. Naturally, viewers must be curious to learn about Mitsuki’s fate and the plan’s outcome that directly leads Caspar to a final confrontation with the aliens. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ season 2, episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Finale Recap

The tenth and final episode of season 2, titled ‘Old Friends, New Frontiers,’ opens with Mitsuki Yamato waking up after stopping the tremors caused by the aliens. Elsewhere, Rose finds her husband, Billy, and other town residents who are in a trance and being held in the army base in Idabel. Rose insists on rescuing them, but Trevant insists on escaping the facility and restoring everyone’s mind before freeing them from the base. Clark clears the way for him, Rose, and Trevante to escape the base. Meanwhile, Caspar Morrow speaks with World Defence Coalition President Benya Mabote.

Caspar reveals he has been seeing a light in the aliens’ mothership, which could be the link between the aliens. Benya asks General Miller about possibly using the portal in Idabel to send soldiers into the mothership and take it down from within with Caspar’s help. However, given the unstable nature of the portal, Miller is skeptical of the plan. As a result, Benya turns to Mitsuki and Maya in Amazon to find a way to stabilize the portal. At the same time, Trevante overhears Caspar’s voice and enters Miller’s cabin, requesting Benya to send him with Caspar. However, Benya refuses and asks Trevante to leave the base.

Elsewhere, Jamila contemplates whether she should join Caspar on the mission to the mothership. However, Monty convinces Jamila to stay back, using Caspar’s drawing as an example. Meanwhile, Mitsuki starts losing control of her mind after interacting with the alien entity. When Benya asks Mitsuki to find a way to stabilize the portal, Maya agrees to get Mitsuki up to speed. Clark and the Movement members regroup at a remote house where Hanley and others plan to leave Idabel while Clark insists on finding Aneesha and Sarah. Luke senses the presence of aliens while the military surrounds the house. However, Luke uses his connection with the aliens to kill a Hunter-killer.

At the base in Idabel, Miller interrogates Aneesha about the alien metal shard. While Aneesha refuses to share details about the shard, she eventually complies after Miller argues that it could help humanity defeat the aliens and apologizes for taking Sarah. However, Aneesha refuses to lead Miller to Luke after revealing his connection with the aliens. Luke deduces that the aliens are trying to protect the portal in Idabel, and the Movement members team up with the military to find the portal’s location. Luke leads the military into the town while Caspar bids farewell to Jamila and enters the mothership using his psychic connection to the aliens.

Invasion Season 2 Finale Ending: How Does Mitsuki Control the Portal?

In the episode’s final act, Mitsuki prepares to enter the alien pod and uses her psychic connection with the aliens to control the portal in Idabel. Maya helps keep Mitsuki grounded in her pursuit of controlling the portal. Mitsuki’s previous interactions with the alien entity in Amazon have led to a deteriorating mental state, and she starts losing her memories. However, Maya uses her memories with Mitsuki to keep the latter grounded and save her from losing her mind. Mitsuki harnesses the alien entity’s powers and uses them to control the portal in Idabel. Meanwhile, General Miller sends a squad of soldiers to the town center, where the portal is located.

At the same time, Luke, Clark, Aneesha, Sarah, Rose, and Trevante also converge at the town center. Luke uses his psychic abilities to take down the aliens protecting the portal. However, when he falls weak, he is aided by the special children in France, who telepathically connect with him. After the aliens are defeated, Mitsuki opens the portal for the soldiers to enter but cannot stabilize it, resulting in them getting knocked out. However, Mitsuki realizes the past holds her back and asks Maya to free her from their memories. Mitsuki finally lets go of her tragic past and fully embraces her psychic abilities to stabilize the portal. With the other soldiers out, Trevante steps up to the job and enters the portal. Before he leaves, Trevante thanks Rose, and Miller gives him the alien metal shard to protect himself. Aneesha finally reunites her entire family while Mitsuki passes out from overexerting herself.

Where Did Trevante and Caspar Go?

The episode’s final moments see Trevante entering the portal, which leads him directly into the alien mothership. Earlier, it is revealed that the aliens are connected via a hive mind housed on the alien mothership. When Trevante arrives on the mothership, he finds himself inside a maze-like pattern where Caspar earlier met Mitsuki. He uses the alien metal shard on the surrounding walls, confirming that he is indeed inside the hive mind. Moments later, Caspar arrives on the mothership and reunites with Trevante after their exploits in London. The duo was crucial in taking down the alien ship at the end of season 1 and found themselves in similar circumstances.

The finale ends with Caspar leading Trevante through the hive’s maze as they head to the “light,” the core of the hive’s brain, hoping to destroy it and end the alien invasion of death. However, as they walk to the light, Caspar’s eyes briefly change, implying he might be under the aliens’ control. Earlier in the season, Monty is suspicious of Caspar’s surprising survival amidst the alien attack on the hospital in France. Caspar also spent a lot of time on the aliens’ mothership, hinting at him possibly being brainwashed to some extent.

Lastly, Caspar states he trusts Trevante with his life, foreshadowing an impending betrayal. Ultimately, the season 2 finale raises more questions than it provides answers regarding the nature of the aliens and their attack on humanity. However, the finale also sets up a final confrontation between humans and aliens to decide the planet’s fate. It will be interesting to see the outcome of Trevante and Caspar’s invasion of the mothership. Their failure to destroy the hive mind could have catastrophic consequences for humanity, including Mitsuki, Aneesha, Rose, Jamila, and others.

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