Is Adam Dead? Is Charlie Cox Leaving Netflix’s Treason?

Netflix’s ‘Treason’ is a thriller series created by Matt Charman. It revolves around Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox), an MI6 agent who is the deputy to the agency’s Chief. However, when a dark secret from Adam’s past comes to the surface, he is roped into a dangerous conspiracy that threatens his family’s life. Moreover, with his own agency suspecting Adam of being a double agent, he is forced to work with his wife and former lover to prove his innocence. Given the action-packed and high-stakes mission Adam undertakes, viewers must be wondering whether he succeeds or perishes. If you are looking for an answer about Adam’s fate and actor Charlie Cox’s future in ‘Treason,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Adam’s Tragic Fate

Adam Lawrence is the protagonist of ‘Treason’ and the deputy to the Chief of MI6. He is also a family man and loves his wife, Maddy, and two children, Ella and Callum. However, after Adam’s boss, Sir Martin Angelis is poisoned and hospitalized, Adam’s past starts catching up to him. His former lover and informant, Kara, reveals that she orchestrated the events to put Adam in the Chief’s position so he can help her find out who killed her team in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the same mission when Kara and Adam first met. As the narrative progresses, Adam discovers that Angelis suspects him of being the double agent who killed Kara’s team in Baku.

Moreover, the conspiracy is connected to the Russian influence on the Prime Minister elections in the UK. Therefore, Adam worries for his family’s safety as he will sooner or later be branded a traitor. However, Adam tries to clear his name with Maddy, Kara, and Foreign Minister Audrey Gratz’s help. Nonetheless, Angelis teams up with CIA agent Dee, who also tracks Adam and believes he is compromised. Ultimately, Adam and Dee end up in a confrontation over files that can prove Adam’s innocence. However, when Dee threatens his family, Adam tries to fight back, and Dee is forced to shoot him. Thus, Adam dies trying to protect his family.

Charlie Cox’s Potential Exit

Actor Charlie Cox portrays Adam Lawrence in ‘Treason.’ Cox began his acting career by making his screen debut in 2022. He rose to prominence with performances as Owen Sleater in the British crime drama show ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ and Jonathan Hellyer Jones in the biographical drama movie ‘The Theory of Everything.’ However, Cox is best known for playing Matt Murdock/Daredevil in Marvel comics-based superhero series ‘Daredevil.’

Given that Cox’s character is a spy in ‘Treason,’ fans of the actor must be hoping that he will return in a potential second season despite his character’s death. However, the prospects of Cox returning seem bleak. Firstly, ‘Treason’ is marketed as a limited series. Therefore, a second season is not guaranteed. Should the series be renewed for a second installment, Cox will be unavailable because of his busy schedule. More recently, Cox plays Michael Kinsella in the Irish crime drama ‘Kin,’ which has been renewed for a second season.

Moreover, Cox is all set to once again suit up as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in the upcoming revival series ‘Daredevil: Born Again,’ which is rumored to commence production on its eighteen-episode season in 2023. Therefore, it is unlikely that Cox’s schedule will allow him to return in ‘Treason’ even for flashback sequences. Furthermore, if the makers do decide to continue the story, it would make sense to move on from Cox’s Adam and craft a completely new story. Ultimately, his character’s death and future projects strongly suggest that Charlie Cox was always supposed to be a part of only one season of ‘Treason.’

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