Is Catt Phoenix Nicky’s Sister and Albie’s Daughter in Monarch?

Fox’s ‘Monarch‘ is a family drama series with a country music aesthetic. The series follows the Romans, a family that is a music industry dynasty. As the episodes progress, viewers learn more about the family’s patriarch, Albie Roman, and his children, Nicky, Gigi, and Luke. However, the seventh episode of the series hints that Catt Phoenix, a mysterious new entry to the Roman family’s lives and business, could be related to them by blood. If you are wondering whether Catt is Albie’s daughter and another one of the Roman siblings in ‘Monarch,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Catt is Albie’s Daughter and Nicky’s Half-Sister

Catt Phoenix is introduced in the second episode of the series, titled ‘There Can Only Be One Queen.’ She is the mother of the young singer Anna Phoneix and wants her daughter to sign with the Romans’ music company. In the series, actress Martha Higareda essays the role of Catt Phoenix. Higareda is known for appearing in shows such as ‘Queen of the South‘ and ‘Into the Dark.’ Some viewers might recognize the actress from her performance as Kristin Ortega in the sci-fi show ‘Altered Carbon.’

Initially, Catt appears to be a regular single mother trying to provide the best life for her daughter. However, as the narrative progresses, viewers discover that she is hiding a dark secret. In the fifth episode, Albie learns that his wife, Dottie, killed his lover, Rosa, in a barn fire years ago. Albie asks his friend, Tripp DeWitt, the District Attorney, to confirm the story. Tripp reveals that Rosa died in the fire, but her baby, a girl, survived the incident. The girl grew up in an orphanage and is named Catherine.

As a result, Albie believes that Catt Phonex, aka Catherine, is his daughter. A pendant containing Rosa’s picture that Catt owns confirms that she is Albie and Rosa’s love child. However, in the eighth episode, Nicky expresses her skepticism over Catt’s claims, especially since she does not want anything for herself from the Romans. Therefore, Nicky conducts a DNA test to confirm if Catt is telling the truth. The test results reveal that Catt is indeed ALbie’s biological daughter.

The revelation of Catt’s true parentage is the big secret she has been hiding since she entered the Roman family’s lives. The eighth episode confirms Catt is Albie’s daughter. Thus, Catt is Nicky, Luke, and Gigi’s half-sister. Consequently, Anna is Albie’s granddaughter and Nicky’s niece. Therefore, Anna and Nicky’s son, Ace, who are dating, are technically cousins, although Ace is adopted.

Ultimately, the revelation of Catt being a biological Roman adds to the show’s drama and sets up several new conflicts. Moreover, despite Catt’s claims, she might have some ulterior motives. Nicky and Albie seem to have accepted Catt as a part of their family. However, the same cannot be said for Luke and Gigi. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the Roman family deals with the addition of a new member.

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