Is Elsa Dutton Pregnant in 1883?

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1883‘ focuses on a group of immigrants and some cowboys who journey across the Great Plains searching for a place to call home. The series serves as the origins story of the Dutton family, and James Dutton, his wife, and children are the focal points of the narrative. The bright and intelligent Elsa Dutton serves as the story’s narrator. Her experiences are unique as she explores a previously unknown world.

Elsa’s adventurous personality sparks a spontaneous relationship with cowboy Ennis. With the show’s fifth episode rolling out, viewers are worried whether Elsa and Ennis’ relationship has progressed too fast due to hints that Elsa might be pregnant. Is that really the case? Let’s take a look at the facts! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Elsa Pregnant in 1883?

In ‘1883,’ Elsa meets a handsome cowboy named Ennis, who falls head over heels for the young Dutton girl. The duo starts flirting, and their attraction quickly turns into love. However, Elsa’s mother, Margaret, is apprehensive of Elsa spending all her time with Ennis. She further believes that her feelings for Ennis are blinding Elsa and warns her daughter about heartbreaks in life. Nonetheless, Margaret recognizes that Elsa’s feelings are normal but warns her daughter not to cross a particular line. In contrast, fueled by her passionate and naive understandings of the complexities of love, Elsa loses her virginity to Ennis.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Margaret spots the young couple making love and is pissed at her daughter. She lectures Elsa over her callous behavior and warns her about the risks of pre-marital intercourse. Margaret mentions that Elsa could get pregnant, and if Ennis does not wish to spend his life with Elsa, it could be a problem. A confident Elsa heads straight out to meet Ennis and asks him if he wants to raise a child with her. Ennis agrees, and Elsa takes it as a yes for marriage.

Thus, aside from Elsa’s conversation with Margaret, there is no indication that Elsa is pregnant. Margaret’s words imply that Elsa should abstain from sex until she finds someone who wishes to spend their life with her. The underlying sense is that Margaret is pushing Elsa to avoid pre-marital sex. However, by the episode’s end, Ennis sacrifices himself to save Elsa. Thus, Ennis dies before the couple can get married and raise a family together.

While Ennis’ death is far from confirmation that Elsa is pregnant, we cannot write off the possibility. Given Elsa’s story arc, it is clear that Elsa will have more and more tragic experiences as the journey progresses. Therefore, if it is revealed down the road that Elsa is pregnant with Ennis’ child, viewers should not be surprised. Margaret’s warnings have proven to be a foreshadowing evident through Ennis’ death. Therefore, it is also possible that Elsa is pregnant. However, in the opening scenes of the series, we see Elsa fighting against a group of Native Americans. She does not appear to be pregnant in these scenes. Assuming that the caravan takes roughly a year to reach Oregon, it seems likely that Elsa isn’t pregnant, and there is no solid evidence to back up the claims.

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