Is Emmett Dead? Is Buck Taylor Leaving Yellowstone?

The fifth episode of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ season 5 follows the departure of the Dutton and the ranch hands of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to brand the cattle. In addition to the residents of the ranch, John Dutton also joins hands with Emmett Walsh, the chairman of the Stock Growers Association and a cowboy. When John asks Emmett whether he is up for the camp, Emmett makes it clear that he is ready for the same. In the sixth episode of the season, a tragedy affects John, alarming the viewers concerning Emmett’s fate. On that note, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Emmett’s Tragic Fate

Yes, Emmett is dead. In the fifth episode of the fifth season, John Dutton leads Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Tate Dutton, and the ranch hands of the Dutton Ranch to the valley for the cattle run. Emmett, despite being old enough to rest, believes in cowboy spirit and joins John as another senior cowboy. In the sixth episode of the season, after nightfall, Emmett and John lay down for the night’s sleep. Emmett expresses how important it is for a cowboy, who knows the significance of the way of life in the land, to rule Montana as the Governor of the state. Emmett then falls asleep and doesn’t wake up the next day.

The next morning, John tries to wake Emmett up, only to realize that he is dead. As a cowboy, Emmett must have always dreamt of dying while doing what the cowboys do best: herding and tending cattle. After an eventful life, Emmett dies amid cattle run, without letting old age come in between him and his cowboy spirit. Although Emmett’s death deeply moves John, his realization that the former wouldn’t have dreamt of dying in any other way offers some consolation to the Dutton patriarch. After returning to his ranch, John lets Emmett’s wife know about her husband’s death as well.

Buck Taylor, known for his performance as Newly O’Brian in CBS’ ‘Gunsmoke,’ plays Emmett. The actor has been a part of the show since the series premiere. With Emmett’s death, the viewers must be fearing whether we have seen the last of the actor in the Western drama. Let’s find out.

Buck Taylor’s Exit From Yellowstone

Although neither Paramount Network nor Buck Taylor has formally released a statement regarding the actor’s departure from ‘Yellowstone,’ Emmett’s death indicates that Taylor had most likely left the show. Emmett’s death concludes the character’s story arc, leaving no scope for the actor to continue in the show. Taylor’s possible departure might have become inevitable because of the significance of Emmett’s death in the narrative of the season.

In the sixth episode of the fifth season, John decides to not attend an event planned by the President and the local media cites Emmett’s death as the reason for the same. In the seventh episode of the season, we may see Emmett’s death mentioned as John is not expected to change his mind regarding attending the event. Thus, Emmett may remain a part of the season’s narrative without Taylor featuring in the episodes. Although the renowned actor will most likely be missed in the show, we can expect him to deliver captivating performances in the upcoming projects titled ‘Two Sinners and a Mule’ and ‘Billy and the Bandit.’

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