Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ embraces classic Western elements with its modern socio-cultural debates in the fifth episode of season 5. In the episode titled ‘Watch’em Ride Away,’ John Dutton and his family prepare for an important event for the ranch. The preparations are boosted by Kayce and his family returning to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

However, Summer’s presence and opposing ideologies cause friction with Beth. As a result, both women are forced to confront each other leading to an exciting incident. In the end, the Duttons set out for a short trip. If you are wondering what the Duttons are preparing for and where they are headed, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘Watch’em Ride Away,’ opens with a flashback to a Young John Dutton riding away for branding the cattle with his ranch hands, including Rowdy and Young Lloyd. Young Beth shows concern for Young Rip as he heads on the difficult camping experience. However, John suspects something is going on with Beth. In the present, Beth wakes up after dreaming about her past again but is comforted by Rip.

In the morning, Rip speaks with John, discussing the plan of action for branding their cattle. Rip explains that there is a shortage of ranch hands in the valley, and they will need the help of other ranchers to finish branding their cattle. Meanwhile, Summer explores the ranch as the ranch hands round up the cattle. She notices a forest fire and has a discussion about it with Carter. Summer is appalled by the ranchers and their attitude toward nature.

Beth wants to discuss matters at the log cabin with John, who must first sort his schedule with Clara’s help. Clara advises John to move his meetings to the ranch allowing him to finish two weeks’ worth of meetings in one afternoon. John asks Clara to join him on the camping trip. Beth angrily explains to John that allowing Summer on the ranch will merely raise trouble for them. She points out Summer’s lack of respect for the ranchers and their way of life. However, John insists that he needs Summer’s help.

On the Broken Rock Reservation, Monica discovers Kayce grieving the loss of their son. She comforts Kayce and reveals that John invited them on the camping trip. Kayce and Monica prepares to return to the Yellowstone Ranch and join their family. Meanwhile, Beth expresses her desire to join Rip on the camping trip despite her dislike for life on the road. Although Rip asks Beth to reconsider, she insists on joining her husband.

Summer expresses her dislike for John using cattle as food and committing atrocities on innocent animals. However, John’s response leaves Summer speechless. Elsewhere, Sarah meets Jamie, and they discuss their recent hook-up. Jamie insists they cannot have a relationship as it would remove him from fighting any case involving Market Equities. Nonetheless, Sarah seduces Jamie into having sex with her. Kayce and his family arrive at the Yellowstone Ranch, and Kayce reunites with John.

At night, John gathers his family for a nice dinner. However, Beth continues to show hatred toward Summer. After the meat is served at the dinner table, Summer questions the Dutton family’s way of life and culture. Beth is enraged by Summer’s remarks, taking her out to speak privately. However, Beth and Summer engage in a fistfight as both disrespects each other’s opinions. Rip intervenes but allows the women to fight under his supervision.

After Rip settles the matter, Summer realizes that she will only receive respect at the ranch as long as she shows some. With the conflict between them resolved, Beth and Summer return to the dining table. However, John is angered by their behavior and reprimands both women. Later, John has a short conversation with Rip, discussing Beth’s ferocious nature. In the end, the entire ranch prepares for a grueling couple of days on the road.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 5 Ending: Where Are the Duttons Going?

The episode’s final moments depict the Duttons preparing to leave the ranch on a two-day trip. The sequence shows the ranch hands and the Duttons finishing their breakfast and saddling their horses at dawn. The group gathers at the ranch and prepares to ride before sunrise. Clara also joins the group, while Monica remains behind on the ranch with Summer. However, Monica reminds Kayce to take care of their son, Tate, on the trip. John thanks Emmett for his help, while ranch hands from other ranches also arrive to lend a hand to the Duttons. Beth advises Summer to take a look around the ranch. Beth insists that exploring the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch will help her see the family’s way of living, and she might appreciate their bond with nature.

Ultimately, all the cowboys and the Duttons ride away into the sunrise on a grueling two-day-long trip. The Duttons will be on the road as they hope to finish branding their cattle in two days. The camping trip for branding the cattle is an important affair for the ranch as it sets them up for their annual livestock sale. However, they must execute the branding camp with little time on hand. As a result, the family and their helpers will be on the road for two days straight. Furthermore, if previous such trips are any indication, branding camps always create commotion and dangerous situations for the cowboys. Hence, it is likely that the Duttons could find themselves in life or death situation. Nonetheless, this is the life the Duttons choose for themselves, and they will not back down without fishing the job at hand.

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