Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Horses in Heaven

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ follows John Dutton as he leads his family into a war against Market Equities. With John becoming the Governor of Montana, the odds a tipped in the Dutton family’s favor. However, The fourth episode, titled ‘Horses in Heaven,’ sees Sarah Atwood plotting against the Duttons and setting up her own game plan. Meanwhile, the long-brewing tension between Jamie and Beth reaches its peak. Therefore, viewers must be excited to catch up on the episode’s events. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘Horses in Heaven,’ opens with Beth spending time in jail following her bar fight. Jamie visits Beth in prison and discusses her bail. He explains that Beth’s odds of release from jail depend on the woman she attacked, Hailey, retracting the charges she has pressed. Moreover, the news of Beth’s imprisonment could also hamper John’s political career. However, Beth threatens Jamie to find a way to stop Hailey from pressing charges.

Meanwhile, John refuses to attend the Educational Board meetings and meets his staff appointed to suggest welfare policies for the state. However, John quickly deduces that the team’s suggestions are counter-productive and decides to fire them. At the same time, the National Park Rangers visit John and explain the situation surrounding the missing wolves. However, John insists that his cowboys are not responsible for killing the wolves. Nonetheless, the Rangers warn John about potential action against him from the Environmentalist groups.

Meanwhile, John also learns of Beth’s arrest from Jamie. As a result, Clara suggests John hire an Environmental consultant and a crisis management expert. Later, John meets Lynelle Perry and discusses his challenges as the Governor. Lynelle solves most of John’s issues but asks him to stay away from conflicts involving the Environmentalist groups in Montana. Jamie meets Hailey and threatens her with prosecution as she was involved in the fight and initiated Beth’s attack. Hence, Hailey is forced to take back the charges against Beth.

Beth is released from jail and asks Jamie to drive her home. However, she discovers that Jamie has a son and is enraged. She threatens to take the baby away from Jamie and criticizes his ability as a father. Jamie strands Beth, forcing her to hitch a ride home. Kayce and Monica bury their son with John’s horse at the ranch. While the Duttons do not attend the funeral, the family pays their respect from a distance. Later, John meets Chief Rainwater, and they set up a meeting to discuss the implications of the airport project shutting down.

John comforts Monica by telling her about his own stillborn younger brother, Peter. On the other hand, he advises Kayce not to quit his job but agrees to find a replacement. The ranch hands work at a nearby ranch, helping the cowboys brand their cattle for the upcoming season. John uses his pardon as the Governor to free Summer Higgins from prison. He hires Summer as his Environmental consultant. Meanwhile, Jamie meets Sarah Atwood for dinner, and the two hook up while Beth spies on the latter.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Ending: Is Sarah Manipulating Jamie?

In the episode’s final act, Jamie meets Sarah Atwood for their dinner meeting. However, Sarah quickly makes her intention clear to Jamie. She neatly threatens to tarnish John’s reputation and plans to force him to resign as the Governor. Thus, the new Governor who will replace John will be the one who supports Market Equities and their project in Montana. However, she quickly shrugs the matter into a joke and starts an honest conversation with Jamie. The two hit it off and quickly took a strong liking to each other.

Jamie and Sarah take things further by visiting a bar and start flirting with each other. After a few drinks, Sarah hooks up with Jamie. However, Beth is also present at the same bar and spies on Sarah and Jamie. She takes a picture of Sarah’s driver’s license and investigates the woman’s identity. Beth discovers that Sarah Atwood is a fake identity and the woman seducing Jamie is entirely a mystery. Moreover, things between Sarah and Jamie quickly turn romantic, strongly implying that something fishy is going on.

In the first episode, Caroline Warner identifies Jamie as the weak link in the Dutton family. The third episode sees Sarah sizing up Jamie, and it is strongly implied that she is planning something big against the Duttons. Jamie appears crucial to her plans, and his political ambitions could lead him to join hands with Market Equities. Furthermore, Jamie’s past indicates that he is suspectable of emotional manipulation. With Sarah trying to form an emotional bond with Jamie, it would become very easy for her to sway Jamie to Market Equities. Nonetheless, it seems like Beth is on to Sarah’s game plan and could unveil her real face before she sweeps Jamie away. However, Beth and Jamie will have to resolve their personal issue first.

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