Will Jamie Work With Market Equities? Will He Betray John in Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone‘ is a Western drama series created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson about the Duttons, a family of ranchers who settled in the titular ranch for generations. The family patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), ventures into politics while his adopted son, Jamie Dutton’s political ambitions are sidelined. As a result, a conflict is brewing between John Dutton and Jamie Dutton, and the sinister Market Equities are lurking to capitalize on this rift. Therefore, viewers must be wondering if Jamie will work with Market Equities and betray John. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Jamie’s situation in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will Jamie Work With Market Equities?

The fifth season premiere of ‘Yellowstone,’ titled ‘One Hundred Years is Nothing,’ sees John Dutton assuming the position of Governor of Montana. The position was coveted by his son, Jamie Dutton, who is the Attorney General. Jamie sees becoming the Governor as a natural progression of his political career. However, John believes Jamie can best help the Dutton family by continuing his current role. Therefore, when Governor Lynelle Perry approaches John with the offer to endorse Jamie as a candidate for Governor, John refuses. Instead, he enters the election himself and becomes Governor.

As a result, it is safe to say that Jamie is not exactly happy with this turn of events. Jamie’s unhappiness is caught on camera by Ellis Steele, a real estate representative working for Market Equities, and CEO Caroline Warner. Therefore, the duo identifies Jamie as the weak spot of the family and plans to target him. Moreover, it was Jamie who initially signed the lease to John’s land and gave it to Market Equities to build their airport. Hence, with John Dutton openly starting a war with the multinational company by cutting the funding for the airport, Market Equities might try to lure Jamie to their side to defeat his father.

Will Jamie Betray John?

Jamie Dutton is the adopted son of John Dutton. The story of his parentage drives most of the conflicts surrounding him and John in the third and fourth seasons of the show. As viewers might already know, Jamie was adopted by John and his wife after his biological father, Garrett Randall, murdered his mother and was sentenced to prison. In the fourth season, Garrett manipulates Jamie into turning on his family. However, in the end, Jamie sees through the ruse and kills Garrett.

As a result, Jamie nearly betrayed John in the fourth season. Therefore, the possibility of Jamie attempting something similar would be repeating the same trick. However, Jamie’s personality and emotional susceptibility make him prone to manipulation. Therefore, he could be coaxed into working with Market Equities, thereby betraying John. However, Jamie’s situation with John is complicated by his past attempts to cross the Dutton patriarch. Moreover, Beth is aware of Jamie’s involvement in Garrett’s death. Therefore, she blackmails him into obeying John.

In the second episode of season 5, titled ‘The Sting Of Wisdom,’ Beth warns Jamie, and their interaction proves that the latter is still feeling threatened by his sister. Regular viewers of the show must be aware that Beth Dutton is not someone you want to come after you. Hence, if Jamie betrays John, Beth will surely make Jamie’s life miserable. At the moment, Jamie faces the challenge of proving his loyalty to the Duttons. Therefore, he could work with Market Equities to destroy the multinational company by double-crossing them. Ultimately, the possibility of Jamie working with Market Equities reignites the potential of the adopted Dutton family member betraying John. However, whether it proves to be a clever maneuver on Jamie’s part remains to be seen.

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