Will Jamie and Sarah End Up Together in Yellowstone? Theories

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ sees the introduction of Sarah Atwood, Market Equities’ key fighter in the war they fight against John Dutton to fulfill their Paradise Valley Project. Upon arriving in Montana, Sarah watches John assuming the Governor’s office and Jamie Dutton’s disappointment concerning the same. In the third episode of the fifth season, Sarah meets Jamie concerning the lawsuit she has filed against the State. The fourth episode of the season depicts an intriguing encounter between Sarah and Jamie. Naturally, the viewers must want to know whether they will end up together. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Jamie and Sarah End Up Together?

In the fourth episode of the fifth season, Jamie and Sarah meet for a dinner. What starts as a formal meeting changes into a personal one as they end up having sex in the restroom of the restaurant. Ever since seeing Jamie for the first time, Sarah has tried to make herself remarkable in front of him. However, it is safe to believe that Sarah doesn’t have any feelings for Jamie. By having sex with him, Sarah is getting intimate or closer to the “weak link” of the Dutton family. After John Dutton has become the Governor of Montana, Market Equities has only suffered and Sarah needs an opening to the realm of the Duttons to defeat them.

Jamie is just an opening to the fort Duttons have created to protect their ranch for Sarah. By faking her intimacy, Sarah is manipulating Jamie to lure him into her side to fight back against John and his authority as the Governor. Considering Sarah’s reputation, she must have already known everything there is to know about Jamie and found out that he can be easily manipulated. Thus, Sarah seducing Jamie is just a part of her strategy to fight the Duttons. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Sarah to nurture the bond she creates with Jamie to use it as the foundation of her manipulation.

Sarah has already revealed her action plan in the same episode. She lets Jamie knows that Market Equities will be able to eliminate John’s reputation using the lawsuit they have filed, irrespective of whether they will win the case legally. As far as Sarah is concerned, her company is more focused on forcing John to resign so that Market Equities can make sure that the next Governor of Montana will be someone who will do business with them. After earning Jamie’s trust, possibly by nurturing a sexual relationship with him, Sarah is expected to present the position of the Montana Governor in front of the attorney general as bait.

Jamie has always wanted to become the Governor of Montana. When John decides to run for the same office, his ambitions meet an end but they haven’t died yet. If Sarah makes him believe that he will be the next Governor if he joins her and Market Equities, Jamie may fall for the trap and turn against the very man who made him who he is. Sarah must have already realized that she cannot defeat John with legalities and financial technicalities. She needs to target John’s heart and the sharpest arrow she can find is Jamie. Using the intimacy and fake affection she shares with Jamie, Sarah is expected to make him her shield in the war against the Duttons.

For Sarah, the war against the Duttons is just another assignment. She seemingly only cares about the “lot of money” she will earn if she manages to complete the assignment. Since she has completed many such assignments, Sarah having sex with Jamie is not at all an indication of any sort of genuine togetherness. Since Beth Dutton finds out that Sarah Atwood is not even her real name, it is safe to believe that the particular identity is just another character she plays to fulfill her mission.

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