Is Jeremy Renner’s Hot Sauce in Glass Onion Real?

A sequel to ‘Knives Out,’ Netflix’s murder mystery film ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ revolves around detective Benoit Blanc, who ends up on a Greek private island that belongs to billionaire Miles Bron for a weekend getaway. After arriving in the place, Blanc starts to enjoy the luxuries provided by the tech mogul, which includes products released by globally-renowned celebrities. Blanc gets an opportunity to spend time in a living room decorated with the real Mona Lisa painting to drink Jared Leto’s kombucha. But the most unique product Blanc lay his hands on must be Jeremy Renner’s hot sauce named Renning Hot. Since the hot sauce plays an integral part in the narrative of the film, we have found out whether it’s real. Here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Renning Hot: A Fictional Sauce for a Fictional Tycoon

No, Jeremy Renner’s hot sauce Renning Hot is not real. The product is a fictional hot sauce, just like the film and characters. Renner’s Renning Hot, Leto’s kombucha, and other products that are seen and available in Miles’ mansion serve the purpose of establishing his fame and connections, especially in Hollywood. Other than the same, the hot sauce doesn’t exist in reality or most likely not even in Renner’s wildest aspirations. The actor doesn’t run any food-related businesses or hasn’t been vocal about the food items he loves, especially with regard to the ones he would like to dip in hot sauce.

Image Credit: First We Feast/YouTube

However, Renner showed how tolerable he can be with hot sauces in the talk show ‘Hot Ones,’ in which he tried ten different varieties of hot sauces with varying heat. The actor managed to try all ten of the sauces without much of an issue. The director of the film Rian Johnson hasn’t revealed the origin story behind Renning Hot but if the same was conceived by Johnson after watching Renner’s ‘Hot Ones’ episode, the choice of the actor does make sense.

Although Renner doesn’t have a hot sauce brand, several other celebrities do. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s “Boneyard Brew,” Patti LaBelle’s series of hot sauces which includes “Hot Flash,” singer-guitarist Johnny Winter’s “Screamin’ Demon,” Michael Anthony’s “Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce” and “Mad Anthony’s XXXTra Hot,” and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal’s “BumbleF**ked XXX” are some of the real-life hot sauces released by renowned figures. Thus, Renning Hot can be inspired by these products. Considering Miles’ introduction to the product, Renner’s hot sauce deserves an honorary inclusion to the list of these products as well.

Although Renning Hot is fictional, the hot sauce plays an integral role in the narrative of the film as one of the tools used by Blanc to solve the murder of Cassandra “Andi” Brand. When her sister Helen gets shot, Blanc uses Renning Hot to stage a murder to divert the attention of Miles and other guests on the island, giving Helen an opportunity to find the red envelope that belonged to her sister. Blanc also uses the sauce to fake a cry, so that his fellow residents of the place will believe that Andi (Helen in disguise) is dead.

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