Is Pat Dead or Alive in Raising Dion? Is He Still the Crooked Man?

Raising Dion‘ is a superhero drama series about the life of Dion, a child with supernatural abilities. Dion’s special gifts make him a target, and various people try to take advantage of him. Despite his mother Nicole’s best efforts, raising a gifted child like Dion is no easy task, especially in the absence of his father, Mark.

However, Mark’s close friend, Pat, steps in and becomes a surrogate father and mentor to Dion in the first season. However, a game-changing twist at the end of season 1 leaves a question mark over Pat’s fate and his overall motives. If you are wondering about what happened to Pat and whether he returns in season 2, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Pat Dead or Alive in Raising Dion?

Pat Rollins is introduced in the series premiere of ‘Raising Dion’ and is a friend of Mark Warren’s. The two worked together at BIONA, and Pat made it a point to look after Dion following Mark’s death. Pat was present in Iceland during the Aurora Event, but he seemingly did not receive any supernatural abilities, unlike the others on the scene. Pat is a comic book nerd and uses his knowledge of the medium’s philosophy to educate Dion. He helps Dion control his powers and works with Nicole to protect the boy from the mysterious supernatural entity known as the Crooked Man.

In the first season finale, it is revealed that Pat is, in fact, the Crooked Man. Pat’s powers are killing him, and he needs to absorb the powers of other superhumans to remain alive. Pat is behind the deaths of Mark, Charlotte Tuck, and other superpowered individuals. Pat has a keen interest in Dion’s abilities because he sees the boy as a solution to his problem. In the season 1 finale, Nicole and Dion fight against Pat in his Crooked Man form and defeat the villain with help from Mark’s energy form.

In the aftermath of the battle, Pat is presumed dead. However, in the second season premiere, Pat is revealed to be alive. Later, he tries to make an antidote for Nicole’s infection but fails. Pat then injects himself with all the available P-DNA and seemingly dies. In the season 2 finale, Pat is surprisingly revived and reveals that he now possesses every superpower known to BIONA.

Is Pat Still the Crooked Man?

In season 2, which is set roughly two years after the battle against the Crooked Man, Pat returns to BIONA. He reveals that he survived the fight with Dion, and in the process, the Crooked Energy separated from him. Pat claims that Crooked Energy was making him evil by amplifying the feelings of rejection and loss within him. Although initially Suzanne and Nicole are skeptical of Pat’s claims, they soon realize that he is telling the truth. However, unbeknownst to Pat, a portion of the Crooked Energy still resides within him.

The majority of the Crooked energy has made Brayden, a young boy like Dion, its new host. Thus, Brayden can be considered the new Crooked Man. After David takes Pat to investigate the sinkholes, Pat realizes he still possesses a negligible amount of Crooked Energy. In the season 2 finale, after recovering from the near-death experience, Pat turns evil. He willingly bonds with the Crooked Energy and once again becomes the Crooked Man. Pat’s newfound abilities make him the perfect host for the sentient evil entity.

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