Is Perry Dead in Outer Range? Is Tom Pelphrey Leaving the Show?

In ‘Outer Range,’ the Abbott family is a close-knit group whose life is thrown into turmoil after an unfortunate incident. Perry Abbott (Tom Pelphrey), the eldest son of Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), finds himself embroiled in the murder investigation of his neighbor, Trevor Tillerson. As the narrative progresses, it becomes nearly impossible for Royal to protect his son. Eventually, Perry makes a bold decision that threatens his life. If you watched the season 1 finale of ‘Outer Range,’ you must be wondering whether Perry survives or perishes. If you are looking for an answer about Perry’s fate, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Perry Dead in Outer Range?

Perry Abbott is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Outer Range,’ titled ‘The Void.’ He is the eldest son of Royal and Cecilia Abbott and works at the family ranch. He is married to Rebecca and has a daughter named Amy. However, Perry has been in an emotionally vulnerable state since the mysterious disappearance of his wife. In the season premiere, Perry’s altercation with neighbor Trevor Tillerson turns physical and leads to the latter’s death.

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However, in the seventh episode, Perry confesses to killing Trevor to avoid more trouble for his family. After being bailed out from jail, he learns that Royal came to the Abbott Ranch after causing his father’s death through the mysterious black void on their land. In the end, Perry jumps into the black void hoping to yield a similar result to Abbott. However, after Perry jumps into the void, it suddenly disappears, leaving Perry’s fate unresolved.

In the season finale, we see Perry tumbling through the black void. Given the time-traveling powers of the void, it is unlikely that Perry is dead. Moreover, in the final moments of the season finale, Luke Tillerson opens a different smaller black void, hinting that there is still a chance for Perry to return to this timeline. Therefore, it is unlikely that Perry is dead.

Is Tom Pelphrey Leaving the Show?

In ‘Outer Range,’ actor Tom Pelphrey essays the role of Perry Abbott. He is known for playing Ben Davis in ‘Ozark‘ and Kurt Bunker in ‘Banshee.’ The fate of Pelphrey’s character is left unresolved at the end of ‘Outer Range’ season 1. However, Perry will likely survive the trip through the black void and return to the main timeline. Pelphrey is credited as a series regular for the first season, and it is unlikely that the show will leave the storyline of a major character like Perry unresolved.

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Moreover, Perry is connected to Autumn’s story. The season 1 finale reveals that Autumn is actually a grown-up version of Perry’s daughter, Amy. Thus, Perry is essential to continuing the Abbott family’s tryst with time travel and secrets. Lastly, Pelphrey is yet to make a public comment about his future on the show. ‘Outer Range’ is yet to be renewed for a second season. However, if the series returns for a second installment, viewers should expect to see more of Pelphrey’s Perry Abbott.

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