Who Is Autumn In Outer Range? Who Plays Her?

Image Credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

Outer Range‘ is a mystery drama series created by Brian Watkins. Set in Wyoming, it follows the Abbotts, a family of ranchers led by patriarch Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin). In the series, Royal meets a mysterious young woman named Autumn. While Autumn arrives on the Abbott Ranch searching for inspiration for her writing, she quickly finds herself connected to the mysteries of the black void on Abbotts’ land.

Naturally, viewers must be curious to learn more about Autumn, her connection to the Abbotts, and the actress who plays her. In that case, we’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about Autumn from ‘Outer Range.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Autumn In Outer Range?

Autumn is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Outer Range,’ titled ‘The Void.’ After arriving at the Abbott Ranch, she convinces Royal to allow her to camp on his property. Royal reluctantly agrees, and Autumn begins to explore the Abbott Ranch. After Royal’s sons, Perry and Rhett, cause the death of their neighbor Trevor Tillerson, Royal dumps his body into the black void. However, Autumn catches him in the act but promises to keep his secret. Nonetheless, she pushes Royal into the black void, causing him to experience events from the future. In the future timeline, Royal learns that Autumn is somehow connected to the mining company BY9.

Image Credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

In the present, Autumn learns that the mysterious symbol she is endlessly scribbling in her journal is the Abbott family’s brand. Thus, it is evident that Autumn shares a connection to the family or at least their land. She later discovers a stone that contains a mineral that has time-altering properties. Autumn seems to know a lot about the black void and is fascinated by its time-traveling abilities. One prevailing theory among the show’s fans is that Autumn is actually a future version of Royal’s granddaughter, Amy. However, this theory is yet to be proven true.

Who Plays Autumn?

In ‘Outer Range,’ actress Imogen Poots essays the role of Autumn. Born on June 3, 1989, Poots is an English actress who grew up in London. Initially, Poots aspired to be a veterinary surgeon but later shifted her focus to acting. She made her screen debut in 2004 by making a guest appearance on the medical drama series ‘Casualty.’ Poots gained recognition for her performance as Young Valerie Page in the 2005 dystopian drama ‘V for Vendetta.’

The actress rose to prominence by appearing in several critically and commercially successful films such as ‘ A Long Way Down,’ ‘Need for Speed, ‘ and ‘Jimi: All Is by My Side.’ Her performance as Debbie Raymond in the biographical film ‘The Look of Love’ earned Poots many plaudits. Some viewers might recognize the actress as Joy Hanks from the miniseries ‘I Know This Much Is True.’ Poots is credited as a series regular for the first season of ‘Outer Range,’ and her character is pivotal to the show’s mystery-filled narrative. In an interview, Poots revealed that her performance as Kelly Ann Mason in the comedy-drama series ‘Roadies’ helped her prepare for her role as Autumn in ‘Outer Range.’

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