What Happened to Trevor’s Body in Outer Range? Theories

Outer Range‘ follows Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), the patriarch of the Abbotts, a family of ranchers based in Wyoming. However, the Abbott family’s life is thrown into turmoil after Royal discovers the presence of a mysterious black void on their land. Meanwhile, Royal’s sons, Perry and Rhett, get into a conflict with their neighbor, Trevor Tillerson, leading to his death.

As Royal resorts to the black void to cover up the crime, some surprising details about the hole’s nature come to light. The black void has mysterious effects on Trevor’s body and if you are curious to learn more about the same, here are our theories on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened to Trevor’s Body?

Trevor Tillerson is introduced in the series premiere of ‘Outer Range,’ titled ‘The Void.’ He is the eldest son of Wayne Tillerson and his ex-wife, Patricia Tillerson. Trevor has two younger siblings, Luke and Billy Tillerson. He has been a neighbor of the Abbotts since his childhood. In the series premiere, he arrives at the Abbott Ranch to deliver a legal notice about a land feud between the Tillersons and the Abbotts. Later, Trevor runs into Perry and Rhett at a local bar, and the men have an argument. The conflict turns into a fight, leading to Trevor’s death. In the end, Royal dumps Trevor’s body into the void.

In the third episode, titled ‘The Time,’ Amy discovers Trevor’s body on the mountain behind their house. After the discovery, Royal informs Deputy Sheriff Joy, and she begins a homicide investigation. Trevor’s body reemerging from the black void is surprising as none of the objects thrown by Royal have returned up until this point. Royal himself falls into the black void but is able to return by jumping into the hole once more. Since Trevor is dead, his body can’t return voluntarily like Royal.

However, the black void’s nature likely returns the objects it devours after a certain time. The same is evidenced when Joy receives the autopsy report of Trevor’s body, which reveals that Trevor died mere hours before his body was discovered. Therefore, it is clear that time affects objects in the void differently. Moreover, the mountain disappears for a few seconds before Trevor’s body is found. Joy and Royal both notice this anomaly.

The incident seemingly confirms that the black void can alter time and warps space. The mountain likely moved through the schism in the space-time continuum within the black void when it momentarily disappeared. Since Trevor’s dead body was also passing through this alternate space, the mountain and dead body met. Thus, the dead body landed on the mountain and resurfaced. The emergence of Trevor’s dead body suggests that it is possible to retrieve items lost to the black void, albeit through an exact procedure.

Unless the true nature of the black void is uncovered, Royal or the other characters can’t understand the true implications of time and space on objects passing the black void. Moreover, it is also likely that the other evidence, such as his blood-stained shirt and the belt buck that Royal dumped in the black void, will also resurface in the future.

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