Is Sarah Dugdale’s Lizzie Pregnant in Virgin River?

The fifth season of ‘Virgin River,’ Netflix’s drama show revolving around its namesake small town and its residents, brings a myriad of new storylines for the characters. Melinda “Mel” Monroe, the protagonist nurse practitioner who moved into town looking for a fresh start, undertakes new thrills of life with her now-fiance, Jack Sheridan. However, the show, a romance at its core, focuses on several other couples alongside Jack and Mel, charting the courses of their relationships as well.

For this season, Lizzie’s budding teen romance with Doc’s grandson, Denny Cutler, becomes a significant aspect of her storyline, with the young couple maneuvering their tricky young love together. With another chance at romance closely following Ricky’s departure, Lizzie’s love life brings unexpected changes to her story. Still, where exactly does this new phase of Lizzie’s life take her? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Lizzie’s Unexpected Pregnancy Shocks Virgin River

Lizzie leaves the previous season in an awkward position with Denny. The teenagers have clear feelings for one another but cannot be together due to the latter’s belief that his terminal Huntington’s disease prevents him from having a future with Lizzie. Nevertheless, as season five picks up, the pair are often forced into close proximity given Lizzie’s brand-new job as the health aide to Doc’s wife, Mayor Hope McCrea. As such, it doesn’t take long before Lizzie and Denny move their relationship from just friends to something more.

Lizzie asserts that she doesn’t care if they don’t have a future together and only wants to be together with Denny now. In turn, Denny, who had long wondered if he could have a chance at true love after getting diagnosed with Huntington’s, reciprocates Lizzie’s feelings, and the two start dating. Their relationship blooms into a loving and supportive dynamic, with both kids rooting for the other and wishing only the best for their partner.

After surviving a near-death experience together during the wildfire disaster, Lizzie and Denny become even more certain about their love for one another. As a result, when Lizzie is presented with the opportunity to attend college, she hesitates to choose it over her future in Virgin River. Likewise, Denny, who has always been passionate about traveling the world, decides to put those plans aside for a stable home with Lizzie in the small town. By doing so, both characters prove their devotion to one another.

Therefore, when Lizzie discovers she is pregnant at the end of this season, it brings a life-changing revelation for the couple. Recently, Denny started to wonder if Lizzie would like to leave Virgin River with him so they can actualize his traveling dreams together. However, Denny has constantly emphasized the importance of family in his life. Furthermore, Denny proves himself to be a dependable young man. As such, even if he may have initial trouble accepting his young embarkment into fatherhood, he will surely rise to the occasion.

Nonetheless, one small detail can change everything for Denny and Lizzie. The thing to remember about ‘Virgin River’ is that despite its multiple seasons, the show possesses such a dense timeline that even a year has yet to pass in-universe since the show’s beginning. Consequently, even though Denny and Lizzie spend the entire season as a couple, only a few weeks, months at most, have passed since her break up with Ricky. Therefore, should the show choose a different path, there is always a possibility that the baby will end up being Ricky’s rather than Denny’s.

Although this alternative doesn’t have to throw a wrench in Lizzie and Denny’s growing relationship, it will definitely complicate their future together. Still, there is always a chance that the narrative will equip the straighter road ahead and deliver a satisfying continuation to Lizzie and Denny’s relationship through an unplanned but loved baby’s addition.

Either way, watching Lizzie take on the responsibility of motherhood and dealing with its consequences will make for a thrilling storyline and enhance her character even further. The storyline may have been a surprise, but it feels like a natural progression for Lizzie’s character. Since, as far as we know, actress Sarah Dugdale didn’t have a run-in with pregnancy that would compel the writers to create such a plot line for Lizzie, we can assume it’s something that has always been in the cards for the teen.

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