Is The Beast In The Wasteland Real? Is The Beast Dead or Alive at the End?

‘The Wasteland’ is a horror movie that tells the story of a young boy Diego who must confront his fears and fight against a supernatural creature to protect his mother. The Spanish language movie directed by David Casademunt is an eerie tale where the supernatural meets psychology to produce an unexpected visual treat. The monster against which Diego must fight is central to the movie’s narrative, and precariously little about the evil creature simply known as the Beast is revealed.

The film’s confusing ending will surely leave viewers wondering about the Beast’s fate. Moreover, subtle hints throughout the movie suggest there is more to the Beast’s story than meets the eye. For curious viewers, we have gathered all the information about the Beast in ‘The Wasteland’ right here! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is The Beast Dead or Alive at the End?

In ‘The Wasteland,’ Salvador tells his son, Diego, the story of the Beast, an evil creature who preys on the fears and despair of others. After Salvador leaves the house and is presumed dead, Diego’s mother, Lucia, sees the Beast. As Salvador had described, the Beast moves closer to the family’s home with each passing day. Therefore, the mother and son pair prepare to make a last stand against the Beast.

However, in the film’s climax, Lucia has completely given up on defeating the entity. She resigns to getting consumed by the Beast and makes one last effort to save her son. Lucia pushes Diego out of the house, but Diego is determined to protect his mother. He hacks through the door with an ax and enters the house to confront the Beast.

Diego conquers his fear and shoots the Beast with the final bullet in his possession. The move buys Diego enough time to drag Lucia out of the house. Diego then burns down the entire house with the Beast inside. Thus, Diego seemingly kills the Beast. However, the Beast is again visible from Diego’s perspective after Lucia passes away. Therefore, it is likely that the Beast survived the fire and still exists.

Is The Beast Real?

The Beast is initially believed to be a legend by Lucia, but Salvador is adamant that it exists as his sister, Juana, had seen the monster during his childhood. However, Juana was physically abused and died after falling from a window. All the signs suggest that Juana had a mental health condition, and therefore, the story does not have much credibility. Moreover, Salvador states that only Juana could see the Beast.

Throughout the film, Lucia says she sees the Beast, but it only actually appears on our screens towards the end. Lucia seems depressed after her husband’s death and exhibits suicidal behavior. Moreover, she and Diego have spent a good portion of their lives dealing with the paranoia of the war. Therefore, it is likely that the pair’s living conditions have taken a mental toll on them. The Beast’s description provided by Salvador is very vague, and there are various objects present in the movie which Lucia and Diego could have easily mistaken to be the Beast.

Ultimately, we believe that the Beast is not actually a monster. It is a projection of one’s psychological distress, and the film uses the Beast as an allegory for mental illness. The same is evident when a tree resembling the Beast is seen after Diego sees the Beast for the last time. Diego is only able to dispel the Beast by conquering his fear. In the end, Diego is left all alone and ventures into a world unknown to him. Therefore, it is likely that the Beast appearing again means Diego has new fears simmering inside him.

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