Is Trey MacDougal in And Just Like That…? Is Kyle MacLachlan Coming Back to the New Sex and the City?

Love, friendship, fashion, feelings, and New York City — these are what HBO Max’s ‘And Just Like That…,’ a reboot of ‘Sex and the City,’ promises to bring back, much to the delight of fans worldwide. As Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) experience life in their 50s in their home city, they develop new friendships and discover novel facets of their old ones. With a diverse cast and a focus on contemporary social scenarios, the reboot promises to be quite glamorous, entertaining, and thoughtful for a romantic drama.

With Michael Patrick King and several other reputable names heading the team behind the show, fans are ready to rediscover the fashionable trio and their breezy reflections on life as strong, independent, and luxe-loving middle-aged women. Naturally, many are eagerly trying to figure which of the old flames of the trio are part of the limited series revival. Specifically, there is a lot of buzz around Kyle MacLachlan’s Trey MacDougal, Charlotte’s extremely handsome but quite problematic ex-husband. So, is MacLachlan’s Trey in ‘And Just Like That…’? Let’s find out!

Is Trey MacDougal in And Just Like That…?

Much to the disappointment of fans, Trey MacDougal is not a part of ‘And Just Like That…’ Although it is unfortunate, the decision to not include Trey in the reboot makes sense. Trey and Charlotte’s romance is one of the highlights of the earlier seasons of the original show. In season 3 episode 12, the two tie the knot. However, their marriage does not last due to various issues — from Trey’s uncomfortably close bond with his mother to his dismissal of Charlotte’s desire for a baby. Charlotte eventually settles down with Harry Goldenblatt and Trey becomes an insignificant part of her past.

A cardiologist and a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant of Scottish descent, Trey is initially seen by Charlotte as the ideal partner. However, a series of troubling events make her see the problems in their relationship. Fans are sure to remember the hilarious scenes in which Trey meekly follows the orders of his bossy mother, including one sequence wherein the mother and son have a casual conversation whilst the latter takes a bath. On the other hand, there are deeper issues pertaining to Trey and Charlotte, such as the fact that Trey cannot empathize with his wife when she is unable to conceive. As the reboot focuses on the trio in their 50s, it doesn’t make sense to include Trey, who is a part of Charlotte’s young, naive days.

Is Kyle MacLachlan Coming Back to the New Sex and the City?

Since Trey MacDougal’s character is not a part of the reboot, Kyle MacLachlan is not seen in this new chapter of ‘Sex and the City.’ Although we are not going to see MacLachlan’s character in ‘And Just Like That…,’ we will certainly remember the role he plays in Charlotte’s life and how his rocky marriage with and subsequent divorce from her enables her to find the right guy.

Meanwhile, MacLachlan has been keeping busy. Recently, he has been a part of ‘Atlantic Crossing,’ ‘Capone,’ and ‘Carol’s Second Act.’ Additionally, the release of Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ in 2021 reminded people of MacLachlan’s performance in David Lynch’s 1984 movie of the same name; it generated a renewed interest in his other older works as well, such as his impactful roles in ‘Twin Peaks‘ and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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