Are Kayla and Sean From Selling the OC Still Friends?

In a show like Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC,’ it is hard not to feel invested in the bonds between the featured real estate agents. In season 3 of the show, a strong friendship seemed to be emerging between Kayla Cardona and Sean Palmieri. With just how many arguments the latter found himself involved in during his time on the show, his friendship with Kayla seemed like a point of brightness in his time in The Oppenheim Group. As things progressed, though, Kayla also started to seem doubtful about how much she could trust Sean.

Kayla and Sean’s Friendship Came Under Question

Season 3 of ‘Selling the OC’ saw Kayla Cardona and Sean Palmieri come together as friends based on their past connections. Both real estate agents were not on good terms with Polly Brindle, as made evident in season 2 when Sean had first tried to confront Polly over her alleged kiss with Tyler Stanaland. Later on, Sean tried to talk to Polly once more alongside Kayla, but the conversation did not pan out the way the two might have expected.

Following their argument with Polly, Kayla and Sean had become close. Sean’s relationship with Tyler and Austin Victoria continues to deteriorate, and he often shares his side of the story with Kayla and Alexandra Jarvis. Both the ladies involved seemed to support him and continued believing what he was trying to say. Things especially started to come to a head over the rumors about an alleged dinner event where Sean had been at Austin’s house.

Apparently, Sean had said that he had been invited to Austin’s house, where he had been offered marijuana-laced food. According to this account, after the edibles were consumed, Austin and his wife, Lisa, had apparently tried to proposition him for a threesome, which prompted him to leave their home. This was something that Sutin refuted vehemently, and they even got involved in a fight with Sean about it in the office itself. For the most part, Kayla remained on Sean’s side.

The moment that Kayla’s opinion about Sean’s story changed came after the latter had tried to confront Tyler and Austin once more. During the argument, the remaining agents started to talk about the rumors involving the night at Austin’s house. Sean ended up denying that he had sat down for dinner or that he had ever told anyone about any form of edibles being involved. This took Kayla aback as, according to her, Sean had indeed told her about him being offered edibles. Unsure about what to think, she had ended up leaving as well.

Kayla and Sean Are No Longer Friends

In the aftermath of the big argument at the end of season 3 of the Netflix show, Kayla Cardona and many of their other friends sat down to discuss Sean Palmieri’s words. They could not help but think that they had been deceived by Sean as he had apparently not told them the full truth. They also commented on how Sean might be open to showing people text messages; he never allowed them to read above or below them, and hence, the context of his proof was often missing. As such, Kayla confessed that she did not think that she could trust Sean anymore.

It seems like the breakdown of the trust between Kayla and Sean has resulted in them ending their friendship. Sean is no longer associated with The Oppenheim Group, though Kayla still retains her position as a Realtor Associate within the company. With their professional connection being broken, their personal bond is apparently also not that good. Neither of them follows the other on Instagram anymore, indicating that their friendship is no longer intact.

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