Are Polly and Tyler From Selling the OC Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ has become well-known for the unexpected turns and twists that often occur in its cast members’ lives. The recently released season 2 of the reality show brought to public attention one particular duo whose connection has certainly raised some questions with the viewers. We are, of course, talking about Polly Brindle and Tyler Stanaland. The recent revelations about their bond have made the public question whether the two are still friends or whether the scrutiny of their colleagues led to a possible disconnect between them. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Polly and Tyler’s Selling the OC Journey

For the majority of season 1, Polly Brindle and Tyler Stanaland seemed to have a friendly dynamic amongst those who were part of the same social group. Both of them are quite close to Alexandra “Alex” Hall, which led them to form a connection of their own. In fact, when Kayla Cardona tried to kiss Tyler, Polly stood up for him as she was far from happy that Kayla had attempted to kiss a still-married man, something that she seemed to take offense to, mainly due to her past experiences.

However, in season 2, things took an unexpected turn. With the recent separation of Tyler from Brittany Snow, many people could not help but comment about his closeness with Alex Hall. Kayla soon revealed to her fellow realtors that they were perhaps focused on the wrong pair, informing others that Polly and Tyler had actually made out in their office. This shocked many, as few had imagined the possibility of a romantic connection between them.

As the news started to circulate, it was revealed that Polly had already told those close to her about this, including Alex Hall, claiming that it was just a “snog.” While the latter did seem a bit upset, joking that Polly had kissed Tyler before she had. Polly remained firm that while the experience was pleasant and not something she regretted, she was certainly not looking for a repeat and had no interest in pursuing a connection with Tyler that was romantic in nature.

Things started to get a bit out of hand as people like Brandi Marshall expressed their displeasure that Polly and Tyler had not only gotten involved physically but had done so in their office space, which could have jeopardized the reputation of their firm, given the public nature of Tyler’s divorce. Polly herself seemed upset that Kayla apparently had a video of the two making out, and other people in the office had seen it, including Brandi. This infuriated Tyler as Brandi had told him that she had not watched the video, though he did know about the possible existence of such a clip.

Are Polly and Tyler Still Friends?

Despite the amount of outrage the kiss between Polly and Tyler generated within the Oppenheim Group’s branch in Orange County, California, it does not seem like the two have let this affect their friendship negatively. Both of them have not shied away from admitting that they did indeed kiss but have also maintained that it is no one’s business but theirs, disliking the amount of discussion that has been done on the same. Polly and Tyler continue to follow each other on Instagram and seem to have an amicable connection with no romantic intent, especially with the latter’s feelings towards Alex Hall. We wish them both the best in their lives and hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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