Lim Cheol AKA DinDin: Where is Zombieverse Participant Now?

Created by Park Jin-kyung, Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ is a Korean reality show where a group of celebrities must try to survive as long as possible while trying to escape the zombies. The broader plot of the series allows viewers to enjoy a truly captivating experience. One of the most significant factors behind the show’s popularity is the performance of various cast members, whom we cannot help but find relatable. Consider famous musician Lim Cheol, AKA DinDin, whose arc in the show was undoubtedly intriguing, making many of his fans curious about what he is up to these days. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

DinDin’s Zombieverse Journey

During the first part of the Netflix series, DinDin was one of the five celebrities who were to host a show called ‘Love Hunters.’ However, when the zombies started attacking the production set, the group had to flee, beginning a harrowing journey across the land to find a safe space for themselves. They reached a gas station where DinDin had the tricky task of getting the keys to their car from the body of a their “dead” driver. During this task, he got blood on his face, making everyone afraid he might have been infected.

However, upon meeting Kkwachu Hyung and the others, the latter stated he did not think that DinDin was infected, though the musician was still treated with caution by others for some time. When the group escaped to the parking lot and had to retrieve a vehicle to flee, DinDin was the one who found the truck that they could operate though he did clarify that the vehicle in question had to be driven in reverse to avoid being swamped by zombies.

Thanks to great teamwork, DinDin and his fellow survivors could leave the parking lot in the truck. He was given the title of Commander for his willingness always to be the first one in the front, though he was not made the Leader as some others were unsure about his attitude, especially towards the infected. Indeed, due to his behavior and comments towards Park Na-rae and Kkwachu Hyung, DinDin earned the ire of the former.

As things progressed and it seemed like the survivors might escape on a rescue boat the next morning, Park Na-rae decided she wanted revenge on those who had wronged her. Knowing that his actions had irritated the comedian, DinDin hid in his cabin to take advantage of the worsening sight of the infected duo.

DinDin also got some help from Fukutomi Tsuki, who was in the same cabin as him. Ultimately, he and four others escaped and saw a boat a bit far from the coast. So they decided to use a rope to climb aboard it, not realizing that it was a fishing vessel. This meant that DinDin and Tsuki were the only ones on the boat, while the others were later saved by a bus-shaped rescue boat.

Where is DinDin Now?

As of writing, DinDin continues to have a prominent presence within the Korean music industry. The rapper is partnered with Stone Music Entertainment and released his latest song, “Love, But Not Like This,” on June 16, 2023. In fact, over the years, the artist has not only released multiple musical projects of his own but has been featured in the works of some of the biggest names in the industry. That said, DinDin is not only active as a musician and has many achievements for his work in the entertainment world.

Affiliated with Superbell Company, a South Korean record label and entertainment agency, DinDin is a part of ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ ‘Celebeauty,’ and ‘The Museum of Lives.’ With so many talents, it is no wonder that he won the Multitainer-Men award in 2022 at the Brand of the Year Awards. When not working hard, the reality TV star enjoys traveling, as evident by his trip to Italy in early 2023. We hope DinDin’s success grows and he gets even more opportunities to show the world his capabilities.

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