Long Shot: All Shooting Sites of the Romantic Comedy Film

Helmed by Jonathan Levine, ‘Long Shot’ is a romantic comedy film that revolves around Fred Flarsky, a spirited journalist with a penchant for chaos, who reunites with his childhood crush and former babysitter, Charlotte Field, a powerful and intelligent politician. Field hires Flarsky as her speechwriter in her presidential campaign, much to her advisors’ displeasure, leading to a humorous political journey. Starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, the 2019 film is known for its quirky narrative and appealing visuals, which make one wonder where was it shot. If you also have the same question in mind, we have got you covered!

Long Shot Filming Locations

‘Long Shot’ was filmed in Québec and Colombia, specifically in Montreal and Cartagena. The cameras started rolling for the project in Montreal in November 2017, and the shoot was wrapped up in Cartagena at the end of January 2018. Here are the specific details about all the places where the film was shot.

Montreal, Québec

The major portion of ‘Long Shot’ was filmed in Montreal, the largest city in Québec. The cast and crew were spotted filming some key scenes of the film across various parts of the city. The government building where Fred goes for a meeting is actually the Sun Life Building, situated at 1155 Metcalfe Street on Dorchester Square. The historic building is a 24-story office complex that was built for the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. The construction of the neoclassical architecture began in 1913 and was completed in 1931. Sun Life Building also served as a filming location for the 2023 sci-fi film ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.’

The sequences where Field is seen at the White House were filmed at The Windsor Ballrooms at 1170 Rue Peel, Bureau 110 Montreal. The historic venue was constructed from 1876 to 1878 from a design by architect William Boyington. Featuring two stunning ballrooms and a luxurious Peacock Alley, the Windsor Ballrooms can host a wide range of events apart from film production, including weddings, conferences, trade shows, and galas. The building features 20 ft high ceilings and over 15,000 sq ft of event space. The venue has also hosted the filming of movies like Bradley Cooper’s ‘The Words,’ Ben Affleck’s ‘The Sum of All Fears,’ and Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway’s ‘Get Smart.’

Additionally, some outdoor scenes of the film were shot on Montreal’s streets, including the De Maisonneuve Boulevard and the Rue Saint-Paul East. Montreal is the second most populous city in the Great White North and is considered an important hub of film and television, art, culture, finance, technology, education, and aerospace. The Old Montreal district boasts picturesque cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved architecture, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich past. The unique blend of French and English influences in the city contributes to its distinctive character.

Cartagena, Colombia

A few sequences of ‘Long Shot’ were filmed in Cartagena, a port city in Colombia. Theron and Rogen were seen in the city in the last week of January 2018, where they completed the final shoot schedule of the film. Cartagena, located on the northern coast of Colombia, is renowned for its well-preserved colonial architecture and historical significance. The city’s historic center, La Ciudad Amurallada, or the Walled City, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring cobblestone streets and historic churches that date back to the 16th century.

Cartagena is celebrated for its vibrant culture, with music and dance traditions influenced by African, Indigenous, and European cultures. The city’s coastal beauty and pristine beaches make it an ideal location for the production of films with attractive visuals. Hence, Cartagena has also facilitated the shoot of several other movies, including ‘Gemini Man,’ ‘The Next Three Days,’ and ‘Sound of Freedom.’

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