Love in Fairhope: Where Are The Participants Now? Are They Dating?

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Narrated by Heather Graham, Hulu’s ‘Love in Fairhope‘ has captivated viewers with its one-of-a-kind style of presentation of real-life love stories. In season 1 of the reality show, we are introduced to five amazing women who each go through their own unique journey when it comes to finding love and discovering their inner selves. With such heart-touching stories, it is obviously not a wonder that fans are eager to know what their favorites are up to these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Abby Mannich is a Digital Marketer Today

We are starting off with the beautiful Abby Mannich, who went through many ups and downs in order to fulfill her dreams of love. However, her eventual engagement to Ben Whiteside allowed her to not move past her reservations regarding marriage. As of writing, the two have not shared any updates regarding their love lives, though we are optimistic that the betrothed couple is planning their marriage and is looking forward to the opportunities that life will bring next.

As for her professional life, Abby works for Lewis Communications, a company based in Mobile, Alabama, which she joined in March of 2021. Presently, she is a Digital Marketing Manager of Paid Media and Influencer Marketing for the organization. Based in Fairhope, Alabama, she enjoys spending time in her hometown and is always eager to explore new opportunities, whether it be for her personal life or her career. When not working hard, she can be found spending time in the company of her friends, whom she adores very much. In April 2023, she celebrated her 33rd birthday and is looking forward to what life brings next.

Mya Jo Williams is a Travel Enthusiast Now

Up next, we have Mya Jo Williams, whose relationship with Nick Defilippi was one of the significant points of interest in season 1 of the Hulu show. Though she did turn back at the last moment before boarding her flight to Miami, Florida, neither she nor Nick have shared whether or not they are in a relationship. That said, Mya Jo does seem to be still based in her hometown. The reality TV star also enjoyed her trip to Mexico, which took place in June 2023. Given Mya Jo’s willingness to explore the possible opportunities in her life, we are looking forward to seeing what she does next.

LaShoundra Young is Focusing on Her Career Now

LaShoundra Young’s time on the show was full of several turns and twists before she eventually decided to give her connection with her former husband, Kendell Young, another try. Already a mother to Kedan Young, LaShoundra revealed in the show that she was expecting another child. As of writing, she and Kendell have yet to share any updates regarding their current status as a couple, though the fact that they continue to follow each other on Instagram gives us hope for a continued positive connection.

Along with her friend Dawn, LaShoundra established Inside Out, a clothing brand loved by many. She also is a Family Advocate for Mobile Community Action, having been a part of the group since July 2010. Additionally, LaShoundra runs a blog called Young at Style, which she started in 2013. Since then, the platform has achieved huge success and has expanded into a brand of its own. This has also boosted LaShoundra’s online popularity, as evident by her Instagram account having over 76K followers.

Claiborne Walsh Prefers a Live a Private Life Today

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Let’s now talk about the charming Claiborne Walsh, whose journey of finding love after the passing of her husband, Johnny, was certainly interesting to follow. The reality TV star is a proud mother to her daughter Aleen, with whom she has a bond like that of a friend, though that does not stop her from acting like a mother when needed. A seasoned part of the Fairhope society, she is always a delight at any event that takes place in the town, especially the annual Magnolia Ball.

For the 51st Magnolia Ball, Claiborne brought Dick Scott as her date, having gotten to know him after he became her neighbour. While Claiborne has not shared much about her connection with Dick after her time on the show, we are hopeful that the two have been able to maintain their connection. If nothing else, it is always a delight to see Claiborne enjoying her time with her girlfriends.

Olivia Ogletree is Focusing on Spending Time With Her Kids

Last but not least, we have Olivia Ogletree, whose on-screen journey has inspired many. Though her initial relationship with Tori Mills felt like a fairytale come true, their differences over possible future children led to their eventual break-up. However, Olivia has not stopped her heartbreak from doing what is best for herself and her two children. Indeed, she is quite proud of her daughter, Delilah Ogletree, and son, Tate Ogletree, who are 9 and 8, respectively. She also became the owner of The Fairhope Inn shortly before the 51st Magnolia Ball, which was held in March 2023.

Whenever possible, Olivia likes spending time with her friends and family. She was also quite enthusiastic to welcome her nephew into this world in May 2023. While primarily focused on her two kids, Olivia also seems to have formed a good bond with some of her fellow Hulu stars, like Mya Jo Williams. We wish Olivia the best in her life and hope that she and her loved ones have a wonderful future ahead.

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