Love Tactics 3: Will There Be Another Film in the Series?

Originally titled ‘Ask Taktikleri,’ ‘Love Tactics’ is a Netflix Turkish romantic comedy film series that revolves around Asli and Kerem, individuals who deem themselves to be experts on the opposite sex. Talented fashion designer Asli and marketing genius Kerem are both pessimists about love and are headstrong about their rules and tricks for romance. As a result, when their paths cross by chance, they finally find their match, which changes their lives forever. The first film in the series, directed by Emre Kabakusak, depicts the tumultuous start of Asli and Kerem’s relationship born out of two bets.

Meanwhile, the sequel, a Recai Karagöz directorial, delves into the couple’s relationship when it faces the topic of marriage. Although clichéd, both films deliver entertaining stories with pleasant characters and chaotic plotlines. Due to the dynamic chemistry between lead actors Demet Özdemir and Sükrü Özyildi, the films have gained sizeable popularity among audiences. Therefore, viewers must be curious to know if a potential third installment to the series might happen. Let’s find out!

Will There Be a Love Tactics 3?

The first film, ‘Love Tactics’ released on Netflix worldwide on February 11, 2022. Following the film’s considerable commercial success over the streaming giant, a sequel was bound to happen. ‘Love Tactics 2’ premiered on July 14, 2023, on the network. As far as a third installment in the series is concerned, neither Netflix nor Lanistar Media, the other production company involved, have not made any official announcements regarding another addition to the series. Still, we can’t completely rule out the chances of a third film yet.

Considering the movie series has managed to garner many fans, a third installment to round off the series in a complete trilogy might be the ideal move. Although the films remain conventionally formulaic with tried and tested tropes, the characters and their manipulative schemes fueled by miscommunication make for an entertaining watch. Due to the same, Asli and Kerem’s story, though not innovative, has captivated several viewers. Moreover, the romcom genre also effortlessly provides scope for future additions to any story because of their grounded narratives revolving around regular people and their mundane lives.

From movies like ‘To All The Boys’ and ‘The Kissing Booth’ to the ‘Before’ trilogy, one can find many examples of successful romcom trilogies, all with differing impacts. A third movie will allow ‘Love Tactics’ to further explore Asli and Kerem’s relationship and showcase other playful hijinks between the pair. Following the order of relationship milestones, the potential next film can focus on the couple’s first steps into parenting and introduce another facet of their relationship. Since the second movie even depicts the mayhem that would follow if a baby is introduced to Asli and Kerem’s dynamic, it can be an interesting thread to pick up.

Alternatively, a continuation can also give the audience a closer look at Asli and Kerem’s careers and showcase how Asli’s growing business affects her relationships with others. In the same vein, a deeper exploration of the couple’s marriage can also prove to be popular among the fans. Likewise, fans might also be interested in seeing a more prominent study of the charming side characters, Tuna and Cansu. Regardless of the plotline’s specifics, the film will likely be successful as long as Asli and Kerem find another significant life decision to disagree upon and stubbornly dig themselves into a hole over it.

As such, the possibilities for a third installment in the ‘Love Tactics’ series are endless. Ultimately, the final decision will be dependent on how ‘Love Tactics 2’ performs on Netflix. If the sequel scores adequate watch hours and creates a significant buzz on social media platforms and beyond, a third installment is sure to get greenlit. After considering development and production time, viewers can expect ‘Love Tactics 3’ to release sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. Still, it’s best not to get your hopes up high until Netflix releases an official statement.

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