Luxe Listings Toronto Net Worths Ranked: How Rich are the Real Estate Agents?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto’ is a show known for providing a deep insight into the bustling real estate market of Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to the highly talented agents featured in the series, the viewers get to see some breathtaking properties within the city that are sure to make anyone envious. The work done to sell these properties is also something to be admired greatly, though it has also left many to wonder just how much wealth the cast members themselves have accumulated through their hard work, skills, and focus.

5. Scott Starke – $1.2 Million

A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Scott Starke is the younger brother of Brett Starke and is part of The Starke Group as a Senior Associate within Rare Real Estate. Prior to joining the real estate world in March 2022, Scott worked as a Life Insurance Agent on his own from 2020 to 2022. Before that, in 2019, he was an Event Assistant for Yellow House Events from March to August. Scott’s work experience includes being a Communications and Digital Media Intern for Right To Play from May 2018 to September 2018. He was also a served for Johnny Farina from January 2017 to August 2017.

Not only does the real estate agent have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies, thanks to his time at the University of Ottawa, but he also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Marketing and Event Planning, thanks to his time at George Brown College from 2018 to 2019. For the city of Toronto, a Senior Associate makes about $60 thousand a year. Additionally, Rare Real Eate offers “100% of gross commission” to its agents, so Scott’s earnings as a real estate agent are likely to be higher than the average $100 thousand a realtor seemingly makes in the area.

4. Taylor Donovan – $1.3 Million

An expert in the Communication and Public Relations area, Taylor Donovan is a massive asset for The Starke Group, for whom she serves as the Operations and Transactions Manager, a role she picked up in September 2021 when she joined Rare Real Estate. She is also showcasing her skills as a real estate agent. Her time in the real estate industry can be traced back to her joining PSR Brokerage in February 2020 and remaining there until September 2021. Additionally, Taylor worked as the Public Relations Coordinator for OverCat Communications from January 2018 to February 2020. She was also a part of The 5700 Inc. from July 2016 to August 2018, serving as the Communications Event Coordinator.

Given her highly valued position as the Operations and Transactions Manager of The Starke Group, Taylor’s annual earnings from the position are likely about $150 thousand. It should also be noted that while a real estate agent in Toronto might make about $100 thousand a year, this is not Taylor’s full-time role, so her earnings from this particular position are slightly less than average.

3. Caitlin Clemmens – $2.4 Million

A driving force within The Starke Group, Caitlin Clemmens is a highly respected real estate agent. She also serves as the team’s Senior Director of Sales and has helped increase the group’s output. Since August 2021, she has been with Rare Real Estate, prior to which she was a Real Estate Agent for PSR Brokerage from March 2017 to August 2021. Her foray into the real estate industry was preceded by her being a Customer Service Representative for Discount Car and Truck Rentals from May 2016 to May 2017.

Interstingly, Caitlin is no stranger to the world of television, having starred in season 23 of ‘The Bachelor’ and season 6 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Thanks to her varied work, she is actually quite popular and has over 42K followers on Instagram. Most people who serve as Senior Director of Sales in Toronto make about $150 thousand a year. Her sales record indicated that she handles transactions worth about $12 million every year, and with Rare Real Estate offering a huge agent commission split, she likely makes more than double what an average real estate agent may make in Toronto.

2. Brett Starke – $6 Million

After serving his country for three years in the armed forces following the 9/11 attack, Brett Starke became a student of law at Carleton University in 2004 and remained a student there until 2008. In September 2014, Brett became a Sales Representative for Royal LePage Performance Realty and worked there until August 2016. He then became a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson for Royal LePage Real Estate Services and held on to the role until April 2017.

In March 2017, Brett joined PSR Brokerage and was actually a part of the company until August 2021, when he switched to Rare Real Estate as an Office Partner. He has had the honor of being the President of The Starke Group since 2011, and he thrives in how much he has been able to progress within the market and dominate the downtown area of Toronto. As the President of a real estate team of his own, he likely makes more than the average earnings for the position in the area, which is around $150 thousand. He is also someone who works with over 20 properties per year, with his properties being close to the $2 million mark on average.

1. Peter and Paige Torkan – $15 Million

A dominant presence within Toronto’s real estate market, Peter and Paige Torkan have worked hard for many years and proved themselves to be the best. They have achieved a highly impressive sales number of $1.6 billion when it comes to the sales of luxurious properties. Part of The Agency, they are actually one of the Founders and Managing Partners of Team Torkan. They are also the Founder of The Agency Toronto and have helped the brokerage reach new heights within the city’s real estate scene.

Peter and Paige are also among Toronto’s top 0.5% of real estate agents. Their contribution to The Agency has also made Peter a part of the company’s top 5% performers. Due to his work, Peter has been inducted into various prestigious bodies, whether a Board Member, a Hall of Fame member, or a Lifetime Achievement winner. Even those competing against him as a real estate agent respect his rise within the industry. With many of their properties being well over the $10 million mark, including the jaw-dropping $35 million penthouse featured in the show, it is hardly a wonder that they have been so successful in their career and boast earnings close to some of the best and wealthiest in The Agency.

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