Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

Paramount+’s ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ is a gritty crime drama series that explores the titular town’s plights as it houses several prisons and dangerous criminals. Amidst the sea of criminal activity, Jeremy Renner’s Mike McLusky, the titular Mayor, acts as a power broker and tries to maintain peace in the town. However, the second season finale delivers some emotional blows to Mike as he comes face-to-face with archnemesis Milo Sunter (Aidan Gillen). If you are wondering how the conflict between Mike and Milo pans out and whether there are any casualties, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Finale Recap

The second season finale, titled ‘Little Green Ant,’ opens with Robert Sawyer (Hamish Allan-Headley) landing in the hospital after the Crips gang members attacked him on Bunny’s orders. Robert is unconscious and fighting for his life in the hospital while Kyle (Taylor Handley), Mike (Jeremy Renner), and Ian visit him. Kyle tells Mike that Tracy left him to spend some time at her father’s house. He decides to go and get Tracy back, leaving Ian (Hugh Dillon) to look after Robert and his family. Mike also leaves after instructing Ian to keep him updated. However, Mike does not reveal where he is headed.

Mike is forced to stop at a railroad crossing as he drives into the night. Suddenly, a car stops beside him, and two men open fire on Mike. Mike fights back and shoots the men killing them in the process. While Mike survives the attack on his life, he realizes that the men were from the Anchor Bay prison and likely looking for revenge after his altercation with Davidson, the shot caller of the correctional officers. Elsewhere, Mariam McLusky (Dianne Wiest) is startled in the middle of the night when an unexpected guest knocks on her door. However, it turns out to be Iris (Emma Laird), who is looking for a hiding spot after killing Milo’s right-hand man, Joseph.

Meanwhile, Captain Kareem Moore (Michael Beach) struggles with survivor’s guilt following his experiences during the prison riots. He discusses his feelings with his wife, but their conversation is interrupted after Mike calls Kareem. Mike asks for Kareem’s help dealing with Robert’s attackers. However, Kareem refuses to get involved. Mike reminds Kareem that Robert saved his life. While Kareem appreciates Robert’s effort, he refuses to help Mike because he wants to do his job and not get involved in a gang war. Later, Mike calls Ian and asks him to clean up the crime scene by the railroad.

An infuriated Mike drives to Bunny’s hideout and holds the latter’s cousin at gunpoint. Mike confronts Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) for attacking Robert. After a brief argument, Mike warns Bunny that if Robert dies, it will be the end of their friendship. Mike leaves Bunny’s place and receives a call from Miriam. However, Milo Sunter is holding Miriam and Iris hostage and demands Mike return his bonds. He reminds Mike missed their previously arranged meeting. Mike calls Kyle and informs him of the situation. As a result, Kyle avoids going to Tracy’s house. He and Ian arrive to back up Mike during his confrontation with Milo.

Mike arrives outside the house but forgers to collect the bonds. As a result, he must work with Kyle and Ian to take down Milo and his men. Mike enters the house and creates a distraction leading to a gunfight. Kyle and Ian provide backup and swiftly take down the goons while Milo escapes with Iris. However, a ricocheted bullet from Kyle’s gun hits Miriam, and she gets injured. Miriam is hospitalized and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Milo gives Mike one last chance to make things right and return the bonds. He threatens to kill Iris if he does not do as told.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Finale Ending: Does Mike Save Iris? Is Milo Dead?

In the episode’s final act, Mike collects the bonds and heads to the designated meeting spot. Meanwhile, Milo holds Iris captive on a boat and waits for Mike to come with the bonds. However, Milo questions Mike’s desire to save Iris, especially after iris reveals she did not sleep with him. As a result, Milo deduces that Mike wants to redeem himself by saving Iris. Mike arrives at the harbor and instructs Ian to scope out the area from a distance. Mike steps on the boat and completes the deal. However, as Mike and iris walk away, Milo’s goons try to kill them both. However, the boat explodes into flames, allowing Mike and Iris to kill the goons and escape alive.

Ultimately, Milo never planned to let Iris and Mike live. However, Mike saves Iris by using the explosion as a distraction, ending Milo’s story once and for all. Thus, Milo saves Iris from Milo, and they walk away from the carnage mostly unscathed. However, the final moments depict Tatiana, the woman who looks after Milo’s club, receiving a call from someone who sounds much like Milo. Hence, it seems like Milo’s chapter might not be over after all. Milo likely faked his death and could continue to pose a threat to Mike and Iris. For now, Iris is out of harm’s way, and Mike fulfills his promise to protect Iris at all costs.

Do Kyle and Tracy Reunite? Are Mike and Bunny Still Friends?

The season 2 finale shakes up two of the most prominent relationships in the show. Kyle and Tracy’s marriage is on the rocks following Kyle’s erratic behavior. However, after Tracy learns of Miriam’s injury, she readily agrees to return home. While Kyle and Tracy will have to do some hard work to mend their relationship, they will certainly reunite with each other. On the other hand, Mike’s relationship with Bunny slowly sours over the season owing to several obstacles. In the finale, Mike threatens to end his friendship with Bunny if Robert dies after the Crips gang attacks him.

While Robert is still alive and on life support, Mike and Bunny’s friendship is intact. However, as Mike’s closing monologue points out, anything and everything can change in the town in a matter of moments. The season 2 finale ends with a foreshadowing of a full-blown-out conflict between Mike and Bunny. However, with the Crips gang taking care of Davidson, the shot caller who attacked Mike, it is evident that Bunny still cares about Mike. Hence, Mike and Bunny may find a way to work together in the future despite their newfound differences.

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