Kathryn Newton, Lucas Bravo, and Jean Reno to Star in ‘Midnight Spies’

Kathryn Newton and Lucas Bravo lead the cast of Frank Coraci’s next thriller! The Cinemaholic can announce that the two performers will star alongside veteran actor Jean Reno in ‘Midnight Spies.’ Although the shooting dates haven’t been announced, Los Angeles and Orange County, California, are locked in as filming locations. Alternatively titled ‘Verona Spies,’ the film is penned by Zaike LaPorte Airey and Bryan Okamoto. The cast also includes the previously announced Geoffrey Rush.

The plot revolves around Verona, a lovable yet chaotic individual who is mistakenly hired on a mission to infiltrate the enemy grounds as an escort before assassinating a pharmaceutical executive. She is also tasked with seducing the target to steal his formula for a groundbreaking new drug that may turn the world around. However, she shifts sides as she gets to know her mesmerizing target. Instead of carrying out her assignment, Verona and the executive decide to form an alliance and go on the run, pursued by Big Pharma and its deadly hitmen.

Coraci is known for notable collaborations with comedy heavyweights Adam Sandler and Kevin James, which include ‘The Wedding Singer,’ ‘The Waterboy,’ ‘Click,’ ‘Zookeeper,’ and ‘Here Comes the Boom.’ The filmmaker, who directed action star Jackie Chan in ‘Around the World in 80 Days,’ has been working on ‘Midnight Spies’ since 2022. His upcoming projects also include ‘Lost Weekend,’ a film about musicians John Lennon and Harry Nilsson, and a journey they took with actor Albert Brooks in 1973.

Newton has seemingly replaced Emma Roberts to headline the movie. The actress is recognized for her performances as Cassie Lang in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ and Abigail Carlson in ‘Big Little Lies.’ Her recent projects include the Max series ‘The Society’ and the horror comedy films ‘Abigail’ and ‘Lisa Frankenstein.’

Bravo currently stars in Netflix’s popular romantic series ‘Emily in Paris’ as Gabriel, a role that brought him widespread recognition. The actor appeared in ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ as André, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ as Paul, and ‘The Honeymoon’ as Giorgio. Moreover, he is set to appear in the French comedy horror ‘The Balconettes’ and the thriller ‘Turn Up The Sun!’

Reno, renowned for his acclaimed titular role in ‘Léon: The Professional,’ as well as villainous outings in ‘Mission: Impossible‘ and ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ will soon grace the screens in A24’s ‘Babygirl.’ The French legend recently appeared in the heist film ‘Lift’ and will be making his Brazilian film debut with the forthcoming release of ‘My Penguin Friend.’ On the other hand, Rush, an Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles as Lionel Logue in ‘The King’s Speech’ and Captain Hector Barbossa in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film series, plays the executive’s boss, the head of the pharmaceutical company.

Los Angeles and Orange County are two of the most visited filming destinations on the West Coast. The Californian regions — known for their urban landscapes, suburban neighborhoods, coastal drives, crowded beaches, and spacious studios — have been home to countless productions. Some of the upcoming projects arriving in the Los Angeles metropolitan area later this year for filming include Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man series ‘Noir’ and the Naomi Watts-led drama ‘Harmonia.’

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