12 Best Movies About Climate Change on Netflix (May 2024)

As the world grapples with the escalating realities of climate change, the power of cinema has emerged as a vital tool for raising awareness and inspiring action. Netflix, with its vast repository of films, offers a treasure trove of compelling narratives that look into the complexities of our ongoing environmental crisis. From gripping documentaries that lay bare the stark truths of our planet’s plight to riveting dramas that weave human stories with ecological urgency, these films not only educate but also ignite a passion for change. Join us as we explore the best movies about climate change available on Netflix, each one a beacon of hope, warning, and inspiration for a more sustainable future. After all, climate change is one of the very few things over the age of 25 that Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about.

12. The Guardian of the Monarchs (2024)

Emiliano Ruprah’s documentary ‘The Guardian of the Monarchs’ takes viewers on a journey that intertwines the disappearance of activist Homero Gómez with the plight of endangered monarch butterflies in the forests of Michoacán. As Gómez tirelessly advocates for the preservation of these majestic creatures, the film sheds light on the interconnectedness between human actions and environmental conservation. Through Gómez’s story, the documentary serves as a powerful climate change narrative, underscoring the urgent need to protect fragile ecosystems like the monarch butterfly habitat in the face of mounting environmental threats. You can watch the documentary here.

11. Brave Blue World (2019)

Narrated by Liam Neeson, ‘Brave Blue World’ is a groundbreaking documentary directed by Tim Neeves, exploring innovative solutions to the global water crisis. Featuring insights from water experts, scientists, and entrepreneurs, the film showcases cutting-edge technologies and initiatives aimed at addressing water scarcity and pollution worldwide. Its emphasis on sustainable water management and conservation highlights the vital role water plays in combating climate change. With a thorough narrative and stunning visuals, ‘Brave Blue World’ offers hope and inspiration for a sustainable future, making it a great climate change documentary for audiences seeking solutions to pressing environmental challenges. You can watch it here.

10. Chasing Corals (2017)

‘Chasing Corals’ is a powerful documentary directed by Jeff Orlowski, highlighting the dire impact of climate change on coral reefs worldwide. The film follows a team of divers, photographers, and scientists as they document the devastating coral bleaching events occurring due to rising ocean temperatures. Through stunning underwater footage and expert interviews, ‘Chasing Corals’ vividly portrays the beauty and fragility of these ecosystems while emphasizing their crucial role in marine biodiversity and coastal protection. As a climate change movie, it raises awareness about the urgent need for global action to mitigate carbon emissions and protect our oceans for future generations. You can watch the documentary here.

9. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’ is a groundbreaking documentary that exposes the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The film follows Andersen as he investigates the devastating effects of the meat and dairy industry on the planet, uncovering startling statistics and confronting industry representatives. Revealing shocking revelations, ‘Cowspiracy’ serves as a wake-up call to the urgent need for sustainable food production and consumption. By highlighting the significant role of animal agriculture in climate change, the documentary empowers viewers to make informed choices and take action towards a more sustainable future by embracing veganism. You can watch it here.

8. IO (2019)

‘IO’ stands out as a climate change movie due to its exploration of a dystopian future where Earth’s atmosphere becomes toxic, rendering the planet uninhabitable for humans. The film taps into themes of environmental degradation, resource depletion, and the consequences of human-induced climate change, offering stinging commentary on the urgent need for sustainable practices and planetary stewardship. Directed by Jonathan Helpert, ‘IO’ features a talented cast including Margaret Qualley and Anthony Mackie, who portray characters battling with the moral dilemmas and existential challenges of a world on the brink of collapse. As the protagonists navigate the desolate landscape and confront the reality of Earth’s ecological decline, ‘IO’ serves as a cautionary tale and a call to action for viewers to address the pressing issues of climate change before it’s too late. You can watch the film here.

7. The Last Forest (2021)

In Luiz Bolognesi’s Netflix release, ‘The Last Forest,’ viewers are immersed in the Yanomami tribe’s world, blending documentary and drama to portray their traditions and fight for preservation. The film sheds light on the Yanomami’s culture, myths, and daily life in the Amazon rainforest, where approximately 35,000 people reside across 200-250 villages. Leading the narrative are Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Ehuana Yaira Yanomami, and Pedrinho Yanomami, offering an intimate glimpse into their struggle against encroaching threats to their ancestral lands and way of life. You can watch ‘The Last Forest’ here.

6. The Decline (2020)

Amidst the bone-chilling landscape of ‘The Decline,’ director Patrice Laliberté plunges viewers into a world where survival hangs by a thread, and trust is a luxury few can afford. Set in a remote wilderness camp, the film portrays the fragility of human existence amidst environmental turmoil. As alliances fracture and desperation mounts, ‘The Decline’ becomes a gripping exploration of humanity’s struggle for survival in a world teetering on the brink of ecological collapse. With its raw intensity and gripping portrayal of moral ambiguity, the movie serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of climate inaction, challenging viewers to confront the harsh realities of our changing planet. You can watch ‘The Decline’ here.

5. Kiss the Ground (2020)

In the evocative documentary ‘Kiss the Ground,’ director(s) Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell invite audiences on a voyage through the realms of Earth’s heartbeat: the soil. With a stroke of creative brilliance, the film digs deep into the hidden wonders beneath our feet, unveiling a world teeming with life and possibility. As the screen comes alive with vibrant imagery and impassioned narratives by Woody Harrelson, ‘Kiss The Ground’ becomes more than just a documentary; it transforms into a portal of inspiration, beckoning us to reconnect with the land and rediscover the profound wisdom encoded within its fertile depths. Through the lens of regenerative agriculture, this cinematic masterpiece unveils a roadmap to healing our planet and nourishing our souls, reminding us that in the embrace of the soil lies the key to a sustainable future. You can watch ‘Kiss the Ground’ here.

4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ tells the inspiring true story of William Kamkwamba (Maxwell Simba), a young Malawian boy who ingeniously harnesses wind power to save his village from famine. With remarkable determination and resourcefulness, William constructs a makeshift wind turbine from salvaged materials, providing electricity for irrigation and bringing hope to his community amidst environmental and economic adversity. The film beautifully captures the power of innovation and resilience in the face of climate-related challenges, offering a poignant portrayal of grassroots solutions to sustainability issues. ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ is a compelling narrative of ingenuity and triumph that underscores the importance of local empowerment and renewable energy in combating climate change. You can watch the film here.

3. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

In the poignant documentary ‘David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet,’ legendary natural historian David Attenborough delivers a sobering narrative of humanity’s profound impact on the environment. Directed by Jonnie Hughes, Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill, the film masterfully brings together breathtaking visuals and Attenborough’s impassioned storytelling to illuminate the urgent need for action to safeguard our planet’s future. Attenborough’s insightful reflections are complemented by the presence of Max Hughes, underscoring the generational responsibility to enact meaningful change. You can watch the documentary here.

2. Youth V Gov (2020)

In the stirring documentary ‘Youth V Gov,’ director Christi Cooper crafts a mesmerizing tale around a pivotal legal battle where youthful determination clashes with bureaucratic inertia. Through a tapestry of intimate interviews and courtroom drama, the film unveils the saga of young activists who dare to challenge the status quo, holding the U.S. government accountable for its ecological neglect. With each frame pulsating with fervor and resolve, ‘Youth V Gov’ becomes more than a mere courtroom or political drama; it morphs into a stirring anthem for the indomitable spirit of youth, beckoning viewers to join the crusade for environmental justice and embrace the urgency of our collective responsibility towards the planet. You can watch the documentary here.

1. Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up‘ is a satirical disaster comedy film directed by Adam McKay, boasting a star-studded ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep. The movie follows two astronomers who discover a comet on a collision course with Earth but struggle to convince the world of the impending catastrophe due to political and media indifference. Through its dark humor and biting social commentary, ‘Don’t Look Up‘ serves as a stark warning about the dangers of ignoring scientific consensus and the urgent need for action on climate change. Its portrayal of societal apathy and denial makes it a compelling and thought-provoking climate change movie that resonates deeply with contemporary environmental challenges. You can watch ‘Don’t Look Up’ here.

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