Cocaine Bear: 10 Similar Thriller Movies You Should Also See

‘Cocaine Bear’ is a comedy thriller film set in the Appalachian mountains, where a curious bear becomes addicted to cocaine after stumbling upon a bag of the drug. Learning to snort it, the Bear becomes a fierce warrior skilled in sword fighting, leading a reign of terror. When a group of hunters attempts to stop it, they are surprised by its newfound abilities. Although the hunters manage to wound the Bear, it eventually overdoses on cocaine.

Director by Elizabeth Banks, the film is based on a true story and undoubtedly keeps the lighthearted spirit of the movie alive while also delivering some genuinely nail-biting sequences. If you are searching for more such thrilling or hilarious movies about animal catastrophes, we’ve curated a list of films like ‘Cocaine Bear’ just for you.

10. Sharknado (2013)




Los Angeles gets hit with a freak hurricane that throws around man-eating sharks into tornadoes and floods the city with shark-infested seawater. Fin, a surfer and bar owner, along with his buddies Baz and Nova, sets out to rescue his estranged wife, April, and teenage daughter, Claudia. With the hurricane raging around them and sharks lurking in the water, they fight to save their loved ones from the jaws of danger. ‘Sharknado’ is a movie that one can’t take seriously, and it perfectly fits into the category of “it’s so bad that it’s good.” Director Anthony C. Ferrante’s comedy film is highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed the gags in ‘Cocaine Bear’ and wishes to watch something weirdly funny.

9. Backcountry (2014)

In the Canadian wilderness, Alex, a seasoned outdoorsman, takes his corporate lawyer girlfriend, Jenn, deep into the secluded Blackfoot Trail against her better judgment. On their first night, they encounter Brad, a strange alpha male who may or may not be following them. Alex’s determination to reach their destination only intensifies, leading them deeper into the woods. But after their path disappears, they become hopelessly lost and must fight to survive without food or water.

As they struggle to find their way back, their already fragile relationship is tested to the breaking point. When they enter a bear’s territory, their fight for survival becomes paramount as terror and horror take hold. The Adam MacDonald directorial ‘Backcountry’ is an adventure drama movie similar to ‘Cocaine Bear’ because it is also based on a true story where the Bear is a central conflict.

8. Into The Grizzly Maze (2015)

The Alaskan wilderness can be both beautiful and deadly, and for brothers Beckett and Rowan, it is a place of both reunion and peril. After years of estrangement, the two come together to face a notorious grizzly bear that they encountered years earlier at the Grizzly Maze. As they navigate the wild terrain to find missing loved ones and investigate the Bear’s recent killings, they must confront their own past mistakes and personal demons.

With danger lurking around every corner, they fight to survive and rekindle their brotherly bond in the face of overwhelming adversity. ‘Into The Grizzly Maze‘ is an action-adventure movie directed by David Hackl, and akin to ‘Cocaine Bear’ it revolves around people trying to survive the ferocious attack of a bear.

7. Tremors (1990)

Valentine “Val” McKee and Earl Bassett sought to escape the monotony of their dead-end existence in the desert town of Perfection, Nevada. Unfortunately, their plans are thwarted by a string of mysterious deaths as they discover some creepy, tentacled creatures feasting on unsuspecting passersby. The beasts are no Einsteins, but their ability to sense and track humans was impressive.

Val and Earl soon learned that the creatures, named “graboids,” were unstoppable killers. Even taking refuge atop buildings wasn’t enough to evade their deadly grasp. The humans had to stay sharp if they hoped to outsmart these merciless hunters. The horror comedy movie, ‘Tremors’ is helmed by Ron Underwood, and congruent to ‘Cocaine Bear’ it features an unexpected threat with a dash of humor.

6. The Edge (1997)

Joining his supermodel wife on a photography assignment in Alaska, a billionaire embarks on a search for the perfect location only to experience a catastrophic crash landing in the forest. Their once-exciting trip transforms into a grueling fight for survival as a vicious bear relentlessly stalks them. Amidst the treacherous journey, the already tense situation is further complicated as Charles Morse develops suspicions that Robert Green is romantically involved with his wife.

To ensure their survival, Charles must grapple with his inner demons and confront his doubts head-on. Director Lee Tamahori’s ‘The Edge’ is an action drama movie that explores the tactful way of surviving. If you felt like the survival aspect was lacking in ‘Cocaine Bear,’ then you must add this movie to your watchlist.

5. Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Sean Jones, on a cycling trip in Hawaii, witnesses the horrifying murder of prosecutor Daniel Hayes by the notorious gangster Eddie Kim. Fleeing the scene, Sean returns to his room to find that the murder has become the talk of the town. Eddie Kim and his men try to assassinate Sean, but FBI agent Flynn saves him just in time. Initially reluctant to testify against Eddie, Flynn convinces Sean, and they board a flight to LA.

Among the passengers are pop icon Three G’s, a grumpy corporate businessman, a woman named Mercedes with her dog Mary Kate, and more. Unfortunately, the flight turns into a nightmare when an army of snakes wreaks havoc on the plane. ‘Snakes on a Plane‘ is an adventure movie directed by David R. Ellis, and unlike ‘Cocaine Bear,’ snakes are the animals causing havoc for humans.

4. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

A chemical spill has transformed harmless little spiders into massive, bloodthirsty beasts that threaten the safety of a rural mining town. Mining engineer Chris McCormack and Sheriff Sam Parker join forces to rally the town’s residents against the mutant arachnids. With the help of Sam’s children, Mike and Ashley, and the conspiracy theorist Harlan, the group fights to save their town from the SUV-sized monsters. ‘Eight Legged Freaks’ is an adventure comedy directed by Ellory Elkayem, and much like the Bear, the spiders in this movie are altered due to people’s carelessness and start attacking everything in their sight.

3. Lake Placid (1999)

Deep within the quiet waters of a Maine lake, a mysterious and deadly creature lurks, claiming the life of an unsuspecting man. Determined to uncover the truth, game warden Jack Wells teams up with the tough-as-nails Sheriff Hank Keough and brilliant paleontologist Kelly Scott to launch an investigation into the savage attack. Armed with little more than a single tooth as evidence, the intrepid trio sets out on a dangerous quest to identify the monstrous predator.

However, what they discover is beyond their wildest nightmares – a massive and merciless reptile driven by a ravenous hunger for destruction. The action comedy movie Lake Placid’ by director Steve Miner is terrifying at its peak moments. Similar to the unusual Bear, the extraordinarily large crocodile is the one hunting down people in this film.

2. Critters (1986)

The Brown family, residing in a rural countryside, lead an idyllic life on their farm until a pack of enigmatic fuzzy creatures from outer space arrives unannounced. These extraterrestrial beings, with malevolent intentions, wreak havoc and leave destruction in their wake. As their aggression escalates, the arrival of two highly skilled bounty hunters fails to subdue the chaotic situation.

Consequently, the Brown family is responsible for fighting back against the invaders and rescuing their daughter April from their grasp. Director Stephen Herek’s ‘Critters’ spawned several sequels because people couldn’t get enough of the horror comedy. Similar to the survivors in ‘Cocaine Bear, ‘ the family in ‘Critters’ are stuck in a situation beyond their understanding, which keeps testing their grit.

1. Black Sheep (2006)


Harry Oldfield has a happy and enjoyable childhood on his family’s sheep farm, despite his brother Angus’ troublesome behavior. Unfortunately, their father’s untimely death leads Harry to leave the farm, undergo sheep-phobia therapy, and complete his ICT education. After 15 years, Harry returns to find that Angus has bought him out and plans to exhibit genetically modified Oldfield sheep produced by his cutthroat team.

When environmentalist Grant takes an abandoned embryo with sharp teeth, he is bitten and transformed into a werewolf-like creature with a voracious appetite. With Tucker, a kind farmhand, and Grant’s partner, Experience, Harry must survive the ferocious sheep and their creators, who hold the only cure. ‘Black Sheep’ is a horror comedy movie directed by Jonathan King and has an oddly eccentric yet dark humor. Parallel to ‘Cocaine Bear,’ the sheep in this movie are just as dangerous and ready to devour humans.

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