12 Movies Like I Am Number Four You Must See

Back in 2011, “I Am Number Four” had the pleasure of offering a new adventure with supernatural powers and ticking escapades, to all those who feed from science-fictional thrills and action-full excitement. Alex Pettyfer does a good job portraying John Smith, the telekinetic alien who comes to Earth as a child in order to escape from the violent Mogadorians who have invaded his planet. We all know how the story goes, in which fights, chases and a beautiful girl play a part in the protagonists fate, and if these elements are attractive to your entertainment formula, then we’ve got it covered.

From all the dystopian worlds and planets where rivaling forces threaten the peace of humans, here is the list of movies similar to ‘I am Number Four’, that are our recommendations and will take you on a prolonged journey of fictional wonders and thrilling experiences. You can watch some of these movies like I am Number Four on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. Eagle Eye (2008)

Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) are two strangers who have never met before, however are now draw together into a dangerous venture because of a mutual phone call from an unknown mysterious woman who controls their every move through the surrounding technology and threatens their family and situation, for them to obey her instructions carefully. An intriguing thriller filled with stunt-full chase scenes that will give you a good amount of non-stop action, leaving you satisfied with jumps and fights for the rest of the week. LaBeouf is perhaps the best element in this film, as he performs his character with all the energy in his body, leaving us sweating for him as he runs for his life from beginning to end.

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11. Super 8 (2011)

This 2011 science-fiction horror was a tremendous success at the box office and with the critics, earning several awards for various aspects such as the main cast’s performances and the heavy special effects used to bring the mystery to life. Set in a dark, strange and obscure atmosphere, we are given some elements of nostalgia that will bring us back to the spirit of E.T or The Goonies. Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths and Elle Fanning play the part of kids gathered in a small group, shooting a low-budget zombie film at a train station at midnight. However that night, an accident will occur with a train passing by, liberating a mysterious power unknown to all that will trigger a series of unusual events in the town’s everyday routine.

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10. In Time (2011)

Highly exciting and well-crafted, this science-fiction starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried is quite smart and well-thought in its very intriguing premise. In the dystopian future of the year 2169, people stop aging at 25 years old, a moment in their lives in which a digital clock on their arms starts its countdown from 1 year. In this world where time is a currency, Will Salas finds himself in trouble when a rich 105 year-old-man  comes down to the poverty-stricken time zone, only to transfer him all his years in order to run out of time and die. Now involved in the death of a wealthy man, he must leave the city and infiltrate the system in order to make justice triumph in a land where the rich consume the poor.

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9. Transformers (2007)

Welcome to the first movie in the Transformers film series that contains four sequels ready to be watched if this one is of your taste. Directed by Michael Bay and partly produced by Steven Spielberg, it’s got the usual teenage character who discovers his world-changing into a battlefield between two rivalling forces, in which he finds himself right in the middle of the chaos, while falling in love with a high school crush. In this case, the fighting clans aren’t supernatural demons or magical human beings but yes, alien robots of enormous size who can camouflage themselves by turning into common machinery. Sam (Shia LaBeouf) discovers this changing world when he buys his first car, a yellow Chevrolet Camaro, who he sees transforming itself into a robot, ten times his size, if not more.

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8. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Walt Disney Pictures presents us yet another magical fantasy film with this exciting adventure that references the legendary segment of the 1940’s “Fantasia” animation in its title. With Nicolas Cage on the front seat, enter a world of extensive CGI in which once more, we have a chosen one, who must discover a new side of himself in a troubled world threatened by evil. This chosen individual is Dave, a 20 year old physics student who is to become Merlin’s descendant, a magician betrayed and killed centuries ago. Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) was one of Merlin’s apprentices and it is now his duty, in New York city and the year 2000, to teach the newcomer Dave all his knowledge about magic so that he can subsequently defeat evil sorcerers of destroying the world.

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7. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

In this fantasy fiction film, we also stumble across a group of people who are different from the rest of society, that possess something special that will enable them to protect the world, while simultaneously being chased by evil forces. Sounds familiar? I thought so too. Starring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower as the main characters leading the way, we are pushed inside a story where the usual city of New York hides demons and creatures unseeable to most, except the chosen one, Clary Fray. She’s a a teenager who suddenly discovers and sees strange symbols and visions, before her mother disappears, and she is told that she has inherited her powers, which makes her a Shadowhunter. Together with a boy named Jace, she enters a side of the world she had never thought possible to exist.

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6. Chronicle (2012)

A sci-fi thriller in the style of found footage? “Chronicle” nailed this unusual combination  with a story that will make it hard to look away from the screen. This imaginative plot stars some great performances from Dane DeHaan, Alex Russel and Michael B. Jordan that give these 3-dimensional characters an entertaining and intriguing way of walking down their path. With a bullied and disturbed teenager, his cousin and a popular friend, we are brought into a strange discovery from the perspective of the teenager’s videocamera, that will give the three boys telekinetic powers to use in their daily lives. However they do not all utilise these abilities in the correct way, and the right from the wrong is soon very clearly delimited by our instincts.

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5. The Maze Runner (2014)

In the same genre as “I Am Number Four”, this film delivers another adventure for the thrill-seeking viewers and in its dystopian science-fictional setting, it offers a type of exciting mystery escapade one can not resist from. Highly successful, it even went on to produce a sequel and then another which is going to be released soon in January 2018. With a pretty sweet cast on the line, “The Maze Runner” stars amongst others Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter. It follows the story of a teenager who wakes up in an unfamiliar place, with total memory loss. All he understands is that he is in some kind of living labyrinth and must now find his way out with a group of boys who have suffered the same fate.

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4. The Hunger Games (2012)

Here comes the beginning of the trilogy-adapted film series that have taken over today’s youth’s excitement and elevated Jennifer Lawrence to the peek of popularity. In another dystopian futuristic world, lays a story that will never cease to entertain with its impossible challenges, ever-changing traps and never-ending strength and loyalty to the pursuit of a better world. In order to save her sister, the now-iconic Katniss Everdeen volunteers for the annual hunger games, that force 2 individuals of each of the 12 districts of Panem to fight each other to death in a controlled arena full of dangerous surprises.  An exciting and nerve-racking adventure that doesn’t miss the opportunity for grandiose emotional connection to the characters, that might even make the audience shed a tear or two.

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3. The Host (2013)

A world where extraterrestrial forces exist and threaten the human race, is a world that will never cease to create action and adventure, a perfect setting for yet another thriller revolving around revolution, resistance and love. In a fictional version of our planet, small aliens called “souls” have taken over the human race by infiltrating people’s bodies and erasing their memories, hence their consciousness. Only a few resisting humans are left, from which  Melanie Stryder, who is soon captured and overruled by a soul named Wanderer. However this time, she does not lose the battle over her body as her existence persists, leading to a friendship with Wanderer in the middle of a shared body. Will this change the course of the growing alien occupation? There’s only one wait to find out.

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2. Divergent (2014)

Here comes an exciting and eventful action film, set in a dystopian future where things aren’t quite as they are now. In a futuristic city, society is divided into various segments to which people belong, depending on their human virtues. At the age of 16, Tris joins the youngsters of her age in the traditional psychological test which will determine which group she will fit in, only to find out she is Divergent, meaning that she has an independent mindset that can not be controlled by the government. This must remain a secret as a conspiracy plot is taking shape under the population’s nose. So, enter the adventure and let yourself be taken away by this entertaining and stylish thriller that’ll definitely make you think of “The Hunger and Games” and more.

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1. Jumper (2008)

Similar to the conflict found as the main plot point in “I Am Number Four”, this American science fiction also relies on the existence of people who have an unusual ability and that are being tracked down by opposite forces for their differences. In this case, we have David, played by Hayden Christensen, who discovered as a teenager his ability to teleport from one place to another. Luxuriously living on stolen money, he is captured by a secret group of extremists who intent to kill all “Jumpers”, the people who have the same power as David. Although he escapes, a cat and mouse game begins in which enlightening secrets are unveiled and memories from the past are rekindled.

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