Obsessed: 8 Similar Movies You Must Watch Next

Fixating fanaticism turns into manic delusion in ‘Obsessed.’ Directed by Steve Shill, the movie chronicles the story of Derek Charles, an acclaimed asset manager who enjoys domestic bliss with his wife, Sharon and their son, Kyle. However, the sanctity of their marriage and belief in each other is tested when office temp Lisa starts making advances towards Derek. Having misconstrued his kindness for something more, Lisa starts escalating things at a concerning pace. As Sharon begins questioning Derek’s fidelity and faithfulness, several intense themes follow.

With an unchecked infatuation that borders into a compulsive desire, ‘Obsessed’ features several riveting themes. The thriller movie was released in 2009 and features Idris Elba, Beyonce, and Ali Larter as the titular leads. The movie traces the progression of Lisa’s limerence that culminates into unpredictable neurotic impulses. So, if the thrill of faith and fidelity intrigued you just as much, then here’s a list of movies like ‘Obsessed’ to watch.

8. The Voyeurs (2021)

With Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith, ‘The Voyeurs’ interweaves several themes, making this a riveting thriller equally entertaining. The story revolves around a young couple who decide to spy on their neighbors across the street. However, as the duo becomes obsessed with the people across the street, strange events begin to follow. Soon after, the couple end up witnessing a horrifying turn of events. As the duo becomes witness to a jaded relationship, they find themselves getting enveloped in a story of revenge. Just as Derek tries to fend off the compulsive fantasies of Lisa to no avail, ‘The Voyeurs,’ directed by Michael Mohan, also features the dangers of an unchecked obsessive fascination.

7. Burning (2018)

Director Lee Chang-Dong weaves the obsessive madness of delusion in this thriller. The movie revolves around Lee Jong-su, a struggling novelist who bumps into Shin Hae-mi, a neighbor and an old classmate. As Hae-mi leaves for Africa and returns with an enigmatic individual named Ben, the trio find themselves in a unique turn of events. With an ambiguity that borders on looming menace, ‘Burning’ features the onslaught of travesties brought on by love and obsession. With Yoo Ah-In, Steven Yeun and Jeon Jong Seo, ‘Burning’ features the same hunt for closure and answers that Derek and Sharon seek by escaping Lisa at every turn.

6. Decision to Leave (2022)

Park Chan Wook’s ‘Decision to Leave’ features the convoluted complexity of attraction. When insomniac detective Jang Hae-jun is dispatched to look into the death of an immigration officer, he finds himself questioning the complicated view of love. After he meets Seo-Rae, the prime suspect in the death of her husband, he finds himself unintentionally gravitating towards the enigma. As the story progresses, and the two opposites discover the what-ifs of their relationship, several intense themes emerge. Much like ‘Obssessed,’ ‘Decision to Leave’ also offers a grim reminder of how the unerring complexities of obsession and greed can leave you enacting against righteousness.

5. Gone Girl (2014)

Why does AMy go back to Nick in Gone Girl

Far from the conjugal bliss that binds people together, ‘Gone Girl’ by director David Fincher also features the travails of an insipid marriage. The story starts off with Nick’s decision to divorce his wife Amy. However, Amy ends up going missing before he can preempt the conversation. As the police and Nick go on a rabbit chase to locate Amy, things start turning against Nick, who is ultimately framed for the murder of his wife. Much like ‘Obsessed,’ ‘Gone Girl’ also features the callous circumstances that follow a jilted affair and a marriage taken for granted.

4. Unfaithful (2002)

Starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, ‘Unfaithful,’ directed by Adrian Lyne features the calamity that reigns in marriage following an extramarital affair. The story revolves around Edward and Connie, a seemingly happily married couple living in New York. However, their marital bliss is soon impeded when Edward learns of Connie’s infidelity. As Edward begins to deploy his resources to get to the bottom of his wife’s deception, several intense and ruthless themes follow. Like ‘Obsessed,’ ‘Unfaithful’ also features a couple traversing unimaginable territories. So, if Derek and Sharon’s efforts to expel Lisa from their lives intrigued you, then you’ll find this story equally fascinating.

3. Fatal Attraction (1987)

This cult classic thriller forever immortalized the travails of clandestine relationships. The story centres around Dan Gallagher, an accomplished lawyer who engages in a weekend recluse with Alex, an editor. Helmed by Adrian Lyne, the movie traces the journey of a sultry book editor and her journey to becoming a woman driven by obsessive passion. As Alex’s attraction turns fatal and stalking becomes the norm, Dan finds himself undertaking several measures to protect himself and his family. Just as Derek finds his life unraveling after crossing paths with Lisa, ‘Fatal Attraction’ also features the gingerly circumstances of an unexpected thriller.

2. The Crush (1993)

With Alicia Silverstone as the protagonist, the story revolves around Nick Eliot, a writer who starts renting a room in the house of Cliff and Liv Forrester, who have a 14-year-old daughter named Adrian. Immediately, Adrian finds herself gravitating towards Nick. However, the latter continues to fend off her advances. As the story progresses, Nick finds himself on the receiving end of the inexplicable rage of a young girl who is unafraid to go to any lengths. Just as Derek and Sharon try to protect themselves and their child from the unwanted attention of Lisa, ‘The Crush’ by director Alan Shapiro also features the unexpected and fearful conditions of a compulsive attraction.

1. Fear (1996)

A harmless attraction that blossoms into an inevitable connection soon turns awry in this tale. Just as Derek is overcome with feelings for Lisa but ultimately finds himself escaping her web, ‘Fear’ also features the riveting tale of sociopathic tendencies. The movie revolves around Nicole Walker, a young woman who falls in love with David McCall.

Despite her father’s disdain over their age gap, the two young lovers embark on a new journey. Soon after, David turns into a violent sociopath who views Nicole as his possession and begins to invade every aspect of her life. The movie is directed by James Foley and features Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg as the titular leads. Just as Dereck and Sharon find an invasive entity in their lives, ‘Fear’ also features the unimaginable woes of possessive obsession.

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