7 Movies Like St. Vincent You Must See

With Theodore Melfi of ‘Winding Road’ fame behind the wheels, the comedy-drama movie ‘St. Vincent’ is a celebration of innocence. The life of drunken hermit Vincent changes for the better upon meeting courteous early-teen next-door neighbor Oliver. He cuts a sweet deal with Oliver’s mother, taking responsibility for Oliver’s babysitting. In the course of the journey, Vincent and Oliver grow fond of each other.

The family-themed movie urges the audiences to see life in a new light, and you must have smiled watching the unlikely duo in their misadventures. If so, we have a few more cinematic gems that would please your senses. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘St. Vincent’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Rushmore (1998)

Wes Anderson‘s indie comedy venture ‘Rushmore‘ has come to consolidate its place in the canon of greatest comedy movies. Max (Jason Schwartzman), a student at the titular Rushmore Academy, is a pro in extra-curricular activities, but he rarely gets the time to read the textbooks. Max wants to build a school aquarium to impress first-grade teacher Mrs. Cross (Olivia Williams), and among his most prospective financiers are Blume (Bill Murray). However, Max is in for a shock to find that Blume is courting Mrs. Cross – and gradually reaches his epiphany. Suppose you want to see another movie that builds on a mentor-mentee relationship like ‘St. Vincent,’ this oddball indie venture is a fine choice.

6. As Good As It Gets (1997)

James L. Brooks helmed the unlikely comedy-drama movie ‘As Good as It Gets’ with poise and precision. Jack Nicholson shines in the character of Melvin Udall, a misanthropic writer of bestselling romantic novels. He is a stickler about washing hands and visits the same café to have breakfast every morning, sitting at the same table.

Most importantly, Melvin has a deep hatred for pets. However, his life changes when the neighbor’s dog, Verdell, takes a particular liking to him against his best wishes. In the process, Melvin and Verdall develop a strong emotional connection. Melvin may come off as a polar opposite of Vincent in ‘St Vincent,’ while they are pretty similar in many ways.

5. The Karate Kid (1984)

Director John G. Avildsen stirred up a storm with his martial arts movieKarate Kid.’ Daniel and his mother move from New Jersey to California, and Daniel gets bullied in his new neighborhood. Thankfully, he falls under the care of Master Miyagi, a loner and grouchy kung-fu genius, and learns to pack a few punches. With several sequels and spin-offs in its stride, the movie is a ubiquitous 80s classic. In ‘St. Vincent’ Vincent saves Oliver from a bully gang and gives him some boxing lessons, which reminds us of the equations between Daniel and Miyagi in this movie.

4. Capernaum (2018)

Nadine Labaki actualized a harrowing vision of a world marred in injustice in the Lebanese original drama movie ‘Capernaum.’ The story revolves around Zain El Hajj, a twelve-year-old boy from the streets of Beirut, is serving a sentence for stabbing someone. When his oppressive parents marry off his 11-year-old sister, Zain drags the parents to court.

Movies can emanate strong emotions — primarily through child characters — but this movie’s commitment to realistic depiction is unfaltering. If, following ‘St. Vincent,’ you want to further explore the oddities of the world through the eyes of a child, this movie is where you should put your money.

3. The Kid with a Bike (2011)

With cinematic maestros Luc Dardenne and Jean-Pierre Dardenne at the helm, the drama movie ‘The Kid with a Bike’ conceals gooey compassion within. 12-year-old Cyril has a troubled childhood. After his father abandons him, he ends up in care services. In the meantime, Cyril finds a friend in local hairdresser Samantha, who pities him. As Samantha agrees to accompany Cyril on the weekends, they become close friends in the process. Suppose you want another quirky tale about a child’s spiritual relationship with an adult following ‘St. Vincent,’ this is a movie you should add to your bucket list.

2. Bicycle Thieves (1948)

Pioneering Italian filmmaker Vittorio de Sica painted a gritty portrait of post-war Italy in the groundbreaking classic drama movie ‘Bicycle Thieves.’ After the war, the economy has fallen flat, and unemployment rates soar. In the meantime, Antonio Ricci is happy to get a job sticking posters, but his happiness withers when the bicycle, his only possession, gets stolen. Promising his chirruping son a treat in a posh restaurant, Antonio takes his son on a sprawling journey to find the lost bicycle. Oliver’s character is quite talkative in ‘St. Vincent,’ and if you want to experience another lively child performance in cinema, this movie is where you should head next.

1. Eternity and a Day (1998)

Bringing the young and the old in the same frame gives a new perspective to life. While several movies have tried to follow the recipe to cinematic success, very few films have been able to replicate the poetic tone of masterful Greek director Theo Angelopoulos’ introspective drama movie ‘Eternity and a Day.’

Bruno Ganz delivers his performance of a lifetime as Alexandre, a writer struggling with cancer and the loss of his wife. On sheer chance, he embarks upon a journey to take an Albanian kid home – revisiting his past in the process. If, following ‘St. Vincent,’ you seek to watch another movie that chronicles a happenstance relationship between a young boy and an old guy, this cinematic masterpiece will entrance you.

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